Off the scale night in Zero Zero Carihuela, Torremolinos! Lovely audience and the food well thats just amazing! Great to see great friends! The Zero Zero crew gave me and aida star treatment and looked after us the whole night i have to give them twelve of ten this restaurant is run to perfection!

Zero Zero Carihuela Torremolinos

We started of the night together with a real classic and Aida flowed off into the most amazing set packed with the best variation of hits and some fantastic acoustic work in the mix, very professional.

I did a mixed set and we came together to do some blues and party hits! We had some people from manchester and was requested some oasis so we did a oasis hit each they loved it!!! Absolutely fantastic memorable night watch out for our next night together in zero zero but make sure you book as it sold out fast this time!!!

Love working with professionals

The staff was exceptional in zero zero which helps a lot and working with aida is a breeze – real professionals.

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