Spark Live

The amp is well built and compact slightly heavier than i expected but thats not a bad thing!! A lot of tech in a small unit!! The amp arrived with the battery which will do around 8 hours and the spark control wireless pedal. I have just got the case delivered which is supplied by spark yet but needed it in a case! Today im configuring all the guitar amp configurations and mic configurations then assign the presets to the pedal then i can use it tonight on a show!

Firmware update

The first thing as soon its unboxed it needs a firmware update before anything which was smooth. I made connection with my phone and backing track and this is loud! Also sounds fantastic lovely stereo spatial sound as stated. Im waiting for a real nice compact expression pedal which ill add the hendrix pack for 22€ gives one of jimis wah! Cant wait to unleash but this is going to save me so much hassle and rapid setup times! Tech Awesomeness ✌️

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