We had a strange twist this week with contestants as alla let us know he couldnt carry on with the competition which is a shame. We seen the return of verò female vocalist which was fabulous!

The last three contests!

The food again by sean was absolutely off the scale!

This week i was hosting with Roberto and Constantine which are not only true gentlemen but fine musicians and a absolute joy to judge the competition with!

The contestants really picked up this week with splendid performances and a extra song each!

Fantastic song selection
Absolutely blinding performance
Fantastic Session

These guys are going full out to deliver its a very hard competition to judge but gripping all the way! A great day and atmosphere its certainly warming up!

Special guest billie

Great to see billie and dan did a great job leading the day.

Dan running the day.

Roberto and Constantine finished the day up with some great and fun songs!

Billie was spoilt the whole day!

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