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checking in !!

just thought id check in, things are picking up with business and my band rubber soul is booked well, we have gigs lined up for xmas ill post all the events on here if you want to come check us out.

Ive got some gigs coming up soon with the devious soul machine so keeps your eyes peeled for events!!!



So I say good day to all my good friends and close family.


lancaster music festival

On the 27th of july at the vale of lune club scale hall lancaster the lancaster music festival will commence. Rubber soul with be appearing live around 2.30 during the day with special guest artist steve king featuring his amazing harmonica playing, we will be playing a mixture of great songs you all know and love, 60’s, blues, beatles and rock and roll! thats how we roll dont miss rubber soul.lancaster music festival

Other great bands and acts to look out for:

  • blackheart afterglow > ace band, ace original material 
  • jay blackburn > amazing original material


im looking forward to watching the fighting keegans for the first time. natural thing is on th eposter but are not available im afraid they will miss out on this great event!! rubber soul will be there though so dont miss lancasters number one!! great music and stage presence not to be missed……..




the musicians network


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Looking for live music on a sunday? from 6pm 

Fresh new acts and some of lancaster and morecambes finest 

all the songs are shared so your not sat watching the same pre-madonna all day

this is nobody’s show its the musicians show ! 


the tavern at scale hall from 6pm – come get a lovely sunday roast or walk to baba elephant for a curry!


its funny how news spreads …

its funny how news spreads from social media to the point when i rang up to order take away food from one of the best food places in lancaster they asked the story! im getting more hits on my blog daily for ann morris who is the woman who i tried to deal with regarding the made up story in the business matters magazine which is distributed to local businesses in lancaster and morecambe which basically contain fabricated stories which the magazine doesnt check up on and they dont care if they are letting somebody try and ruin somebodies reputation if they chuck them a few quid for advertising! she even said on the phone to somebody who enquired that they have underhanded and corrupt members on the chamber and she cant help that!! well now when people are looking for the chamber or for ann they are getting my blog as its er number 6 in google and they can see lies and liar on the keywords so then they question this and ask me either by email or by phone and at least they are getting some truth which hopefully stops them joining a cause which is underhanded. If you want more information on the story which was published please contact me, i will tell you the real truth! how they got the story in what it is about and who was really doing what! and there is more the last person I told the whole story to they said its better reading than the sun news paper which ann like to compare her magazine to !!! ….

oh and while im on about dodgy business men who think they can throw out the trash !! ha ha… proper useless IT geezers…

also beware IT people who get stuart errington in from bowkers he tells the people a load of coblers that the network aint safe and hasnt got a clue how to fix it he has to ring people and get them to explain over the phone! ha, i got him in and said id do it as a favour because i knew him from school.. but when the system did go wrong i had to ring him from my holiday to explain how to fix it, talk him through it!! so watch it its alright talking the talk but get him to re-mount a drive on a linux box which he said he can do and watch him sweat!!!


chamber of bollocks – please read update


beware of the monthly business matters magazine, they released a article that was aimed at me a few years ago and none of it was true, with no chance to back it up. They had inside corrupt staff. I reported this to them and they did nothing

. I couldnt pay to join a organisation which was untrustworthy as this. I like the truth not just a load of lies made up by a regular customer that chucks a few quid in the hat for a few adverts. Well below the belt and underhanded – Any questions on this please feel free to email me at info@wayneward.co.uk
I could be removing this comment as they are now investigating the story and hopefully its going to be stated that its just a bullshit fabricated story, doesnt look good for the people making up stories. Watch for updates…..

Top Dog – John O Gaunt – august 13th 2012

Great gig in the John O Gaunt last night, Thanks to everybody that came and enjoyed some hard hitting blues 🙂 A real band with real music cant be beat.

Nick on bass packing some fat punchy lines, check out my orange rig simply the best guitar amp ive used, if you can afford one get one money well spent!