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I noticed my blogs are well spaced out nowadays!

its been a while since I blogged again! its funny I don’t get so much time to sit round in computers and laptops but its nice when I do! I mainly spend my time on my mobile advertising for my shows and beers sales! I tend to keep a way from the stress of computer repairs and websites although I do still dip in my toe occasionally! My season starts now and iv e just finished working with the SilverBeats which wasn’t bad! Im back working for my self now and working on a new project for a new band for next year featuring a Beatles hits that goes through the years I noticed people asking in the band if we do later stuff so my new project will feature hits right through the years very similar to my solo betake show BeatleOne which is a show which is a beatles story featuring music from the start to the end of The Beatles giving the audience the full Beatles experience. I got myself a nice John Lennon Rickenbacker which is great and I got a Vox ac15 which is amazing! plus I got the epiphany casino which is pretty damn crap but I’m going to work on this to make it to professional standard but what you expect for a 500 quid guitar!! Personally for myself im booked out all year and have some awesome venues lined up! Im so busy I created a music agency called GigSeek and have some great acts and events on the books already! As well as this Craft on the coast is going great and we have changed our bear over to Attik brewery which has been awesome as the beers sales have increased and we have great relationship with the brewery! and we like the beer! We are just adjusting the venue for our Monday meetings for our friends Called the Monday Club! we have had great times in the anca sol venue and the florin restaurant but we are looking now at a new venue in Torremolinos central once we are settled ill create a great blog for this! Ive had some great friends visit recently and love to thank them for taking the time to come and see me it means a lot. Ive got a nice review coming up for Granada beer festival this weekend which ill share the link here.. also I’ve got a nice review of iPhone / iPad apps coming up which you might find interesting …. also a lot of people ask me about working out here as a professional musician im working on a blog outlining what will make you successful and give you great tips for what’s good and bad here working as a musician in Spain.

hasta pronto

Id love to thank all my good friends who have been here for me lately and having such great times and keeping life happy and positive.. this past two years has been life changing getting a new start on life and escaping morecambe has been a miracle! peace love and hope to all the awesome people I know.

here is some of our new beers…


Happy 2018!!

Happy 2018!!


We have had the most amazing time over xmas! Ive played right through its been crazy! had some awesome food, awesome beer and met some awesome people! just all around awesome! I got booked on new years eve for new years eve 2018! now thats awesome 🙂

We have had a great xmas and nice to be sinking slowly back into work for 2018. The weather is lovely which helps! we have a slight wind and its cool at night but the days are like brand new.  It was nice to see my dad over xmas god bless his soul. Took him to gibralter and the malaga car museum he always enjoys spain.

FB_IMG_1514912262097Music Wise

Ive added some great new songs to my show as get back and are getting calls and interest from all over the coast. Ive also invested in a great light show including a DMX light control unit.  I also got a spinning pin spot and a smoke machine a laser and another larger floor LED flood panel. The laser isnt in action yet as i didnt knwo you needed a cut out switch to make the unit active but thats currently in the post!! We have sat down and looked at the unit and had it fully functional but need to learn how to program scenes and chases which is the next step and then we have to learn lisa this.. but we have a few weeks before we really need to take the full light rig. Im booked through january and into february but the calls come every day so please any bars / hotels or people wanting to play there parties please make sure you get in contact well in advance id hate to disapoint. I also have been gigging with my rock and roll band the twisters! we are three pice band – upright bass player and drummer and banging out a load of great catchy rock and roll tunes!  Keep a eye out for me as GET BACK or WAYNE PAUL WARD or THE TWISTERS on around the costa del sol.

Tech Time!…

Really enjoying the samsung note 8 its really moving mobile phones into the computer line. Im pretty stock with it and im just waiting for a dax and ubuntu for samsung note 8 installer … but hey thats another blog when i get my hands on it …

in a word presenting > ANTERGOS


I decided to switch from ubuntu after really they make big offerings and pull them and make to big changes for me. After buying a ubuntu tablet and a ubuntu phone for me and lisa and them just drop  them after a year was pushing it.. then they just pull unity and replace it with gnome just like that!.. i was pissed when they pulled ubuntu one but carried on. They just gone to far for something thats just not that great. I looked for a new system thats kick ass and geared towards gnome and i found antergos. Antergos is a arch based distro without the half day of setting up the arch system…

Ive been there done that wore the t-shirt running gentoo. The system sets up what i consider to be one of the most solid, responsive and versatile linux system ive used to date, bearing in mind i was there at the beggining! i tried antergos in a virtualbox and was planning on using it for a week maybe… a hour lated id made a bootable usb and installed from the live usb which pulls the latest installer and installs the latest version from the internet with all the packages you need !! steam.. office and you get to pick the desktop you want to run! awesome – as you can see i went with gnome! After running and trying it our for a day i could this was the one a proceded to setup my main computer / server and this went great as well! i did notice that gnome file share doesnt work out of the box which ive had a moan about on the forums but any way i followed this tutorial … ohh and i must say reboot after doing all this or it doesnt work – look here

A few things about antergos its rapid and can see the difference compared to ubuntu in speed and bloat … take it this way on the ubuntu xps laptop with ubuntu loaded the fans just run all the time red hot.. since antergos the machine is like new and havent heard the fans! and one other differnce of course is no apt-get install packagename !! i now get pacman -S packagename   nothing to hard about that!!! take a look at the OS its amazing!

We are still selling craft ale with craft on the coast – we mainly sell 3 monos and la catarina but have other beers in stock check out our website which is also growing database of craft ale bars in the costa del sol! http://craftonthecoast.es/

Any way we offer you peace and love for 2018 – and hope. If you have anger please replace this with happiness and love. You get one chance at this life. Again peace, love and hope.



a random check in! Hola!


a random check in! Hola!

Just a random check in! just to keep people entertained whats going on in my life! Well im nicely settled in our house in spain now – We have been working hard to get work both in selling beer and playing music. Dont get me wrong its not all easy its taken till now to get all the business and documentation thats required so its been hard and now we are just growing nicely. All the things people told me i could do i basically did! the old one about getting into the health system and the biggest joke > your house might get knocked down and all this is just one big fat joke! listed if you want to move to another country for what ever reason you have just do it, make sure you have a trade and not just wanting to bum of the state and make sure you do your homework and in my case years of ground work! Luckily enough we have good business and met some friends you couldn’t buy in the UK! We have had the good people we love visit us and we have big respect for them coming out of there way to see how we live and enjoy our company. Were lucky we have a nice little car and a lovely scooter for when we do actually need wheels.. Life changes out here and you don’t want to be using transport if you can help it let alone having to watch mountains of rubbish on the old TV because its to cold to do anything! People say do you miss the UK you look like your enjoying yourself!? im like are you kissing its well down the pan and has been for years, nothing going on, scruffy and all that as well as the country has no spine and is being taken right under there nose! I didnt like watching that happen so i said good bye to it all, which is hard being a english man.

Any way we have a new addition to the family… no we never bought a kid! ..meet fredo – out maltese

he is cool and such a lovely dog. but dont be fooled by this fur ball he is also known as the town nutter and wrecks balconies!!! This is him posing after his haircut in benalmadena!

Anyway ive been playing quite a lot of gigs out here and get quite established ive managed to cover from torremolinos right down to marbella so far! its been great added loads of new songs to my setup and ive just been added to a massive gig thats coming of in September in benalmadena auditorium  – look out for me on the coast i go out as GET BACK!! as per usual i do sixties / blues / beatles and rock and roll and getting quite well noticed! like any place they need something fresh and a lot of people like to see musicians loaded with guitars in there hands and also be able to use them!

Ive seen some dribble out here and ive seen some good but thats got to stay in my mind and thoughts you never seen this

I acquired a tc helicon harmony gt-x which i havent had time to use for the harmonies yet! but used the delays and revers and slap back delays which are awesome, ill get to use the harmony stuff soon im sure when i do my next acoustic session that includes using a PA! i also added a behringer 300 watt sub to my system (stage pass 600w) which has added a whole new dimension to the sound giving it that bottom end it requires !! BOOOOM!

Dont seem to do much with the computers much now – i dont see so many people using them out here but were in season so its to hot to be sat around key tapping see how this goes out of season im not that bothered to be honest i cant tell you the amount of idiots ive put up with over the past fifteen / twenty years with computers, real nutters! ha sad really but true.

So are there anythings i dont like about spain?

  • I was going to say it gets to hot but i cant really can i!? 
  • Mosquitos – i hate the bastards!
  • Cockroaches – im getting used to the oversized horrible things
  • People dont move out of the way when you walking down the street
  • People stand in the middle of the pavement blocking it chatting!

I cant complain the weather is stable (hot) the beach is good, the bars and beer and wine are just amazing, the places we travel to are simply amazing, all the people we have met are amazing, the gigs are amazing, the lifestyle is amazing its just amazing!! and its just festival after festival – music and more music !!!!!

Seeing the way the families are out here makes me wish i was born here! the children have great respect for there parents none of this favoritism going on just so laid back its nice to see what others have the privilege of enjoying and growing with there children and families properly like it should be. I give respect for this.

So if any of my UK people ever make malaga just pm me ill come and have that wine and a tapas or two.

Thank you for tuning in and reading about my life, don’t forget if people think you cant do something and they say you are in a bubble – just do it, if you want something bad enough you get it. 

Peace and love xx  Amor Malaga


Your moving to spain?

Your moving to spain? Damn right i am!

Its not were moving we have a house already in spain and yes we are going to live there. People keep asking so now you know.


It has been nice knowing you and some people it hasnt, but i suppose its like that were ever you go ha! Dont worry ill contact you if i want to speak to you 🙂 all the best and peace and love to the decent people that exist in the UK you know who you are.

We celebrate malaga. Its a great place and i remember somebody telling me i was in s dream and would never make spain, but if you want some thing and you want it bad enough you will get it.  So i raise a glass to you on our balcony!


Also were ever you are in the world look into the future, the world is a lovely place no matter were you are if you offer peace and love and keep your life positive and in the future.





the places we visited in 7 days in spain..

The flight we took the cheaper option with ryan air and i have to say going out was a joke and i will be making a complaint as is was like being in a nightclub full of drunk english idiots. One girl was dancing round so pissed she could stand up and they kept serving her drinks and she was sick. She made the girl who served the drinks cry! i couldn’t wait to get of the plane. On the way back it was a lot better although i wasn’t happy when i spotted the silly cow was coming back on the flight but she looked tired out which doesn’t surprise as she was being a slapper on the plane on the way out so i wouldn’t like to think how many guys she went through on her visit in spain – dog.

we got a car from hertz on the airport on the flights deal this time – this was a very good procedure compared to some of the lousy car hire staff at some of the other places. They took a 200 deposit and wanted another 55 insurance otherwise i have to pay the first 700 of any damage which i didnt take which could have been dodgy because i had a blank moment and drove on the right hand side and nearly took a car out! which i swerved and missed and got shouted at by some crazy spanish guy! i dont blame him! it came full which they charge me 60 euro if they fill it which i had to because i was running late on return. The car was very clean as new and was a skoda which i haven’t drove before so decided to choose this over for ka which i don’t like anyway – i wouldn’t drive a skoda ever again as they handle pretty crap and they simply have no balls which you need in spain specially when your driving in and out of mountains!!

the first hotel we used for 4 days.

benalmadena we stayed in the dorramar, i got us a full apartment of booking.com at a great price its a great hotel with a bar and pool and great live music and karaoke every night. The hotel is located just of the main coastal road and with a ten minute walk to the marina and 5 minutes from bonanza square or 24 hour square. Great facilities in the room and kept very clean. The deposit for the tv remote and air con remote was like 40 euro which aint bad they also borrowed me a iron to fix up my shirts that got creased in my case and let me keep it till i checked out. No parking but you can get parked near for free the lady behind reception suggested some free places. There wasnt any food or breakfast but you can cook in the the room if required, they have a 24 hour shop which you can buy most groceries. I give the place a 7 out of 10 – as they didnt give us regular clean towels and they didnt stock up the loo roll we had to buy some!!

while in benalmadena we decided on a trip to gibraltar to get a watch for my birthday which we got at a good price and some cigarettes. Your looking at a hour to get in and a hour and half to get out if you drive in, which i wont do again because of some crazy stuff going on with the spanish fishermen being awkward, infact ill probably never go to gib again i thought it was a shit hole and personally dont like the place.

On the way back we stopped of at estapona which was another waste of time it was all shut down and nothing much is going down in the place, we stopped at one bar at the end of the strip and they had the cheek to charge us ten euro for two pints of lager!!! what a joke never again. That goes for the bar and estapona.

It was my 40th birthday while in spain and i chose to have my birthday meal in mijas pueblo one of the places i love to spend time and having a steak in the best scenic restaurant in mijas looking over the mountain seemed the perfect idea. The food and wine was amazing and we couldnt have picked a better night they had a fiesta music festival below the restaurant so we watched all the kids dancing to the music while we dined and then we went down to join in the celebrations before we left the mountain to meet friends for beers into the night…..

We spent lots of time in torromolinos this time and found some great places in the centro and costa, we will be spending lots more time here in the future. Some great bars and the place is great.

We left benalmadena and drove the opposite way towards velez malaga which takes about 1 and 15 minutes were we drive up in to the mountain to a place called competa. Again i got us a bungalow on a deal on booking.com at the hotel balcon competa. Now ive stopped here before in the hotel and have to say its probably the best hotel ive stopped in, in my life! aswell as the place itself being amazing and the people are lovely. Ok it takes 20/30 mins to drive into competa through a crazy windy mountain road which is a bit daunting! but what a place its got everything you need this is the place if you want to come unwind, walk, drink wine and dine in luxury places, when i say luxury as well as that cheaper than eating in some of the places on the coast for top quality food and beverages. The wooden bungalow had secure parking and access and straight views from the private balcony to the hills and mountains like you never have seen before, and a 30 second walk to the luxury pool and sun loungers! the room had a settee, TV, bedroom with two single beds and a lamp, air con in the front room and bedroom, a dining table, fridge and cooking facilities, a great bathroom with power shower. The towels were changed daily and we got toilet rolls supplied daily and the bins were emptied daily. The hotel has a bar and you get a great continental breakfast from 8-11 and free wifi!! The staff are lovely and the scenery and location is just the best ever. Even the residents were lovely, we chatted away to other residents and they even have free tennis courts! the hotel is situated at the top of competa and has great access to all the town. I had a small accident while pulling some orange peel out of a cactus i dropped and the cactus tip needle entered one of the veins on my wrist which ballooned with blood which i legged it to the hospital over the road in a panic were they looked at it cleaned it up and assured me i wasn’t going to loose my hand!! very helpful people though.
We visited the wine museum daily which had a great prices and great wine, we had a meal in the restaurant which we fully enjoyed and the price and service was amazing. We also ate ate oscars twice as this was the best service, best variation and best prices what a guy! Also if you visit try the tapas bar in the square the lady who runs it is very friendly and the tapas she cooks up is amazing and very good prices. Lovely to see our friends in the mountain and cant wait to return. They advised us on a walk to the next village on a special track made into the mountain, the walk takes just over a hour. You start by seeing some rather large emus! which were laying eggs. We carried on into the mountain with un explainable views and came across two horses which wanted petting! then we carried on a while longer and crossed a natural spring shooting water out from the mountain peak. Also spanish men harvesting there plots for there own fresh food. We entered the village and couldnt believe how lovely it was. We found a small bar and had a mixed tapas which contained quite a lot of fish and I had my usual gambas pil pil which was perfect. Probably the first place ive been to that just has a hole in the floor to have a wee! but hey ho this is real spain. We enjoyed the walk back and was surprised to over ten porches pass all in sequence they must have been enjoying the porsche run out through the mountains. Also if you visit competa make sure you visit the charity shop they have all sorts including some real good CD’s for a euro!!!

we also visited torrox pueblo which we didnt think much of but the costa was worth a look, lovely place and again very welled priced bars and nice people.

We visited nerja to visit the caves but we just missed them so we will re-visit for the caves, I headed down to the coast to find a bar that would do me a full english breakfast were i found one that probably served me up the best english i ever had!!! He pointed out were the market was which we though we had missed and we went on it and got us some bargains i bought some oranges to for 20 cent! i ate one walking round and could not believe how amazing they was so we went back and bought ten and at a few a day they certainly are worlds apart from the ones imported into the UK!!

The weather was amazing no rain and between 35 and 40 every day i did the usual stint of burning myself on the second day nursing a hangover, i fell asleep on the beach for two hours and woke up with a burnt back!! ouch ha 🙂

I have to say this is the birthday ive had in my life – spain is amazing 🙂