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Sunday Session 12th July

Slot Layout. 12th July

Wayne Ward 12.45am UK / 1.45pm Spain

12pm UK – 1pm – Paul Nickson

12.30pm UK / 1.30pm Spain – Victor Paul

1PM UK / 2PM Spain – Diverted Traffic

1.30PM UK / 2.30pm Spain – Joe Beer

2PM UK / 3pm Spain – Stairways

2.30PM UK / 3.30pm Spain – Wayne Ward

3PM UK / 4pm Spain – Rus Edgar

3.30PM UK – / 4.30pm Spain – Scott Millington

4PM UK / 5pm Spain – Stairway to heaven

4.30PM UK / 5.30pm Spain – Steve Heather


Lockdown Musician Festival – 17th April 2020

Lockdown Musician Festival – 17th April 2020

We have had two weeks of awesome musicians performing on Friday from all over the globe! we had the amazing bass god David pastorius headline last week!! We swayed of the tracks with entry and exit acts but this week we have a full line up from 1pm UK right through to 10pm UK time this week !! 18 real musicians lined up for the festival!!

plus im taking slots now for Friday the 24th !!!

1PM UK – 1.30PM / 2pm Spain – 2.30pm Spain

Anthony Tdog Greyless

1.30PM UK – 2PM / 2.30pm Spain – 3pm Spain

Jordan Gaffney

2PM UK – 2.30PM / 3pm Spain – 3.30pm Spain

Juan Mari Arriaga 

2.30PM UK – 3PM / 3.30pm Spain – 4pm Spain

Rus Edger 

3PM UK – 3.30PM / 4pm Spain – 4.30pm Spain

Laura Killeney

3.30PM UK – 4PM / 4.30pm Spain – 5pm Spain

Chas Penny

4PM UK – 4.30PM / 5pm Spain – 5.30pm Spain

Lui Fernandes 

4.30PM UK – 5PM / 5.30pm Spain – 6pm Spain

Leo Augusto 

5PM UK – 5.30PM / 6pm Spain – 6.30pm Spain

Wayne Ward

5.30PM UK – 6PM / 6.30pm Spain – 7pm Spain

Cara Islay 

6PM UK – 6.30PM / 7pm Spain – 7.30pm Spain

Andy Creevy

6.30PM UK – 7PM / 7.30pm Spain – 8pm Spain

Maria Daneile

7PM UK – 7.30PM / 8pm Spain – 8.30pm Spain

Joe Beer – Guitarist Vocalist

7.30PM UK – 8PM / 8.30pm Spain – 9pm Spain

8PM UK – 8.30PM / 9pm Spain – 9.30pm Spain

Isaac Sutherland

8.30PM UK – 9PM / 9.30pm Spain – 10pm Spain

Logan Paul Murphy The Beatles boy

9PM UK – 9.30PM / 10pm Spain – 10.30pm Spain

Jay Blackburn

9.30PM UK – 10PM / 10.30pm Spain – 11pm Spain



This weeks line up for LockDown Musicians Festival

LockDown Musicians Festival

Hey !!! Here is this weeks line up – Friday the 10th – With a earlier kick of time !!
1pm GMT- 2pm CET
This week ill be announcing all the acts and then we have a new twist and some fun to warm you up before the festival starts!!
Straight after the announcements we have …! MadMax Patel !!
He is going to spin you a few tunes and maybe sing a few songs to uplift you all and get ready for a full day of music! Make sure you check in early and check him out its going to be fun fun fun!!
2pm GMT – 3pm CET – ALCATRAZ The Band.
We are a 3 piece band based in SW Spain who also play across the Portuguese Algarve. We are a very ‘animated’ band who play an energetic set of ‘classic’ songs from different genres to provide a party experience for our audiences. (Songs from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Elvis, Chuck Berry, Tina Turner, John Denver etc…).
Please check out our website: http://www.ALCATRAZtheband.com
Or our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AlcatrazTheBand/
and feel free to contact us for further information.
2.30pm GMT – 3.30pm CET – Logan Paul Murphy The Beatles Boy is 13 years old from England. Has played The World famous Cavern club 3 times and has been invited to play at International Beatleweek in Liverpool. Plays Guitar and Piano although only been playing piano 10 weeks. Plays mainly 60s music and Elton John.
3pm GMT – 4pm CET – Kevin Jenkins – Welsh musician & songwriter Kevin Jenkins who has travelled and performed in Europe and Sri Lanka in last 5 years. Currently based in Alicante Spain. 2 existing albums “Spider Mind Safari” and “Dragon’s Dream”
3.30pm GMT – 4.30pm CET – Blindmower aka Chas Penny – Singer/Songwriter who also does various covers..
4pm GMT – 5pm CET – Gordon Strummer – Gordon just has great variation of music. Laid back acoustic session. (Spain)
His live feed didn’t work properly last week so he is back for round two!!
4.30pm GMT – 5.30pm CET- Joe Beer – Guitarist Vocalist
5pm GMT – 6PM CET – Paul Nickson – David Gray, Foo Fighters, Ocean Colour Scene, Eagles, Bob Dylan, Bread, Plus many more… Check out his Facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/pauln/
5.30pm GMT – 6.30 CET – Cara Islay is a Singer-Songwriter based in Liverpool, her music infusing elements of soul, blues and folk. Influenced by artists such as; Etta James, Eva Cassidy, Lucy Rose, Lake street Dive, Joy Crookes and many more.
Website: https://caraislay.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CaraIslay
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caraislay/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/caraislay
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/CaraIslay_
6pm GMT – 7pm CET – Rus Edger – Rus has a great acoustic set lined up for you very unique.
6.30pm GMT – 7.30pm CET – Jefferson Moore – Guitarist Vocalist
7pm GMT – 8pm CET – Louie j rain is a singer song writer started of as a poet his song are powerful and deep he will be doing songs from his album the laughter bench he is passionate about his music as he writes about his life experience which Is colourful!!
7.30pm GMT – 8.30pm CET – Keith O’Connell – Vocalist Guitarist
8pm GMT – 9pm CET – Wayne Ward, Vocalist Guitarist a mixture of all uplifting music!! Party Time !!
8.30pm GMT – 9.30 CET – Grace Monaco, Singer songwriter producer who performs under the name Grace Monaco, and I’m dropping my debut EP this month. I’ve had multiple radio interviews on BBC introducing and was featured as a ‘fresh fave’ on Fresh on the Net last week
9pm GMT – 10pm CET – Niamh Collingwood young singer song writer who plays covers of pop songs on the piano and voice.
9.30 GMT – 10.30 CET – Richard Turner – Guitarist and songwriter from Dublin, will be live-looping a mix of originals and Irish folk classics.
Richards Live feed failed last week and we wanted him on the line up so he is beaming back in from Dublin to show you his amazing talent and bring you some uplifting music!!
10pm GMT – 11pm CET – MadMax Patel exclusive live show feed – Full Legends Set (Neil Diamond, Rod Stewart, Kenny Rogers, Englebert, & Finally with Elvis)
this gives you so far the running order !! all slots are full im just waiting for slot times and artist information !! 🙂
10.30pm Wayne Ward – Show finish and announcements.
Festival Time !!!!