Blogging in kde


Ive been blogging for a while now and ive been using kde for a lot longer!
Now sometimes i dont want to open my browser log in and all that messing just to blog so if you use kde take a look at these two bit of software
This comes in two flavours one for kde 3.5.9 users like me and on the edge kde 4 users! its quite a nice little interface and has scheduling options etc and it plugins in and stays active in the taskbar! V HANDY!
My main choice is kblogger not because its better but when you install the deb you right click on your kicker and add as an applet! then just put in your username etc!!
I know there is a deb for kde 3.5.9 version for the newer version i think you have to compile from source which aint that hard!
just – ./configure – make & make install (make sure you have build-essentials installed!!)
anyway check it out here
If your using wordpress use metaweblogapi
and your server link would be

Blog away sharing information helps!!! 🙂

Guitar price increase


As you see the alembics up 4 sale!!
I thought id buy a new jaydee bass and with the change a used 1973 fender stratocaster
Now a couple of years ago a new jaydee bass would have been say £1800 and fender stratocaster 1970’s job about £600
Well ive been on the blower 2day to jaydee
A new series one jaydee with inlays £2250
A new reissue 70’s strat is £1300 or £1300 for a vintage used 70’s strat!!
So ive decided ill buy a used 80’s jaydee and a used 70’s strat
Which should = £2300
Nice exchange for mark king signature alembic!! or is it 😐

Lancaster LUG – Linux user group


Ive managed to get the lancaster linux user group back on track again!
The 1st meeting will be at the britannia pub on ulswater road lancaster this wednesday night. Free wifi for the geeks quality!!
So if you want to learn about linux please feel free to attend
There is no joining fee like linux its free!!

Linux is a alternative operating system as like using microsoft windows
The only difference is you dont pay for the software its stable and robust
and most importantly you dont get spyware and viruses!!
Feel free to ask me any questions!!

Morecambe hotel gig


Did morecambe hotel saturday last night
Bloody good turn out!! She defo has sorted the place out
I played around three months ago with natural thing and it was quite dead
3 months later she has it booming!! and the place does food at good prices!!
We went on at 8.45 and finished up around 11.45
The land lady bought us a few pints what a cracker!!
Had two miserable buggers in one was a old fart of a man so i told him to cheer up over the mic and asked someone to buy him a tequila!!!
The other was some spoilt young girl who wasn’t open minded to music and just wanted bloody green day!!! Kids nowadays ey!!!!
You cant please em all!!!!! but apart from that a bloody stormer!!
Lookin forward to going back!!!!!!!!
Just wish i wouldnt have partied after!! bloody rough today!!!

Telecaster protone thinline


I got a protone telecaster about six months ago been gigging it but i noticed i was always on the bridge pickup
Wonder why? well try it on the neck pick up !! proper muddy > bloody awful!!
So i ripped of the old gold cover like they did in the old days!!
Its give the guitar a new lease of life!! it sounds wicked now!!!!
So if you have a protone get your screwdriver and pliers out and whip it off!!
There is a bit off wax on it just scrape it off > i accually think it looks better
And it acctually sounds like a tele now!!!!

Second major debian install this week!!


My laptop has been runing debain since christmas
No problems it sleeps allt eh programs i need wicked
I seen that kde 4.1 was released so i assumed they had fixed kdepim
So i went for it like a fool and barfed my laptop!!!! Damn!!
I pulled down the latest debian eeepc image (the lenny beta)
Copied it across to the sd card and did a install over wireless
No problems added unstable repos and installed kde 3.5.9
Worked a treat no problems !!!
Kde 4.1 is nice but still not ready 4 me im afraid 🙁
Go on say it why didnt you test in a virtual box baaa

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