Technology change


Some serious technology changes kick in recently

some with the change of life and some because its just required!

before all this i dumped the bq ubuntu phone which wasnt cutting it and since then been dropped as well as unity desktop … aggghhhh!

First of all i dump the new bq x5 i bought, personally its the best phone ive had and was sad to par twith it but it went to good hands. I got me a samsung note 4 as needed the bigest screen i could get my hands on for my gigs im doing with backing tracks and the note 4 just cuts it in all aspects to the point when when the note 8 gets released ill probably break the bank and get one! the resolution is high as well is the spec! plus it works nicely for NFC payments. Im using songer pro on the droid to load my backing track sets and can use it to cue the songs along which is handy 

also i used this but it was bugggy as hell and crashed a lot, not something id trust on a live performance!!

the next big thing was upgrading to the samsung gear 3, now misfit buys pebble out and then dump all the existing pebble watch updates, so my 250 quid pebble steel just went down the pan. The samsung gear 3 is great but the battery lasts me 2 days compared to the 6 days on the pebble?! but hey ho goes cap in hand with the samsung note 4 and so to be 8 ! so i took the plunge – check this..

samsung gripes. samsung pay isnt now on the note 4 which is rubbish as i can still use pay using likes of android pay etc. the samsung gear 3 advertises it can do nfc payment but you cant install samsung pay on the watch as you cant install it on the phone?! so i have t wait till they push it standalone in a update. come on samsung get with it.


Well ubuntu dropped unity – which shocked me, but to be honest i had a couple of ubuntu phones and they just didnt cut it so wasnt surprised when they dropped the phone but was surprised with the dropping of unity! So i noticed they were switching to gnome so seeing 17.04 was released i just took the plunge on desktop and laptop and did two ne 17.04 installs along with the gnome desktop so i used the gnome ubuntu edition. Love it now gnome was the first desktop i used on linux and switched from kde to gnome mainly. Gnomes come on leaps and bounds almost like a mac in simplicity and ease of use but more how can i say configurable, with this i dumped thunderbird which doesnt look the best of mail clients and dropped back into evolution mail. Ill be honest its like a new lease of linux life and really enjoying it. Im looking forward to the new additions of apps that are lined up for gnome and new features coming in ill be doing some reviews.

here is some eye candy!

Last but not least i have some new kit im just testing out for my acoustic show – 

TC-Helicon Harmony-G XT
Boss RC-30 Dual Track Looper
Now  im just waiting on the looper but once i get these two together and have a month with them ill do a review on these and talk you through them.
Now thats a lot of technology change, but its all forward.

jamming on the coast …


Been scouting around for that weekly jam, i used to run my own in the UK for quite a while now but the problem you got there is you get the muso who just likes music and is a good person then you get the other dregs who are just a liability and think the world owe them something – so its a lot easier to sink into other jams and loose the hassle! to be honest the people i been jamming with in spain are just happy and getting on with the jam i havent seen the drama and politics which is just up my street! So my first jam experience was pogs in fuengirola.

The location is good and venue is good but here in spain things start late like the jam kicks in at ten at night!! which is cool if you live in the town but if you like a drink which we tend to do when jamming then a taxi home can set you back 30 euros!! Now the band was pretty pro top notch musicians and to me tended to be more of a gig than a jam… the place was bouncing and the band was spot on, had a chat to the guys and they were all cool and didnt mind if i racked up next week with my amp and guitar and did a few. Now the drummer i went with did ask about 4 times if he could have a go and was told he could but never played so not so sure – but go and try and enjoy the night the place was bouncing!! No craft ale as such but the wheat beer is like amazing.

The second jam which was amazing but we had a little problem with the sat nav and ended up riding round a montain for two hours with a gibson strapped to my back on the scooter made this a bigger adventure than what we bargained for!! The place is a outside venue with bar and stage and the most amazing scenery is Asociación “Ventorrillo El Cura” now this was like one of my jams! people just getting up and mixing and what a great day! the audience was great the place was buzzing and all the musos were just amazing. Really enjoyed jamming out some blues with these guys and the musician quality was top notch. These are the kind of guys i wanna jam with. 

The location is around 10 / 15 minutes from malaga – here is the map

malaga craft ale – 2017, craft on the coast starts to breathe…


craft on the coast starts to breathe…

Craft on the coast is a new company for 2017 based on the costa del sol, malaga. We are company thats specialises only in craft ales. The craft ales that we supply currently are craft ales created in malaga.

The website doesnt  contain any product information as we are just adding the first line of 3 monos craft ale. Please watch the website for updates or twitter feed.

Here is the new website!

As well as supplying craft ale ill also be reviewing some of the amazing craft ales available and created in malaga itself. Here are some of the carma range i tested in januray in torremolinos.

the carma range is quite extensive. ill be reviewing all these amazing ales. One of the craft ales that stood out was burro de sancho ill be taking a closer look at this range.

The top images are from the left a malaga px, the special edition this is one of the good ones, premium quality craft, well hopped and strong character. The middle ale la cuevena  is a different kettle of fish im not sure but i was told this was made from carrots? it wasnt transparent in the glass and to be honest id sat tasteless, weird tasting, reminded me some what of knettle wine i used to buy when i was a lad!. Far right, well what can i say monkey business made by the 3 monos brewing company in malaga. This is the one at 5.8% and bursting with caramel and fruit! 

Happy new year! and all the best for 2017!!


Happy new year! and all the best for 2017!!

Id like to wish all the good folk and my close friends and family a happy new year! Xmas was amazing in spain again this year its the only way to spend xmas, not being tied to a schedule and being free to do what you want over the xmas holiday is what we all need for our own well being, wearing silly hats, eating horrible dry turkey and working to a schedule isnt my idea of fun! but hey if thats what floats your boat!… I got up about 10 mooched about then as the day means nothing special to me i decided to to a bit of work in the apartment on the spare room and office and then made a fry up had a nice shower and walked to benalmadena down the sea front and proceeded to drop in numerous bars on the way of course!! had a bit of tapas here and there and then went to nahar mahal for the best curry on the coast, kicks the ass out of some old turkey! and then carried on the session and ended up in bonanza square and having some interesting conversation with some expat while getting drunk on a nice rioja !! now thats what its all about. 

I have to say a massive thank you do my mum, dad sister and brother and lisas family for my xmas presents and cards that was very kind of you thank you for showing xmas spirit that was very decent of you.

Im currently working on numerous websites and computers as per usual which to be honest i dont get bored of! Ive been working on some new songs covers and working on my own stuff. Ive just finished a demo of the devils dandruff which i started writing about 7 years ago. Its about drugs, cocaine and just letting people know its all a slippery slope to fall into. Have a listen you might like it!!! again i play cajon, bass, guitar, lead guitar and do vocals and backing vocals, oh and yes percussion! I just roll these out on a zoom R8

 to all the people who have been decent to me and lisa this year I bid you a happy new year and wish you all the best for the rest of the year. We are going to actually going to celebrate xmas next year and buy a tree for the first year!! our last tree we ejected from the house  and we never celebrated it since but this year in spain we got the xmas spirit!!

Enjoy 2017 🙂  and wardism

January 2017 Android app review


android sms app review

Im gonna kick off 2017 with some reviews on android apps!

Now the first app i recently added and think deserves a review as i was quite surprised at actually how good it is !! is Pulse is a sms messaging app with a few nice features. The app support dual sim which i need. But the fact you can install this on your tablet and send and receive sms messages which makes the phone / tablet messaging seamless is the killer option. There is a cost to this at £1 per month as your using there sms services which is pretty good or a one of payment for £10 for ever which i was tempted but a lot can happen in ten years. I installed the app on the phone and it setup in a breeze then just added it to my tablet and confirmed the number and the text started working!! I tried to use the webmail on my chrome browser but asks for user password which i didnt know so i sent a support email but havent heard anything back so im not stressing about that would have been handy but no pressured… so cant comment on the web browser plugin yet… some other small cosmetic features is having automatic different colours for text from different users and bubble picture images for the image of the person you are getting the text from. I like the simple design swipe left to delete and the standard bottom right plus button to send a new text. Now one of the features i did use and is handy and worked for new years eve was scheduled text which worked nicely, now the only problem i did have is i made a message to go to chosen people which would have been better when selecting the people just to go to a full list of contacts and easily tick which ones you want and then select ok but its not like this you kind of have to know there names ? then once you do this and write the message, there seems no going back like i couldnt add and more people to the message and i couldnt edit the text which was a real pain? as when i checked it had typos in it so went to change the text but that made no difference, so i thought id just delete the scheduled text and start again but couldnt find were to delete it!? bummer 🙁 so make sure you check before you schedule! All i can say is they nearly hit the mark just some little rough edges.

here is the feature list 

  • Seamlessly integrates with any device (tablet, watch, TV, web, native Google Chrome, and Firefox apps and extensions) to support SMS and MMS, through your phone number!
  • Beautiful layouts
  • Night mode
  • Pin your favorite contacts to the top of the conversation list
  • Smooth transitions between conversations
  • Beautiful, readability-style browser for the best web experience
  • Powerful, per-contact, theming support
  • Delayed sending
  • Support for Dual-SIM devices
  • Automatic message backup and restore
  • Blacklisting of numbers to stop the spam
  • Scheduled text messages
  • Search messages and conversations
  • Mute notifications on an individual user basis
  • Completely snooze the app from all notifications for a given time period
  • Custom notifications for contacts
  • Search Giphy for GIFs to attach to your messages
  • Share photos, videos, and audio along with your messages

Has to score a 8 out of 10 


BQ X5 Phone & BQ M8 Tablet Review


BQ X5 Phone and BQ M8 Tablet Review

After switching from the BQ E5 HD Phone & BQ M10 Tablet ubuntu edition devices back to android i thought id review these devices. The Ubuntu although is my main desktop / laptop and server operating system just didnt cut it for me on phone and tablet. I did write some apps and hacked a way to get the device to do what i wanted but needed that little bit more. And needed more application power and im afraid the ubuntu touch OS is still early in its days of shining… I must say i was immediately switched onto the BQ devices through buying the ubuntu devices. The BQ company is spanish so not a big player in the UK but in spain most people seem to have one. Whats striking about the BQ devices is the quality for the money and the support is excellent. One of the things i really like is the android operating system installed is not coloured like other devices selling with android, in fact its pretty damn vanilla  apart from is say the camera app and a single BQ protection app for a longer warranty. THE X5

I have the standard BQ X5 non cyanogen

which is probably good as they just dropped the company so not sure what happens to cyanogen devices, plus i did try cyanogen edition on the X5 but took it off as it wasnt for me. The plus version sports a bigger battery, finger print reader and NFC for contactless payments and a slightly better camera which wasnt worth all the extra money so i went standard. The device came with android version 5 but as soon as i turned it on it picked up the old version and upgraded to marshmallow 6.0.1 and this gave me a load of new features as well as adding my 64 meg sd card to the internal memory which is a big bonus! The phone sports dual sim and dual camera with dual flash, front and rear, plus a SD slot. The screen is anti finger print coating 5 inch screen which is plenty and the cameras are 13mp and front facing 5mp which aint bad at all. I went for the white phone and it has a amazing feel with aluminium frame and weighs in at 148, also has a nice touch bottom for  the home buttons which light up and arent part of the main screen. The phone to me looks just like a iphone but i prefer a droid to be honest. The battery is like 2900 and i take it of the charger at 7.30 and use it quite a bit all day for media, social, work and emails and the battery lasts till 11 at night without having to re-charge. The speakers are great sounding. All i can say if you get this get it to the latest android version and then add your SD card as internal storage and keep it stock. These phones are like £270 i managed to buy mine from ebay for 130 and have to say is the best phone ive owned, Its styled a lot nicer than the HD phones. Id say you would be more than happy for all use.

Now i bought the M8 – 8 inch tablet to match the X5 which it does in a lot of ways. Fits in the hand snug and like the way the speakers are on each of the tablet so when you have it in potrait mode watching a film the speakers are just right for stereo sound. It doesnt have the aluminium frame like the X5 which would have made it a gem. The battery is 4050 mAh which will last moderate use all day although if i connect a external screen and keyboard and mouse and using bluetooth it last for a full mornings work, yes this tablet as a hdmi out so you can plug into a big screen. So this has the same features of the X5 same OS nearly android 6.0.0 at the moment so cant make the sd card internal memory which is a biggy at the moment, It has the SD card slot and has the two facing cameras minus the front facing flash and the cameras are both 5mp which aint that great the forward one should be better, i wanted to take some pictures of the apartment and they weren’t that good. My last moan is the buttons for home and back etc on the X5 light up under the screen but on the M8 there on the screen which after using the X5 and picking up the M8 i forget and then remember to use the onscreen ones so there not the same.Although for general use i prefer to the more expensive M10, for one it fits in the hand !! These are around 150 and come in white so i got the matching pair.

So nice little pair to set up working from, plenty of power for the buck and features you would have to pay a fortune for some of the brands people use in the UK. Now if i ever sway from BQ which i cant see happening id take a look at a meizu these again are amazing devices at the right price..

take a look at the BQ line up here 

plus the android 7.0.1 nougat update is around the corner!

to wrap it up watch out for my android app reviews for 2107 ……

ubuntu edition xps running remix os


ubuntu edition xps running remix os

I had to give this a go! Im loving being back on android for my mobile / tablet device after not such a good time with my ubuntu touch which is sad to me. Id thought id give it a whirl on the xps, the install wouldnt work at first and had to change my bios settings to uefi which werent enabled for some reason and then i ended up with a remix os install. Loved it just like a droid with a desktop gui and all the droid features! I was amazed by how all the apps worked and even 3d games such as GTA vice ciry!! The only app that never worked was wunderlist it just crashed!? i asked the guys at wunderlist they say they dont see any support coming off. Any way the laptop run great only problem is it felt restrictive for design. To top it off install it if you want social and general usage, media etc but for coding, cropping pictures, website creation im so used to my ubuntu desktop now. Have to give these guys 9/10 as they have nearly nailed it…..

here she is in all her glory the ubuntu editin dell xps 13 back on the OS it should be running for 2017. With a happy tux!!

Your moving to spain?


Your moving to spain? Damn right i am!

Its not were moving we have a house already in spain and yes we are going to live there. People keep asking so now you know.


It has been nice knowing you and some people it hasnt, but i suppose its like that were ever you go ha! Dont worry ill contact you if i want to speak to you 🙂 all the best and peace and love to the decent people that exist in the UK you know who you are.

We celebrate malaga. Its a great place and i remember somebody telling me i was in s dream and would never make spain, but if you want some thing and you want it bad enough you will get it.  So i raise a glass to you on our balcony!


Also were ever you are in the world look into the future, the world is a lovely place no matter were you are if you offer peace and love and keep your life positive and in the future.



3 generations of wardism


Had a great day out with my son and his girl rihanna, it was lovely meeting my lads new partner and seeing how happy they are together, really enjoyed it.

good to see my son again, really was.


My dad had a great day but he always does in beatle city! Cavern pub, Jackaranda, BREW DOG!! and Philharmonic pub and topped of with the YE cracke!!

The BQ M8 With Elzo Case & Logitech Slim Mouse


BQ M8 Tablet

his and hers setup in elzo cases and logitech thin mouse

marshmallow and sd card slot and a HDMI out! loaded with marshmallow – this is the one, sold my M10 to get loaded with this!

The screen is lovely and the build is second to none. In white only.



The New Mobile Setup, Love It!!

here they are naked!  merry xmas lisa!!naked-m8

technology, linux, life and music… what else is there?