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Just testing the new wordpress writer

Just testing the new app on ubuntu, I installed the package on kde but couldnt find the launcher but i took a look at the deb package and located the launcher in /usr/local/ and just ran ./ which ran the app – Im pretty certain it will show up in the menus on the next login! Nice and easy to use and full of features – plus works and windows and mac as well – Really handy for people with self hosted websites! You can see stats with the jet pack plugin etc. See screen shot running on KDE.  You can download the packages here >



Wayne Paul Ward, My Music

Ive taken 6 /7 months out from the band to get all my own stuff down so please take some time to follow me and listen to my work.

wayne ward

my own material that ive been writing for a few years now just come to light and im writing now better than before, i play all the instruments on my tracks, including acoustic, guitar, bass, vocals, cajon and backing vocals. and its a mixed bag of goods and like to keep my vocal transparent.








here is my sound cloud…


lifeograph 1.2.1 ubuntu install from source

here is a quick demo of how i get lifeograph 1.2.1 installed on ubuntu 14.10

here is the android app

and the app for android to sync

here is the app i use on ubuntu to sync with google

its available for android id use it but cant get my head round it but hey its still in beta !! so i  can wait till it makes sense 🙂



rubber soul / revival up and coming dates

revival 27th march – royal hotel morecambe – 7pm

rubber soul 4th of april – the york hotel morecambe – 9pm

rubber soul 5th of april – the chieftain morecambe – 9pm

revival 1tth of april – the trimpell club morecambe – 9pm

rubber soul 19th of april – the royal morecambe – 9pm

revival 26th april – the smugglers den morecambe – 9pm

revival 3rd of may – the chieftain morecambe – 9pm

rubber soul 7th of june – the chieftain morecambe – 9pm

rubber soul 28th of june – canal turn morecambe – 9pm

rubber soul 3rd of july – kendal rugby club – 9pm

more dates to follow ….