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The les paul juniour – I bought this guitar as i needed a guitar permanently tuned in E for slide with not to many sounds and had to be similar to the gibson firebird I use for standard tunings. We the gibson les paul junior is a lot different from a full blown les paul but this is a hidden gem! This version sports a ebony board and one p90 pickup one volume and one tone control and has a thru neck and a mahogany body. The paint finish isn’t glossy but a matt traditional finish which shows the grain. The setup wasn’t bad and i didn’t really make much adjustment as I usually drop the action a touch but this tuned up to E was just perfect for slide. I have got a great range of sounds out of this axe and the p90 is sometimes slightly noisy if I’m stood in front of the orange stack.. but the amazing crisp sound and the ebony board just gives it this brash sound thats just so classic sounding. I was using the firebird full time but i must admit I try to use this more intact I’m using a open tuning and this guitar most of the night and the firebird in standard on about 5 our 25 songs! the firebird i have to say is a amazing sound but aren’t all gibbons? this is just more unique and greatly cut out for that classic blues / slide sound. Dot inlays and wrap around lightning bar bridge is just easy to setup and use no messing.  The standard size tuners plastic tipped and great sized headstock just adds to a amazing combination. Jumbo sized frets and 22 frets. Single cut away works perfect for me. Its well balanced never slipped yet my only gripe! one gripe is the strap buttons are a but small for my liking but I’m not that bothered i cant even be bothered swapping them! I’m currently switching between this and the firebird and the firebird having humbuckers is slightly louder but the ABY switch box I’m getting has trim controls so i ca match them up but again thats not a big deal the p90 is not going to fire out a s much as a couple of humbuckers its like putting your fender against it my strat has half the power and grunt!! For around the 6/700 mark id say its one of my best buys and most enjoyable guitar to play its been great for my slide playing and i give it ten out of ten!! BUY ONE! Also remember the weight is great and lots of famous players have used these guitars including john lennon, ronnie wood, bob marley.. to name a few. Im thinking of getting a two pickup version but no rush i just love this one so much!!!! its a real blues machine 🙂

more information on the gibson site here:



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