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ubuntu touch pebble app, rockwork

ubuntu touch pebble app, rockwork is the way to connect you watch to you device.

I did a previous blog on connecting ubuntu touch to your pebble watch but a few things changed since then.

The name was changed from uPebble to rockwork so nobody got sued! and the app was added to the open store, which to me is Aladdins cave of apps and makes it easier to upgrade the app. Plus the other apps inside open store are unconfined versions on great apps such as dekko,  owncloud client.

To get open store you download the ipk from here


and then open the terminal

cd Downoads

and then

pkcon install-local --allow-untrusted openstore.openstore-team_0.103_armhf.click

if you go to applications you will get open store app. Inside there select rocrockwork-openstorekwork and install. Once installed open the app and this will ask you to open system devices and pair.

Pair the device and go back to rockwork and you will see the phone is connected and see options to manage watch , install watch faces and install applications. You will also see options to install new firmware upgrades which is handy for keeping up with the latest updates on the phone. Here is some images i took inside the application.

* Currently supported features
– Incoming notifications
– Voice call control
– Music control
– Sync calendar to timeline
– App management
– Watchface management
– Pebble app store integration
– Taking screenshots of the watch
– Watch firmware upgrades
– Configuring health and distance units
– Sideloading watchapps/watchfaces

lease join our telegram group to get in touch if you have some feedback or want to help out: https://telegram.me/joinchat/A7X6ywEzT09CquL1R5714g


Ubuntu M10 Printer Setup

Looking at getting your Ubuntu M10 Printer Setup?

well before i start then i have to warn you that to do so you have to make your device RW now i wont tell you how to do that as if you dont then im sure you wont be able to do the rest !

Now there is printing support on the way ive been told and also its working for me but not fully, i have installed a sharp printer which can use generic driver and printed perfect but with the brother mfc7400n this requires a cupswrapper which is only available for 32/64 bit systems and the ubuntu tablet is arm, although ive taken a look at the source code which brother supply will look at rolling some debs for my tablet.

So once you have made the tablet RW you open the terminal and use the command sudo apt-get install cupsd      this installs the main cups server in the tablet and should automatically start the service if it doesnt then sudo service cupsd start  this should get the service up  and running. The next part i installed the gnome print manager in a libertine container as there is no front end yet for printers on UT, so i run this command: libertine-container-manager install-package -i vivid -p system-config-printer-gnome
now this is only assuming you have setup a extra container called vivid if the container is called something else just change the word vivid in the command to your container, if you havent setup a container then do this:

cd ~/.local/share/libertine
rm ContainersConfig.json
cp /custom/click/.click/users/@all/com.ubuntu.puritine/libertine-config/libertine/ContainersConfig.json .
libertine-container-manager create -i vivid -n “vivid” -t chroot -d vivid –force

once you have the cups server and the client in the libertine container setup you should see thisubuntu m10 cups

I then went to add printer and selected network printer were it search and found the sharp printer and selected generic driver and printer a test page !!

Im looking at these next:

  • DVD Writing support
  • MAME Game Emulator

unity 8, convergence and things to come..

Ive been following unity 8 for a while but now i can say its nearly ready…

i would blog more but i think micheal hall got it all covered here!


im just looking into not using libertine and just running apps like so from a terminal

  • ubuntu-app-launch firefox

I found it quite fast, quite solid and just a tad rough round the edges, bit cant see no reason why unity 8 wont be available soon on the desktop. I find this great bearing in mind ive been using the phone for around 2 years and now the tablet, I can use the same OS im familiar with on my laptop as well! Check out a quick update video.


Rockwork On Ubuntu Phone

You looking at connecting your ubuntu phone or tablet to a smart watch? then look at the pebble line as they are currently the only smart watches that will connect with pebble and you gain some nice features.

  • notifications of calls
  • notifications of messages
  • drop calls
  • music control
  • sync calendar to timeline
  • update firmware
  • install apps
  • take screen shots
  • configure health

If you want to get it installed easy then get openstore installed and install from inside that.


follow the instructions.

rock work on ubuntu phone

the main site is here – https://launchpad.net/rockwork


ubuntu touch and pebble watch – upebble


I spotted a small video alan pope shared a couple of weeks ago of a smart watch pairing and giving notifications to the watch.. This was a ubuntu phone and a pebble time. I had a similar setup with the hc-pebble-wh_1
nexus 5 and the LG G watch which was pretty good apart from the voice recognition wasnt always perfect and batter life was poor, usually lasted a day. Also the LG R isnt water proof, it wasnt even safe wearing in the shower! anyway i thought id go for the classic which is the cheapest to test this out before i invest in the best!  (since that ive bought another!) The watch life is up to seven days and is 50m water proof! – Nicely sized and lightweight in the wrist – easy interface and built in alarm and capability to change watch faces and install apps.

So i joined the ubupebble group and got the instructions how to install. The phone out of the box needs a package installing to push notifications and see the phone which was pretty straight forward. Ive been told the watch wont need this package as its being released in the new ubuntu OTA9 update so as from around next month you probably can install the upebble package from the store on the phone. Plus ive been told the push isnt required now in proposed 🙂 I had to install this manually and the push deb which your phone has to be RW so if you dont like your phone in RW then i would wait a month – also the phone has to be on proposed channel which was straight forward to allow this all to work. Below is a few tips to get some of the items above if your going to jump in now.

  • call notifications
  • message notifications
  • telegram notifications
  • calendar notifications
  • call control
  • calendar notifications
  • evernote task notifications

upebble on ubuntu touch


Make phone RW – connect phone with developer mode enable and run this on your computer terminal – phablet-config writable-image

To switch to proposed on a BQ phone again as above have developer enabled and phone connected and with a computer terminal type – ubuntu-device-flash –channel ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en

To install a click package from the phone console on the phone terminal or remotely logged in to the phone using the command adb shell type – pkcon install-local –allow-untrusted package name

I would then install telegram if not already installed and join the upebble group on there were you can get any help required. I would put the packages here but they are in frequent updates as its getting new features every other day!

This is the main development site here




Location tracking on ubuntu computers and phones

Location tracking on computers, laptops and phones is something
hard to find, i seen prey which looks good but only has a i386 package? were i have a 64 bit system on my computers and armfh on my ubuntu phone so no coverage here! so i stumbled across location magic –>> https://locationmagic.org/


now this will install straight on your ubuntu computer but on the ubuntu phone or tablet you will need RW enabled as you will need to to a apt-get install curl. So as long as you are in RW mode you can track your ubuntu phone tablet device.

One thing to do before starting is to do a sudo -s which will switch you to a root user then do a crontab -e and use nano – make a small change like a space or something then ctrl and x to save, this will give you a crontab for root otherwise the whole thing doesnt work.

Then to the location magic site click get started – put in your email address and device name and select generate token, then move down and select linux and select copy to clipboard, then move to the device IE the laptop or phone and copy and paste the line from the clipboard as the user root and thats it!

Now this will update every hour by cron – i need to test on the phone if it does this or i will just add the cron job as a dbus cron job as normal crons  dont work usually when screen is closed etc…

its not to hard to set up the dbus cron which is available on my blog but ill test that and update this in due course, also the cron can be changed to every 15 minutes if thats better tracking but not sure on the consumption on the battery thats another thing ill be testing 🙂

Enjoy tracking your devices, very handy if they get stolen or you dont trust your wife!!



ubuntu touch dbus cron jobs




i need to sync my owncloud docs and calendar and sussed when you reboot using a dbus cron your allocated dbus number changes on every reboot.. for you user so if you want to sync your owncloud  or other cron jobs .. try this

make a script called synccalendar.sh

and chmod +x

enter this information

# Synchronisation des calendriers syncevolution
export DISPLAY=:0.0
export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=$(ps -u phablet e | grep -Eo ‘dbus-daemon.*address=unix:abstract=/tmp/dbus-[A-Za-z0-9]{10}’ | tail -c35)
syncevolution owncloud
exit 0

then do a crontab -e and add this line

@hourly /home/phablet/Documents/synccalendar.sh

and save this will give you the new allocated dbus for the user on each reboot 🙂


latest ubuntu upgrades – desktop and mobile

with the recent release of wily werewolf in fact today! i thought id take the plunge. A couple of days ago OTA 7 was made available for the ubuntu touch phone which id been waiting for as id been having a bad experience in regards to phone locking and when selecting a text waiting for the names to show and then waiting for the message to load which was getting pretty annoying and just randoms locks and the phone slowing so thought the OTA 7 would fix this which it did in a way but had to install the OTA 7 update then factory reset the phone, ever since then batter life has been tons better, no white ubuntu-iconscreens on facebook and also gained auth on web pages and copy and paste so i basically can now log on to a remote transmission with the username and password and then copy and paste a remote torrent file which wasnt possible before. The only problem is that auth doesnt remember the user pass so everytime you want to go in you have to input the user pass everytime unless you put the whole user and password in the url getting rid of the browser doing the auth in the first place? but the ability to copy and paste the url makes all the difference 🙂  So far the phones great experienced problems when adding accounts on dekko mail client after upgrade were it crashes adding the smtp account but once added asks for password and just works so not so bad. Just waiting for vpn and a vnc or remote desktop client. File manager gained SMB so it goes to browse my network and finds computers but cant access them as it says no file type, but i just put in smb:// and that shows the file shares available on my server and let me copy files across my network to the phone. The upgrade before i did factory reset also told that i had no music on my phone from the music player but there was music there. After the wipe and reinstall the music appeared and works fine. The OTA makes the phone slicker and is heading in the right direction now.  Roll On OTA 8

Wily Werewolf on the desktop

Because the laptop was all hooked as needed it i tried a dist upgrade which killed my laptop! I booted of a fresh 15.10 wily werewolf DVD and managed to rescue my files to a usb key and the rest was on the ubuntu-1510cloud – nice fresh install and copied across files required and re-setup my cloud which is all great. No noticeable differences apart from my fans are not going crazy on my laptop (dell xps 13) like they was and its defiantly a lot slicker. Own cloud is missing the icon on the top bar like last time but usually fixes when i install everpad but thats not availble yet and never usually is for a week or so, so means i have to use evernote through a browser until somebody rolls the deb files for 15.10 on the PPA…. Installed all my usual programs and used all the preinstalled drivers, tested steam and it goes like the clappers with killing floor so dont see no need in installing the graphics driver using the intel installer as it wont be available yet anyway! If your looking at upgrading take a back up! But i prefer a fresh install anyway. Roll on 16.10 and convergence……………..