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A day of computer fun

From old technology to the latest !! With a hint of retro

A day I’m the office booking up a handful of mini computers 

Raspberry pi 3 with two sd card one retropie to run classic arcade games and another raspbian card to run as a desktop computer. 

Raspberry zero with one as card and cut down Debian system to just experiment with.  The smallest computer on the market I know! 

Sinclair spectrum not been powered for a age so fixed up all the leads and spectrum and got it to boot! I’m going to load a game this week using wav files.. manic miner maybe!?.. 

And last but not least fixed up two mini remote keyboards that are to operate this little bunch of joy! 

One more mini computer tomorrow! The intel compute stick …..!! 

Looking forward to loading up the retro pie !!!! 🤗

changed raspberry pi distro

made a quick change over to xbian from raspbmc

for one i was sick of raspmbc pushing updates to my raspberry and rebooting and it being bricked! and was sick of when i reinstall i have to have a bloody network cable in when ive got a USB wireless dongle on the raspberry so i switched to xbian flashed the sd card then insterted the card into the raspberry straight boots up fast, went to programs and settings and selected install wireless on reboot and selected a 5 sec pauce to drop to terminal which is handy if i want a console! it reboots installs a few packages without a cable being plugged in! asks a few questions and i was on the wireless network – simple easy setup seems very slick. Im still testing but will probably set my second raspberry up using it.


raspberry pi links

people are asking for more information on the raspberry pi here are my links

distros available:

raspbmc – i use this for my media centre, nice install with xbmc installed ready to go, very stable and works out of the box -> http://www.raspbmc.com

raspbian – the main debian distro, again easy install comes with lxde desktop install, very lightweight but useable, i use this distro for running quake 3 and updating my raspberry pi -> http://www.raspbian.org

open elec – a very polished version, again xbmc media centre, i found it wasnt as snappy as the raspbmc setup? try it… easy install, great support -> http://openelec.tv

Want to buy a raspberry? buy a kit from here

If you follow my blog you will see updates and install how to’s, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me, I can supply ready made kits and more information for setting them up around the house or business.


edimax mini usb dongle on raspbian

edimax wifi

I just bought one of these of ebay for £10, plugs straight into the raspberry and worked with raspbian straight out of the box, installed network manager on xbmc

and search found my access point and put in the sep key and straight on no problem, its not as fast as the belkin at an amazing 300mbps but i get 150mbps 

which is ok with me!! works a treat. much smaller profile that the belkin adapter and still has a led for activity. Id say buy one !


raspberry pi belkin n300 distro with drivers



was looking for a distro with ready to go drivers built in for belkin n300 wireless and lxde found one here 

its called occidentals, this distro i can get to a prompt and start lxde desktop by typing startx 

I’m going to build xmbc and quake 3 into this rom so its got plenty of functionality and copy some roms in and test mame

have to the raspberry pi has been great fun so far !!! linux rocks!


raspbian on raspberry pi with wifi belkin N300

  1. Raspberry pi 580 75These commands and actions need to be performed from an account that has administrator privileges.
  2. Download the image from a mirror
  3. http://www.raspbmc.com/download/
  4. Verify if the the hash key is the same (optional), in the terminal run:

    • shasum ~/installer.img.gz
  5. Extract the image:
    • gunzip ~/installer.img.gz
    • (or: just double click the zip, it will extract automatically)
  6. From the terminal run df -h
  7. Connect the sdcard reader with the sdcard inside
  8. Run df -h again and look for the new device that wasn’t listed last time. Record the device name of the filesystem’s partition, e.g. /dev/disk1s1
  9. Unmount the partition so that you will be allowed to overwrite the disk:
    • sudo diskutil unmount /dev/disk1s1
    • (or: open Disk Utility and unmount the partition of the sdcard (do not eject it, or you have to reconnect it)
  10. Using the device name of the partition work out the raw device name for the entire disk, by omitting the final “s1” and replacing “disk” with “rdisk” (this is very important: you will lose all data on the hard drive on your computer if you get the wrong device name). Make sure the device name is the name of the whole SD card as described above, not just a partition of it (for example, rdisk3, not rdisk3s1. Similarly you might have another SD drive name/number like rdisk2 or rdisk4, etc. — recheck by using the df -h command both before & after you insert your SD card reader into your Mac if you have any doubts!):
    • e.g. /dev/disk1s1 => /dev/rdisk1
  11. In the terminal write the image to the card with this command, using the raw disk device name from above (read carefully the above step, to be sure you use the correct rdisk# here!):
    • sudo dd bs=1m if=~/installer.img of=/dev/rdisk1
    • if the above command report an error(dd: bs: illegal numeric value), please change bs=1M to bs=1m
    • (note that dd will not feedback any information until there is an error or it is finished, information will show and disk will re-mount when complete. However if you are curious as to the progresss – ctrl-T (SIGINFO, the status argument of your tty) will display some en-route statistics).
  12. After the dd command finishes, eject the card:
    • sudo diskutil eject /dev/rdisk1
    • (or: open Disk Utility and eject the sdcard)
  13. Insert it in the raspberry pi, and boot to xbmc
  14. when booted go to settings and add-ons
  15. add network-manager
  16. configure on network manager and select your wifi and insert wep / wpa key
  17. pull the network cable out and enjoy wireless network
  18. i then installed xbmc remote on my android and iPhone
  19. went to system info on the xvmc and network
  20. added my xvmc host by mac address so it locks to the mac instead of the IP address which will change using DHCP.

This works with the belkin n300 which uses the 8192cu module this is included in raspbian version 4 and works flawlessly.