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sunday jam with music workshop

calling all hungry dedicated musicians and music lovers!!

the musicians workshop is currently being held at the bath hotel morecambe every sunday from 3pm, we supply music gear so just bring your axe and plug and play with your band or with our band!

we play rock, blues, 60’s, country, rock and roll anything goes!!

bill sherrington, wayne ward, jim ward and of course frank !!

the wards rocking



the musicians network


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Looking for live music on a sunday? from 6pm 

Fresh new acts and some of lancaster and morecambes finest 

all the songs are shared so your not sat watching the same pre-madonna all day

this is nobody’s show its the musicians show ! 


the tavern at scale hall from 6pm – come get a lovely sunday roast or walk to baba elephant for a curry!


jam day

its getting close the the jam day!! last sunday of every month at the trimple club

I’ve called it musicians workshop!!

we have all the gear supplied just need a guitar or bass !! nice and easy

we have music in between the sets so no crap music on repeat!

the first day we have a few great bands to fill the spots

come along lets have a jam its going to be great

once a month so its something to look forward to and not the same old …..

we will take pictures – record it and video it and fire it all on the Facebook and main site!!!!!!!!!!

we have some posters here if you want to help advertise the event please let us know 🙂


main website


Facebook page