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Lockdown Musician Festival – 17th April 2020

Lockdown Musician Festival – 17th April 2020

We have had two weeks of awesome musicians performing on Friday from all over the globe! we had the amazing bass god David pastorius headline last week!! We swayed of the tracks with entry and exit acts but this week we have a full line up from 1pm UK right through to 10pm UK time this week !! 18 real musicians lined up for the festival!!

plus im taking slots now for Friday the 24th !!!

1PM UK – 1.30PM / 2pm Spain – 2.30pm Spain

Anthony Tdog Greyless

1.30PM UK – 2PM / 2.30pm Spain – 3pm Spain

Jordan Gaffney

2PM UK – 2.30PM / 3pm Spain – 3.30pm Spain

Juan Mari Arriaga 

2.30PM UK – 3PM / 3.30pm Spain – 4pm Spain

Rus Edger 

3PM UK – 3.30PM / 4pm Spain – 4.30pm Spain

Laura Killeney

3.30PM UK – 4PM / 4.30pm Spain – 5pm Spain

Chas Penny

4PM UK – 4.30PM / 5pm Spain – 5.30pm Spain

Lui Fernandes 

4.30PM UK – 5PM / 5.30pm Spain – 6pm Spain

Leo Augusto 

5PM UK – 5.30PM / 6pm Spain – 6.30pm Spain

Wayne Ward

5.30PM UK – 6PM / 6.30pm Spain – 7pm Spain

Cara Islay 

6PM UK – 6.30PM / 7pm Spain – 7.30pm Spain

Andy Creevy

6.30PM UK – 7PM / 7.30pm Spain – 8pm Spain

Maria Daneile

7PM UK – 7.30PM / 8pm Spain – 8.30pm Spain

Joe Beer – Guitarist Vocalist

7.30PM UK – 8PM / 8.30pm Spain – 9pm Spain

8PM UK – 8.30PM / 9pm Spain – 9.30pm Spain

Isaac Sutherland

8.30PM UK – 9PM / 9.30pm Spain – 10pm Spain

Logan Paul Murphy The Beatles boy

9PM UK – 9.30PM / 10pm Spain – 10.30pm Spain

Jay Blackburn

9.30PM UK – 10PM / 10.30pm Spain – 11pm Spain