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Mac OSX Catalina Steam Killer!

Beware steam lovers on Mac OSX 

I love moving to the latest versions of Mac OSX but being warned if you upgrade it will break loads of things like 32 bit apps removed is just backwards – so do you stay on a old outdated version of Mac for ever !! luckily enough I only need steam. I don’t really get a lot of time to sit behind a screen vegetating over games im a kind of a get out into the big wide world type person but every now and then a game of gta to get away from the world is great specially when locked down due to corona virus!! So I get onto the iMac I don’t get to use a lot and fire up steam.. it updates and wahhh laaa …

as you can see all not available to run apart from one!! agggghhhhh!so I updated the steam app still no joy !! so I looked and there is no support for all my games now! how crap is that! now im not sure if steam is going to fix this but I wasn’t hanging around! So along comes crossover check this out! https://www.codeweavers.com/products/crossover-mac

not only does crossover run my steam games but lots of other applications and yes 32 applications!! bingo! and for a cheap version with no support etc 32 euro! bargain! so I got the trial to test and installed steam from inside the application and logged into my account and I got all my games back!

the games run perfect so im happy at 32 euro until steam or apple do something about this, but im thinking apple won’t change I think the cleaver people at steam will have to add the 32 bit emulation for all the people who paid them for games, the solution they suggest is boot camp or installing a older version of windows on a USB key to boot off now thats just backwards!!

all I need now is…

many thanks to imageoptim for compressing my images! the screen shots where over 2 meg and wouldn’t upload check it out here https://imageoptim.com/mac


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create bootable mac osx usb install

want to fresh reinstall your mac from a usb key  Selection_055

if your updating your mac from the itunes store download diskmakerx from here http://liondiskmaker.com/

start the download of from itunes and plug in at least a 8 gig usb key

when the download finishes it will want to start the install, before you start the install run disk maker and it will find the install image downloaded for maverick and then proceed to find the usb key and confirm you want to use it, when you select this is fine you wait around 10 / 15 mins and you have a bootable usb key with maverick ready to go.

Pop into you mac / imac and turn on with the alt key selected which will offer you the choice to boot from the usb !! nice fresh install 🙂



raspbian on raspberry pi with wifi belkin N300

  1. Raspberry pi 580 75These commands and actions need to be performed from an account that has administrator privileges.
  2. Download the image from a mirror
  3. http://www.raspbmc.com/download/
  4. Verify if the the hash key is the same (optional), in the terminal run:

    • shasum ~/installer.img.gz
  5. Extract the image:
    • gunzip ~/installer.img.gz
    • (or: just double click the zip, it will extract automatically)
  6. From the terminal run df -h
  7. Connect the sdcard reader with the sdcard inside
  8. Run df -h again and look for the new device that wasn’t listed last time. Record the device name of the filesystem’s partition, e.g. /dev/disk1s1
  9. Unmount the partition so that you will be allowed to overwrite the disk:
    • sudo diskutil unmount /dev/disk1s1
    • (or: open Disk Utility and unmount the partition of the sdcard (do not eject it, or you have to reconnect it)
  10. Using the device name of the partition work out the raw device name for the entire disk, by omitting the final “s1” and replacing “disk” with “rdisk” (this is very important: you will lose all data on the hard drive on your computer if you get the wrong device name). Make sure the device name is the name of the whole SD card as described above, not just a partition of it (for example, rdisk3, not rdisk3s1. Similarly you might have another SD drive name/number like rdisk2 or rdisk4, etc. — recheck by using the df -h command both before & after you insert your SD card reader into your Mac if you have any doubts!):
    • e.g. /dev/disk1s1 => /dev/rdisk1
  11. In the terminal write the image to the card with this command, using the raw disk device name from above (read carefully the above step, to be sure you use the correct rdisk# here!):
    • sudo dd bs=1m if=~/installer.img of=/dev/rdisk1
    • if the above command report an error(dd: bs: illegal numeric value), please change bs=1M to bs=1m
    • (note that dd will not feedback any information until there is an error or it is finished, information will show and disk will re-mount when complete. However if you are curious as to the progresss – ctrl-T (SIGINFO, the status argument of your tty) will display some en-route statistics).
  12. After the dd command finishes, eject the card:
    • sudo diskutil eject /dev/rdisk1
    • (or: open Disk Utility and eject the sdcard)
  13. Insert it in the raspberry pi, and boot to xbmc
  14. when booted go to settings and add-ons
  15. add network-manager
  16. configure on network manager and select your wifi and insert wep / wpa key
  17. pull the network cable out and enjoy wireless network
  18. i then installed xbmc remote on my android and iPhone
  19. went to system info on the xvmc and network
  20. added my xvmc host by mac address so it locks to the mac instead of the IP address which will change using DHCP.

This works with the belkin n300 which uses the 8192cu module this is included in raspbian version 4 and works flawlessly.


OS X Mountain Lion software

I see the new OS X Mountain Lion software is available on the 25th July 2012
Indications of it costing around 13-19 dollars which is so cheap but so worth it I guess.
I noticed they’ve added iMessage in and a growl type notification system and some security update gate keeper I’m not sure what that does but macs are pretty solid when it comes to security so this will make it bomb proof!!
I usually go for a clean install but I’m pretty happy with my mac at the moment so I’ll probably but it and upgrade from the app store. Things have come a long way for apple in the past five years, I’m glad really because people say they are expensive but I say they are a investment and the software upgrades (new versions) are priced very reasonable.
Do yourself a big favour make the change buy a apple mac and unleash the new OS X Mountain Lion software let it roar 🙂


mac osx vpn connect to draytek 2820

Ive been setting up a vpn for a client and wanted to do some testing on my mac so poked around at mac osx vpn gui and found a handful – tested them all and basically only got vpn tracker to work easy – i probably could get the others to work with some hacking around but i like things to be easy nowadays! anyway vpn tracker is like a hundred quid for one licence which is expensive. Im sat there thinking macs are to cool and must have this buit in so i googled to connect to a draytek 2820 from mac osx and yes it was under my nose – changed a few settings on the router and added a new vpn which was easy following some easy instructions – see below 
Once i made the vpn I had enabled remote desktops on the server so used the mac os remote desktop gui RDC 2.01 and put in the ip of the server i want to have remote desktop to and viola it works i get full access – also in the preferences you can share local printers and folders to the remote machine which works great!
a mac – a vpn – remote desktop and your away!! awsome – check this howto

Setting up VPN, consists of 2 main operations – configuring the router to accept VPN connections, and setting the computer up to connect via VPN.

Setting up the Draytek router
In the new page that opens, configure the IPSec Setup as follows:
IKE Authentication Method
IPSec Security Method

In the “VPN & Remote Access” tab in the left menu, select “Remote Dial-in User”.Select an index position from the list of users, by clicking on a number (1 for example)
In the new user page that opens, configure the user as follows:
User Account & Authentication
Allowed Dial-in Type
Username & Password

Setting up a PPTP VPN connection in OSX
At this point, you should see the VPN icon appear in the menu bar. If all has gone according to plan, it will begin with “Connecting” being displayed, followed by “Authenticating”, and then should start a timer, indicating the duration that the VPN connection has been up.

“macs kick ass”


the lion roars!!

Well a month into my lion install on my macbook and i have to say yes there has been a few problems were some programs are buggy with it but they all seem to be catching up and releasing the updates not apples fault i guess more down do the people who create the applications have to be fast and update to the new standards.

Lion roar

I had to downgrade one macbook to snow leopard to make auto cad work right but now auto cad 2012 is available which is built to support lion! Plus we are waiting for announcement for solid works for mac osx !! hopefully next year……

I have to to say the new finger gestures are kind of happy, i love mission control and air drop is damn handy – launchpad mmm i don’t see the point and don’t like it but i suppose its going to blossom into something great!!!

I love the idea of when you download lion it ships with the latest update at that time so at this current time you will get 10.7.1 so comes with the 1st major update built in! certainly kicks the arse out of windows.

Im not sure if i like the new feature were it opens all my apps after a reboot or update, suppose some people like that i just don’t. I see they have added the full screen feature which I’ve used once and is something yes you don’t use all the time but when you do want to focus on a certain you can if its supports the full green focus, for instance i just updated firefox to the latest version and it hasn’t got the full screen capability yet……….

I like the new mail layout and wasn’t sure about the new look of the address book looking like a address book but its grown on me!!

the upgrade wrks well but i did clean installs anyway and left some disk space for time machine and configured just to back up my desktop and documents which has been working well for a incremental back up. The machine has been very responsive and i have had no crashing – lock ups or any problems at all. So far i give it my 100% – ten out of ten, there is no doubt in my mind the mac operating system is probably the most solid robust operating system around alongside linux.

Get a mac with lion on it don’t look back.


Daylite on Mac OSX & Iphone

Im just testing daylite for mac osx again – quiet a nice system that can be run on a single machine or networked and accessed from external devices such as iphones and ipod touch..

The daylite ystem keeps all your contacts – tasks – projects – opportunities – calendar notes and reminders all in one neat package on the mac. Its very geared towards corporates and it is a very rich bit of kit! The install and setup i must say was a breeze! I downloaded the server package and the daylite install dmgs – you only need the daylite install dmg for a single machine and install the server if you plan to network or connect over the internet with your iphone..

Anyway I started bt installing the server on my mac server took like half a minute then i installed the main daylite package.

I opened up daylite and ran through the wizard asked me my name address etc and a username and password then aked me to pick for a selection of industries or just a blank template database – so opions being photography or real estate – i picked general and then it logged in cool up and running!! – i went into my ical and created three calendars for it to sync with for now work / band / personal – then i went into preferences in daylite and picked sharing and indicated i wanted it to sync with them calendars and that i wanted to create a group in my mac address book called daylite were i can choose who i want to sync entries in my addressbook to be added to daylite and not the whole lot of my address book because believe me some of my mates i would never think twice of doing business with!!!  Bingo add a entry into either daylite or my ical or address book they appear in each program!!

Next i went into the server database admin program and turned told it which database to share on the network and turned on sharing with the big share button ! easy – (this part is for external iphone connection!) then went to network and put in my external ip address and told it to route the ports for me which is does using upnp!! so no port forwarding in the firewall – but one thing you have to keep the server admin program open if you dont forward the ports manually so i will port the ports – it tells you the three ports to forward in so make sure your box has a fixed ip to make it more reliable!! pull across the big button saying share again and hey presto !! shared on the network and to the internet !!! easy done in like 5 mins!! also inside the server admin you add licences for addons and setup periodic back ups for the database!!! awsome..

So i next installed the daylite install on my laptop and connected straight in after i dropped the firewall so will have to add rules for my local connections to be allowed 😉 straight on – all the data shared no problems!!

Next went to the iphone installed the ap through app store – started it up  – put in my ip address and username and password – it downloaded the data and im in!!! I can see all the data in need to in daylite plus i can add data and sync with the main database!!! works a treat!! £35 for the year for the iphone app!!! not bad really!!

Its looking like £839 for 5 users and about £130 for one user which is very good really – if your a one man band with a mac daylite + server + the iphone app is like £165 and your away!! great value – i notice they have cut down version for £99 which doesnt have the mail intergration etc – its worth a look

My only problem ….   all my calendars and contacts are synced with google so nowadays the contacts aint a problem as the mac syncs contacts with google out of the box!!.. now my calendars in ical just connect to google but will daylite see the data on the google calendars?? nope! is the answer – there is no way around this im afraid at the monment apart from one i downloaded spanning sync which let me create a standard ical calendar and then get that to sync with google calendar!! easy install quick setup and about £35 out of my back pocket! plus it does other syncing which i havent used just the calendar stuff which works a treat as its syncing every 15 mins in the background no problem!!!!

Also if you look at the marketcirle site for this app take a look at billings for the mac for £30 nice easy billings program very easy to setup and use and ties into your address book etc and makes very pro looking invoices!!

Check out the website


busy busy busy

not a lot of time for blogin lately 🙁

but hey i see there is a mac update on the G4’s that seems to like kill em – oh fuk! thats very odd? or is it just a freak thing that’s happend to two of my m8’s who have updated there G4’s at the same time?…. we will see – barmy

got some brushing up to do in the 6 string dept – thats goes for bass and guitar! my first gig with a band playing 6 string this week im used to the duo and other bits of guitar work usually but got a gig this sunday playing guitar.. and no im not moving to the dark side im a bass player through and through just lets me unleash my shit – 6 strings – overdrive and my frustation – flows through the guitar easily !!!

this week i unleash the trace elliot 18×10 cab and the big fat 6 string bass ! with promethium at the well awaited rehersal – they will get to experience real 6 string power through my bitch of a setup – its lets say a experience when it moves your insides and makes your bowel move you may even shit your pants when it flaps your pants – nice – it hasnt helped towards the tinnitus 🙁

need to get my ass together with the shop and get this shit finished up ASAP – I will be getting my head into it next week get the last two rom finished up so we can get open and trading 🙂

got a clamshell G3 to get tiger mac osx on over a firewire connection – should be interesting!!! …. summet to blog about

also had a play with the tunomatic bridge this week on the new epiphone gibson sg400 custom i bought! – I basically got the action pretty shit hot and it was choking so lifted the action a tad and the strings felt tight – so lifted the tunomatic bridge tuned back up – give the truss rod a twist and tuned again and then dropped the action a touch again and it was perfect – > low action – no chokes – strings feel nice and ready for overbends – tunomatic = coooool – just ordered a graph tech nut – then im doing a full wiring kit mod – then we might go on to swapping out the three humbuckers for three fat seymour duncans !…. we will see ill be blogging about my new axe soon..

just reinstelled another windows laptop because it was not genuine but had a serial number on the bottom which was legit!? yes another one which got pro installed but had a serial for home!!! MS suks

dot 4get your only here once so enjoy this shit while you can 🙂