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Lockdown Musicians Festival – Extended Version !!

Lockdown Musicians Festival – Extended Version !!

We have had a good few weeks of the best musicians on the Lockdown Musicians Festival soooooo!

On the 8th of may we will be extending this and adding a spectacular centre of the festival tribute session !! We have Tina Turner, Beatle One and Elvis will be entering the building !! Not to be missed!!

We have extended the hours of the festival allowing us to add more slots so now we are boasting over 22 slots in one day!!!!!!


11am UK / 12pmSpain – Ray Dowling

11.30am UK / 12.30pm Spain – Dave Watson

12pm UK / 1pm Spain – Bob Dell

12.30pm UK / 1.30pm Spain – James Mcnicol & Ernie Rea

1PM UK / 2pm Spain – Alcatraz

1.30PM UK  / 2.30pm Spain – Rus Edgar

2PM UK / 3pm Spain – Keith Eggleden & Louisa Hodge

2.30PM UK / 3.30pm Spain – Blindmower AKA Chas Penny

3PM UK / 4pm Spain – Maria Danielle 

3.30PM UK – / 4.30pm Spain – WaterFahl

4PM UK / 5pm Spain – Lui Fernandes

4.30PM UK / 5.30pm Spain – Kevin Jenkins

5PM UK / 6pm Spain – Andy Creevy 

5.30PM UK / 6.30pm Spain – Jefferson Moore

6PM UK / 6.45pm Spain – Tina Turner (Pauline Dawson)

6.45PM UK / 7.15 pm Spain – BeatleOne (Wayne Ward)

7.15PM UK / 8pm Spain – Stelvis (Steve Haughay)

8PM UK / 9pm Spain – Stevie and Lindsey a tribute to Fleetwood Mac 

8.30PM UK / 9.30pm Spain – Tony Caggiano 

9PM UK  / 10pm Spain – Chasing August

9.30PM UK / 10.30pm Spain – Micheal Collinson 

10pm UK / 11pm Spain – Ecko Mob 

10.30pm UK / 11.30pm Spain –  Logan Paul Murphy – Beatle boy

11pm UK / 12pm Spain – Kim Harrison

Make Sure you don’t miss this !! Join here