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the lion roars!!

Well a month into my lion install on my macbook and i have to say yes there has been a few problems were some programs are buggy with it but they all seem to be catching up and releasing the updates not apples fault i guess more down do the people who create the applications have to be fast and update to the new standards.

Lion roar

I had to downgrade one macbook to snow leopard to make auto cad work right but now auto cad 2012 is available which is built to support lion! Plus we are waiting for announcement for solid works for mac osx !! hopefully next year……

I have to to say the new finger gestures are kind of happy, i love mission control and air drop is damn handy – launchpad mmm i don’t see the point and don’t like it but i suppose its going to blossom into something great!!!

I love the idea of when you download lion it ships with the latest update at that time so at this current time you will get 10.7.1 so comes with the 1st major update built in! certainly kicks the arse out of windows.

Im not sure if i like the new feature were it opens all my apps after a reboot or update, suppose some people like that i just don’t. I see they have added the full screen feature which I’ve used once and is something yes you don’t use all the time but when you do want to focus on a certain you can if its supports the full green focus, for instance i just updated firefox to the latest version and it hasn’t got the full screen capability yet……….

I like the new mail layout and wasn’t sure about the new look of the address book looking like a address book but its grown on me!!

the upgrade wrks well but i did clean installs anyway and left some disk space for time machine and configured just to back up my desktop and documents which has been working well for a incremental back up. The machine has been very responsive and i have had no crashing – lock ups or any problems at all. So far i give it my 100% – ten out of ten, there is no doubt in my mind the mac operating system is probably the most solid robust operating system around alongside linux.

Get a mac with lion on it don’t look back.


mac osx lion


Just half way through big network swap out loosing a load of windows boxes and moving up to so nice apple iMac’s. The main target has been shared calendars and address book which has been accomplished pretty easily using the built in ical and address book and spanning sync and a free goggle calendar, also swap the mail into imap folders which has allowed us to drop the unreliable exchange server that needed fixing and also add the expandability of adding external calendar connections onto iPhone and home devices easier.  Also i split the 500 gig internal hardisks into 250 partitions and this gave me a drive for the OS and a drive for time machine to do incremental backups, not a solution for permanent backups but daily weekly or monthly files you require back its damn easy to use and very effective. The other problem we had was sage and solid works. Autocad works native and seemed to work very well just a few bugs on some of the installs which was solved easily. Now solid works and sage I’m afraid i have to include parallels into the picture – basically its a windows install that brings the software into the mac software screen. Now you buy parallels for like 40 quid then you pay for a crappy windows licence – install that then install antivirus then run all the crappy windows updates blah blah blah…. so far the sage products have worked but been buggy and solidworks does work but doesn’t have the edge of running it on the PC. Now solidworks has a native mac osx version coming out sometime next year so I’m afraid there is no option but to bootcamp the mac till it comes out… i did try vmware fusion but had no luck running the software i ill try this again as this could be a solution… please solidworks bring out a native version soon!! now sage well i just realised how dated and yes widely used but craply old and dated software as we have payroll one program – accounts one program and job costing one program which is no longer really supported?…. also only windows native support – bring in quickbooks… I’m just looking at pricing for software and support but to install this its easy drag on drop the software on the mac or setup on the windows box… add the server by dropping it on the mac or installing on windows and your away – not only does it have payroll and job costing and accounts in one program but loads of other features plus support is fast 8-8pm – we rang sage the other day they made us wait a hour and basically wasn’t very helpful telling us they don’t support parallels.. trying to get out of support! ill blog the results and outcome of this…… some of the new features i really liked in the new lion setup was airdrop! awesome! lion was breeze to setup – lovely operating system very polished and great in the work environment – one thing thats annoying and i need to find out how to remove is icons like app store… yes the user needs admin password to install software but the fact is I don’t want them in there full stop… try removing chess game …  you can’t .. ! i don’t want staff sat there playing chess instead of job costing etc! a quick call to apple care hopefully will work again ill let you know….. our sage guy didn’t sam to agree that mac on the desktop at work and quickbooks was the way to go but hey everyones moving the apple way whether he likes it or not! and he don’t like quickbooks because he sells sage? thats hardly working in our interest therefore i can’t trust the guy! I’ve yet to test a few apps to see if they will fit into the requirements merlin for project management and maybe daylite to expand the tasking and productivity …. evernote is worth a look …

anyway i have to say not as bad as i thought but migrating over to a new system takes more time and configuration the what you think – one thing i would advice is get a full list of requirements don’t miss a thing and then setup one test machine and test the environment before you launch! also the end user can be awkward to move across to something new and might need training so look into whats required there.

its defiantly a big move dropping the windows boxes for macs just take your time and get it right and I’m sure the results will be great 🙂