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its funny how news spreads …

its funny how news spreads from social media to the point when i rang up to order take away food from one of the best food places in lancaster they asked the story! im getting more hits on my blog daily for ann morris who is the woman who i tried to deal with regarding the made up story in the business matters magazine which is distributed to local businesses in lancaster and morecambe which basically contain fabricated stories which the magazine doesnt check up on and they dont care if they are letting somebody try and ruin somebodies reputation if they chuck them a few quid for advertising! she even said on the phone to somebody who enquired that they have underhanded and corrupt members on the chamber and she cant help that!! well now when people are looking for the chamber or for ann they are getting my blog as its er number 6 in google and they can see lies and liar on the keywords so then they question this and ask me either by email or by phone and at least they are getting some truth which hopefully stops them joining a cause which is underhanded. If you want more information on the story which was published please contact me, i will tell you the real truth! how they got the story in what it is about and who was really doing what! and there is more the last person I told the whole story to they said its better reading than the sun news paper which ann like to compare her magazine to !!! ….

oh and while im on about dodgy business men who think they can throw out the trash !! ha ha… proper useless IT geezers…

also beware IT people who get stuart errington in from bowkers he tells the people a load of coblers that the network aint safe and hasnt got a clue how to fix it he has to ring people and get them to explain over the phone! ha, i got him in and said id do it as a favour because i knew him from school.. but when the system did go wrong i had to ring him from my holiday to explain how to fix it, talk him through it!! so watch it its alright talking the talk but get him to re-mount a drive on a linux box which he said he can do and watch him sweat!!!


calls and emails regarding the chamber

ive had a couple of emails and a phone call regarding my posts on my blog regarding the story that was targeted against me back in 2006 already! the first person couldnt believe it and said this should not be allowed. The second person actually called the chamber and ask some simple questions which they brought up two points which put them of joining.

Ann Morris said on the phone to them that the individual was sad for bringing it up! (which would be different if it was her!)

And ann morris compared the magazine to the sun news paper and that certain stories or probably most stories in the sun maybe fabricated or false, but how can we put trust in a local organisation publishing stories that for one isnt true and another being directed at a indavidual? take it this way -> your boss or organisation gets pissed off with you sacks you then puts you in a magazine because you join the organisation and he is notified by a corrupt member.. then when you get the magazine they own it in the way of advertising and then they try to make you look bad by writing made up articles… specially when they know fine well they have been carrying out social engineering and unauthorised access themselves! …..

Ive had a email from ann morris who cant understand why im angry basically saying she wants no more emails from me (brush under the carpet) and id if i want to pursue this she wasnts to talk to my solicitor next.. well if you read the article it states its a open article and its states firmly -> HAVE YOUR SAY, I dont think so otherwise you’d let me have my say and you clearly won’t. So my say will be on a website that will be optimised to the top of the search engine so people can read the truth and im free to be contacted like the two people so far who are disgusted by it all.

I sent a copy of the magazine to person number two and they were disgusted by the way they let the magazine write the articles with a made up name so the person who created couldnt be done for using a alias and then i stated that the guy who took over the IT who doesnt have a clue a real bull shitter had the page after with a article stating throw out the trash!

The thing is i will reveal all the truth in the website about who was doing the real naughty stuff and who was in charge off it and also the other stuff that was going on, a real scandal….  if you are a local magazine or journalist please feel free to contact me for the story of the year or even the daily mail….


chamber of lies and corruption update

looks like the chamber of lies are not playing ball so they fueled me to build a website to display how companies can make up bullshit in individuals and get away with it! fucking piss take, so for one thing if you join the chamber of commerce and read there magazines you could be reading made up bullshit as they don’t check it and another they don’t care who it is directed at. Also if somebody has something against you and they know a member in the chamber they can use them to print stuff and they are corrupt, they tell me they are going to a board meeting about it, bullshit. Screw this watch what i do next ha ha ha -> they started some real shit here……..

lets see what they come back with I’m wasting my time with them they aint going to apologise for printing lies and bullshit, I’m waiting for a reply from ann morris, then ill take action.

ohh and they also blocked me from there Facebook group for stating this, don’t read there stories they are lies and not true.


chamber of bollocks – please read update


beware of the monthly business matters magazine, they released a article that was aimed at me a few years ago and none of it was true, with no chance to back it up. They had inside corrupt staff. I reported this to them and they did nothing

. I couldnt pay to join a organisation which was untrustworthy as this. I like the truth not just a load of lies made up by a regular customer that chucks a few quid in the hat for a few adverts. Well below the belt and underhanded – Any questions on this please feel free to email me at info@wayneward.co.uk
I could be removing this comment as they are now investigating the story and hopefully its going to be stated that its just a bullshit fabricated story, doesnt look good for the people making up stories. Watch for updates…..