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the competition – lancaster computer or morecambe computers

i see some one is trying there hardest to top me on computer keywords for lancaster computers and morecambe computers not to mention kendal, garstang preston
holy crap they cant have any work to sit there stewing over who is the highest in google ha ha ha!

Listen for computer repairs just search for lancaster computers and use lancaster computers!!!
or for computer repairs in morecambe use lancaster computers!!! lol

spam spam spam spam !!


New opening times and prices – Please read

Lancaster computers customer announcement – Please read carefully

We are now open 10am-6pm monday to friday
We are now unfortunately closed weekends unless we come to a special rate
All domestic and commercial prices are £35 per hour and we now have a call out charge.Static websites are now £150
CMS Sites are now £250
Optimisation is now £250 (with reports £400 yearly)
We can now offer support contacts for companies that need instant IT support
Laptop / computer repairs are pretty much set price now
Its cheaper to drop off – we charge £10 to pick up and drop off
One hour virus removal is £35
Two hours reinstall and program reinstall + drivers £60 + pick drop off £70
If you need a data back up – you must state what needs backing up

Please note we fix computers and laptops and servers – we supply web services and networking
we dont:

Work for free for mates
Supply pirate software
Get music for people

Please go elsewhere for this as this offends.
If you need to get hold of any member of lancaster computers please call or email or text message – if we are on site and can not take your call please leave a message do not call repeatedly call this doesn’t work whatsoever.

Many thanks I hope you understand, the funny thing i know most people wont!


stats are looking good

Just checking the stats for my clients

My blog (www.wayneward.co.uk)  top visitor this month is intec – cheers guys!!

Lancaster computers is just the best found computer setup on google in the area!

Awsome 🙂

Nice to see my links are all good aswell 😉

This is for dumb asses: (you know who you are)

Id like to blog more about the tools I use but all my optimisation techniques are confidential now ive taught a few people along the line and have give to much of my education away to people who basically dont deserve it and im actually enjoying sitting watching the arse end drop out of the setup because im not keeping them educated 🙂 The thing is i dont have to explain myself to you anymore you are fading and fading fast and you know it. So dont ask me who im on about – you know fine well, dont waste my time im to busy. Spend some time on how you can make people like you for you and not because you have a few quid – it cant be nice to be talked about with so much hate – havin people sayin hello to you and in there mind they are thinking fat tosser! Or even just keeping your job even though you are crap and just there because you have a mate keeping you in the job ass licking.

better go and check my laptops working ok ey duh – big $$$



Lancaster Computers Site Update

I decided to change the whole lancaster computers site and changed over from joomla 1.0 to the joomla 1.5 version. No there is a big difference between the two and certain plugins wont work as they are not available for the 1.5 version so you basically can plug the old modules etc into the 1.5 but you have to run it in legacy mode then. I used to use joomla stats and thought its pointless running in legacy mode and run te risk of security breaches so i added the google analytics for my web site stats which is probably better than joomla stats anyway! Well the main difference i do see is the optimisation options which are much better, the interface itself id say is harder to use but thats because im used to the joomla 1.0 version i suppose and will get used to the joomla 1.5 version. The module and com installer is different as you just have one installer now which can install from a local package on the machine or from a url which is handy, were we used to have three installers for modules etc which was a bit messy. Id say its a move for the best give it a shot take a look at http://www.joomla.org

Take a look at the lancaster computers site we offer a wide range of services. http://www.lancastercomputers.co.uk