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stats dropped a bit

i haven’t blogged for a while been so busy, ill have to get actively blogging because my stats have dropped!

I’ve been doing showcases and playing a lot with the band and it takes up so much time!

We have done showcases in blackpool and wigan and are getting lots of interest for gigs, ive never worked in a band that’s been so much demand than rubber soul, i think its the choice of music personally.

But if anybody is looking for a band for there xmas do or pub club or event please feel free to use my contact form and ill come back to you.

Please keep watching for some new blogs coming your way…..

and to all my good friends and family i hope you are well and having a good day, wardster ūüėČ


checking in !!

just thought id check in, things are picking up with business and my band rubber soul is booked well, we have gigs lined up for xmas ill post all the events on here if you want to come check us out.

Ive got some gigs coming up soon with the devious soul machine so keeps your eyes peeled for events!!!



So I say good day to all my good friends and close family.


Two of the areas finest bands available for gigs

If your looking for a band for your pub / club / night club or event Two of the finest bands in the area are natural thing and rubber soul. Rubber soul is a 3/4 piece band to suit occasion and play a wide range of music from the sixties, blues, beatles and rock and roll. Ideal for the small to large pub and great variation of music for everybody to enjoy. Rubber soul have recently been running jam days sporting other music including rock, skiffle and country. Very versatile band and never been accused of being loud so ideal for small partys as well! plenty of energy and put on a great show for the audience to enjoy. Please mail for details. (also watch out for us in the famous lankykats in may!!) Natural thing is a 4 piece indie rock band. Again ideal for pubs, clubs and parties.Natural thing has been formed for over 15 years now and plays some hard hitting music with a funk edge. Music from the who, hendrix, stone roses, weller, small faces, the jam and even some hard hitting original material! Natural thing are currently in the area doing local pub gigs and scooter rallies plus we have been venturing to preston and manchester playing some big gigs which have been great. Please email for details!! if you need a band for your venue or event simply pick the best for your clients, friends and family dont settle for second best. Pick the real deal!!! WPWARD 2013


the musicians network


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Looking for live music on a sunday? from 6pm 

Fresh new acts and some of lancaster and morecambes finest 

all the songs are shared so your not sat watching the same pre-madonna all day

this is nobody’s show its the musicians show !¬†


the tavern at scale hall from 6pm – come get a lovely sunday roast or walk to baba elephant for a curry!