ahhhhh kblogger is working on the eee
what a way to blog!!!!


Blogging in kde


Ive been blogging for a while now and ive been using kde for a lot longer!
Now sometimes i dont want to open my browser log in and all that messing just to blog so if you use kde take a look at these two bit of software
This comes in two flavours one for kde 3.5.9 users like me and on the edge kde 4 users! its quite a nice little interface and has scheduling options etc and it plugins in and stays active in the taskbar! V HANDY!
My main choice is kblogger not because its better but when you install the deb you right click on your kicker and add as an applet! then just put in your username etc!!
I know there is a deb for kde 3.5.9 version for the newer version i think you have to compile from source which aint that hard!
just – ./configure – make & make install (make sure you have build-essentials installed!!)
anyway check it out here
If your using wordpress use metaweblogapi
and your server link would be

Blog away sharing information helps!!! 🙂