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My Top iOS Apps- From my first screen PART ONE!

Here is a list of my top iOS apps from my first screen!

Apart from the usual Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and WhatsApp there are other great apps out there I got google translate I use every day but here is some you might find interesting and why I like them.  Also most apps I try go for a fair priced with iPad and Apple Watch and Apple TV support as well if possible and Mac support as well.


awesome journal application !! I journal privately everyday and this has it all and with just a one of payment per device! I don’t want to pay 30 or 50 for a journal online! So diarium you get the app for free if you like it pay a fiver! and on iOS I get it on iPad and iPhone and then I just sync through dropbox! Works 100% some of the features include journal add photos, videos, audio notes! ratings, location tags and name tags! yup this has it all and more! Because of the location you can easily see various places you journaled from easily on the map. The import function is the best I found and managed to get all my old journals in from various journaling apps! At first it wasnt very clear to hold on each dot on the calendar to do multiple journals in a day but once I figured that oooo weeee! I think this is the best I used… so what’s it lacking? this is available on iOS, Android… windows !! but no Mac app that has to loose that big start that would give this app a five start rating! also have to say the support is damn good!  https://timopartl.com

Update!! after I wrote this timo released a Mac version which cost me 8.99 for the full pro version! amazing this is! soo….


Blog Touch

awesome blog editor I use on iOS. Great on iPhone and iPad. Ive been building up my blogs on my iOS iPad device to  draft and then later publishing and running any final tweaks from webpage. It has it all!! and it costs around  five pounds! The original WordPress app is just not working right and never has for some reason! So this does actually cut it and has everything you need! Now this could have a five star rating but!!.. one of my most needed features is having a featured image on the blog and the app doesn’t have it!!! im like noooooo! this isn’t a show stopper but needs implementing ASAP! ive talked to support and again great support and he says this will be implemented soon! then this would be the feature packed WordPress blogging tool with five stars! check it out https://alexdenk.eu/mywork/blogtouchforblogger.html


Lovely movie and tv show tracker with Trakt plugin, I like this as its modern look and movie / tv show discovery is amazing shows you trending movies and shows from lots of different sources ! Great calendar layout off what’s coming up and personal show notes is great! Im using the pending ratings for all the stuff I watched and never rated! Great search facility for shows, movies or by name! I was using TVST which I paid for but the widget didn’t show images and could get good support so dropped it! Now TVsofa hasn’t got a widget but I talked to support and the support is very good and said they will develop the widget!! So I went with this app as preferred the layout and the good support! so it lacks a wiget and can’t seem to leave comments on individual shows but don’t think you can on other apps… So for now ill use the TeeVee Widget with this app until these deliver the great widget!! so four out of five!



This is a awesome app for people who have a sonarr, radarr or lidarr setup or all of them! plus has a connections to either nzbget or sabnzbd. This is probably the only app you will find on iOS shy of using a web browser to control your downloads! There was one more app kicking around called adderr which stopped development in January 2020 im not sure if they stopped making it. I love this app it just does everything required for adding movies and tv shows and downloading plus you can turn off monitoring of shows and movies. Its nice being able to see them coming down live and pause if required and see a back log of what’s been downloaded. A really handy calendar to track what you have coming up. Easy to configure and a drop box to switch internal and external network ( I asked if they could switch auto if you told it what your wireless connection was) I want to give this 5 stars but its still in testing and im just waiting to come up with some stupid monthly payment to use the app… if they do ill dump it if they offer a realistic price as a one off ill buy it ! so we see it could hit 5 stars soon!! comes with iPad version currently free and you can sign to the TestFlight version to help to with this. check it out here https://apps.apple.com/us/app/lunasea/id1496797802

this is part one of three here is a taste of what’s to come 

Things, Reddit, Snapseed, Calendar5 , Bring!, Retouch, Phonto, Tadaa, Jump Desktop


nexus 4 and 7

nexusesthe iPad 2 was gathering a bit of dust mainly because of the lack of being able to connect external devices such as hardisks and mouse. I sold the iPad off and got myself the nexus 7 32gig with wifi and 3G. I got optional extras leather case with built in keyboard and break out cable for usb devices. Im currently waiting for a small bluetooth mouse which will come in really handy. The hardward quility is amazing and the screen is lovely to look at. The tablet is really responsive and a breeze to setup. When i firs powered it on it asked me a few questions including my google account details which setup sync for my contacts and calendars and notes using google services. I used the google play app to install all my apps that i needed and amazingly only had to pay for one or two! Now the first day i got it i used it for a full day and the battery lasted the full day which i was really happy with. Ive took the device to work with me and used it for general IT work including team viewer to fix remote servers and it works great! I was so happy with the android operating system and how much it has progressed since i last used it a year a so a go i decided to dump the iPhone 4s and get myslef a nexus 4 to match and again got a nice leather case for it and im amazed with the phone, probably the best thing i ever did was loosing the iphone and ipad for the nexus 4 and 7, they are both little gems. Before you get stuck in a apple world give the androids a try you get some lovely features including desktop widgets and loads of other goodies!!!
look out for the nexus or the samsung galaxy devices awesome…


GTA vice macbook app store disappointment

Screen Shot 2012 12 12 at 01 06 59I already had a copy of this game before i bought it on the app store which i created myself for free using a wine wrapper which still works fine to this day.. i even see you can buy it of steam.. i bought it straight away for my iPhone and iPad which was good at around £3, i noticed the cloud load and save option which is great and gives more dimension to the game being able to work through the game on multiple devices and start and stop were you finish off using cloud save or load. So she i noticed on the app store version for mac book the date was december the 6, assumed it was updated like the iPad, iPhone being released the same time with the cloud save load option. So i forked out the £6 and it doesn’t work. Very disappointed, one of my all time favourites … this would have been elite but i guess they won’t add it. I can only say this is half cut and corner cutting and stupid for a feature would have brought this game back to life and improved mac gaming 100%


Synology 4.1 beta on my ds211j

Just flashed my ds211j synology to 4.1 flashed a treat and installed the new DS video package added my used account the privileges and created a new root folder called TV shows. installed the ds video app on the iPhone and iPad – works a treat almost in the style of plex gets film information and a picture of the film. I tried to load a few films and sometimes the internal player don’t recognise the the format and starts ace player as external player which is pretty bullet proof and plays anything! its still beta but works great. Im looking forward to get a USB tv tuner for it and getting it recording TV shows for me thats a great feature! Im still thinking they should install a app so you can plug in a external DVD writer to burn files to disk over the network…..

to get the beta package go here -> http://www.synology.com/dsm/dsm4.1_beta.php

Synology diskstation ds211

UPDATE 13 AUG 2012

although i have to say its running slow since ive installed this beta cant wait for release, CPU is maxed out, thats what you get for beta testing, you cant downgrade these boxes so i wont be doing it again 😉


GBN Is Closed. GMN Is Open.


Im sorry for the few people who were messed around over xmas with URLS. Ive closed GBN as i could not get control of the domains. I need the domain all together professionally not scattered around the globe for reasons of future investments and expanding business. Im afraid this had obstacles and had to move away from the domains and name. I bought new domains – renewed all the licences to the new domain and rebuilt the whole system. The good thing is the whole system only has one bug as it stands after a full rebuild which is getting looked at no rush as it something minor.

The site main features include

  • Social networking
  • Chat
  • Photos
  • Groups
  • Music Uploads
  • Events
  • Vidoes
  • Classifieds
  • Facebook / Twitter Intergration
  • Last.fm / Soundcloud Intergration
  • Mobile Phone Client

Im just re-registering the reviews module and will be integrating today, I’ve never wrote any reviews but will try some this week I have plenty of new musical instruments and gadgets to review plus computer software reviews! So ill give it a damn good go.

Im expecting a iPad client this month and looking at adding some custom fields and upgrading the search system. Im also brainstorming a link sharing system were users can submit there own links that they think may be useful, as i have loads and sometimes forget to book mark them! So think this could be a great feature…. Its all about sharing 🙂

Im looking for advertisers so please get in touch we can look at getting you some free advertising for your business for the first year! If you can supply us with a banner and a URL.

You can sign up and join for free and also follow us on – twitter – Facebook and our blog which is being added this week….




We wish you all the best for the new year and thank you for reading – Sign up today – Connect with musicians globally….

We are available on .co.uk .net & .com and also support is enabled on them domains. The real deal!!!