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lifeograph 1.2.1 ubuntu install from source

here is a quick demo of how i get lifeograph 1.2.1 installed on ubuntu 14.10

here is the android app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.sourceforge.lifeograph&hl=en

and the app for android to sync


here is the app i use on ubuntu to sync with google https://www.insynchq.com/downloads

its available for android id use it but cant get my head round it but hey its still in beta !! so i  can wait till it makes sense 🙂



ubuntu one soultions

downloadI think it was a real shame that ubuntu dropped ubuntu one a nice file sync storage built into the operating system that worked seamless seems crazy to loose?

Anyway ive tried different storage solutions and the best seems to be google drive – costs £2 per month for 100 gig which aint bad (other price plans available for more storage) . So i looked at sync software and stumbled across insync at $15 one of payment and i have installed on two computers, my laptop and my home computer. Ive synced my documents, photos and music all in one solution. Some other price plans here – Basically install the deb file by double clicking on it and once the install finishes it asks your google user / pass and start syncing which ever folders you decide to choose. The installer installs another deb if you say you want integration which is very handy as it tells you which folders are fully synced and which folders are syncing! The only thing im waiting for is that it has to sync to a certain folder which can be placed anywhere and id like it to sync to specific folders i specify but i see that is being sorted for next release 🙂

On the android I use Gdrivesync which lets me specify folders and easy to set up as well as using the google drive app which is handy as well, but if your looking for the best file manager that even lets you copy folder back and forth from the droid to google drive try astro file manager this supports google drive and loads of other file storage solutions including drop box – last but not least on the droid try cloud around, you will need the full version to use google cloud which was £1.25! but this will enable you to play the music you put in your google drive, plus this player has the ability to scrobble to last.fm, it was the only cloud player i could find with a scrobbler built in!!


google plus test run

just testing out the new google + social networking site…

Google Plus

its early days and can see it being good competition for Facebook as a lot of people like me are sick of Facebook and the shite that comes along with it!

what i liked about google + was the circles part of the site – i can basically drags mates into friends and musicians into musos or drag them into both circles so if i ask people on Facebook if anyone has used a orange amp you get the none musicians saying what the fuk you on about and the general shite you get – were as with circles i post that just to musicians the people who are interested 🙂 I noticed no chat bar at the bottom but i found chat on the side and from settings installed the v


oice and video plugin for my mac which I’m going to test tonight… i like the way that it ties into picasa but i noticed the 1 gig limit on pictures and you have to pay when you go over which might put people off..

i noticed not being able to post on peoples wall direct you can message them or post a comment but just a general hello to some one etc can’t be done yet… i think groups would have to be added but maybe not its quite a popular thing to add to on Facebook but then again twitter doesn’t have groups and that works great.. as long as they don’t start adding shitty games and horoscopes it think it will be good all that stuff puts me off Facebook totally – again its early days so good luck google the main foundation seems great simple to use – clean – fingers crossed.



Google – Where is it going..

399First we get gOS – the google search engine the most popular search engine on the internet – next we get google gadgets for the desktop and igoogle – then we get google desktop and google office!! wow they are really going to town..
Thats not it we then get the new chromium google web browser which currently i a massive bit of kit to download to compile on linux! (450 meg) now we also have gOS the google operating system based on linux with all the google tools built in!! wicked but what ties it all together?
Andoid is the answer – yep the new google phone available next month from T mobile – its features are awsome – now tie that in with all the other tools i just talked about could just toe them into the door for being the leaders of all operating systems – if google puts microoft out of the picture at least we will get all this built on linux boxes so we gain security and stability – my fingers are crossed – its on the cards watch this space – long live google.