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Here comes the Sun – Switch Remix !!

Massive shout out to switch for taking my Unfinished mix for my Album of here comes of the sun and remixing it and adding  fabulous guitar parts !!!! Brian May Style 🙂

This is is the song I used online on my radio station interview for the up and coming fund raiser.


Global Radio – Fund Raiser Interview. 2nd May 2021

Tune in and listen to Dave James talking to me on the radio about my up and coming full day of music fund raising event 

Ill be announcing the full line up this week and start to announce the sponsors as we get to the initial day!

Thank you Dave James and the crew at global radio for helping us with this amazing fund raising day!

Check out the interview !


fund raiser


Massive Shout Out To Global Radio 93.6

Massive shout out to the crew at global radio here on the coast of Spain! Dave James is a great guy and had a great interview with him today. Check out it out here and see if you like a Beatles song from my new up and coming album to be released soon!!

Plus watch out for more… with more information on my full fund raising day …….



Wayne Ward