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Sunday Session September 20th line up

Slot Layout

12.30pm UK / 1.30pm Spain – Paul Nickson

1PM UK / 2PM Spain – Liam Compo Compson

1.30PM UK / 2.30pm Spain – Alex Rajkowski

2PM UK / 3pm Spain – Victor Paul

2.30PM UK / 3.30pm Spain – Andy Creevy

3PM UK / 4pm Spain – Wayne Ward

3.30PM UK – / 4.30pm Spain – TeaHorse

4PM UK / 5pm Spain – Mohd Remyzan Ismail (Brain Damage)

4.30PM UK / 5.30pm Spain – Micheal Collinson

5PM UK / 6PM Spain – Rose Aiko

5.30PM UK / 6.30PM Spain – Steve Heather

Rus ‘finger pickin’ edgar green screen special 8pm UK 🇬🇧


Lockdown Music Festival – Facebook

Lockdown Music Festival – Facebook

Our first online Lockdown Musicians Festival was great success ! So great we will be running again next week ! if you are a musician and would like a slot please feel free to message me. Through the live chat on this website or through the Facebook group.

Here is the amazing line up and ill be posting on here next weeks line up! Please join and invite your friends !!

here is a shot from the lockdown festival I did last week! 🙂

Live feed connect 2.30 CET

Quick a run over the day schedule! Chat and ask questions !
Festival Kick Off 3pm
3pm CET – 2pm GMT – Carlie Mai is a singer/songwriter who has been writing and playing for around 5 years now. She accompanies her songs with the acoustic guitar, singing acoustic pop originals and covers with her own twist on them.
3.30 CET – 2.30pm GMT – Frenchie – Vocalist Guitarist plays a nice laid back acoustic version of all your favourites tunes – check him out..
4pm CET – 3pm GMT – Serenity Sam – Sam has made some amazing original stuff high energy multi talented.
4.30pm CET – 3.30pm GMT – Brendan Cleary, a 24 year old singer/songwriter/topline writer and full time musician with a love for family and rugby!https://m.facebook.com/brendanclearymusic/?tsid=0.1446639900405815&source=result
5pm CET – 4pm GMT – Jay Blackburn – Jay has some great original stuff
Check out his websites and he has albums available. (England)
5.30 CET -4.30 GMT – Niamh Collingwood young singer song writer who plays covers of pop songs on the piano and voice.
6pm CET – 5pm GMT – Dennis Cook is a jack of old trades plays the guitar, harmonica ukele and mandolin! He performs a great selection of songs! Billy Joel .. REM (Spain)
6.30pm CET – 5.30pm GMT – Wayne Ward vocalist guitarist based on the Costa del Sol doing wide ranges of shows right across the coast of Spain – plus some festival updates!!

7pm – David Pastorius – David is the nephew of world-renowned American jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius (America) A real eye opener for musicians and for players a dream. Bass playing at above the highest level.




8pm CET- 7pm GMT – Gordon Simpson – Gordon just has great variation of music. Laid back acoustic session. (Spain)
8.30pm CET – 7.30pm GMT – Laura Killeney – Guitar Vocalist gigging from Torrox – Benalmadena, Spain, for the last 9 months with her mixed range of covers from 50’s to modern day.
9pm CET – 8pm GMT – Richard Turner – Guitarist and songwriter from Dublin, will be live-looping a mix of originals and Irish folk classics.
9.30pm CET – 8.30 GMT – Andy Creevy Guitar Vocalist in fact a all round multi musician plays guitar, bass vocalist you name it! Check out Andy he is the cream of the crop great music for you all to sing a long to! Check him out!
10pm CET – 9pm GMT – Scotland based musician Isaac Sutherland bringing a wide eclectic range of original instrumental music & songs peppered with some choice covers to entertain you all in self oscillation.
10.30pm CET – 9.30 GMT – Chris Owen was a Country Artist playing in the UK and Europe before hanging up his spurs.15 years later he writes and performs his own music, with narrative and meaning.
Tune in for more news updates.

Social networking – what actually happend?

What did actually happen to social networking? God only knows.

this was reminder to facebook this morning, i remember opeing up this account one day i got a email through saying this was the way to connect with pals! which hey it did that and have to say it was great for about 4 / 5 years until the younger ones started getting on, leaving there crappy bebo accounts to come to the big worls and cause trouble! Now not so long after that it started to shw when young adults start venting there anger off and causing more trouble which then spanned to adults im afraid. I personally  use this for business and its effective i also have a block list as long as your arm!! here is a small list or problems.

  • being stalked
  • abuse from people
  • abuse from family members
  • people trying to add me with fake accounts
  • people being negative
  • people think you are talking about them when your not
social networking

Even though of all the down points we tend to carry on using it, i do write what i like to be honest i dont care who thinks im writing about them or what i write, because i really dont care! i think to be honest if facebook used the same segregation than google plus it would be a safer place to setup camp as we could which groups of people we want to hit with our posts, if they dont do this then we are right in depths of hell and bother.

So whats the alternatives?


i like twitter i spend a lot of time on twitter connecting with like minded people, whether it be music, computers, linux, tv shows right up to my local boozer and TV shows i watch! Tweeting cuts down the bullshit we write and gets down to bits of information we share and reaches a big audience from personal to business – twitter is a must just dont get drawn into following a load of dribble you dont want coming up on your feed.

Google +

Well google plus is what facebook should set its system out like – i use it more for technology and communicating for people in the linux and ubuntu world if i owned a droid id guess id use it more.

Linked in

well its a handy resource for connecting in business and looking for employees, mew business and jobs and groups for information on jobs – but it lacks something – not sure what.


Im not sure what to say – seems like a nice place, i have a account but dont use it much, give it a go it might rock your boat.

All i can say is be-careful using the likes of facebook as there are some odd people out there, in the past few year ive had to block most of the people i know as i dont know who to trust. Rustling through my facebook to see who might be part of my stalking experience is my idea of fun. I have to say people who dont work should not be allowed access to facebook as these are the ones who have to much time on there hands to ruin every bodies lives.

ive even been told from people who live out of boil in the bags and chicken nuggets how to cook on facebook!



facebook police

mad i get a call of morecambe police station saying ive been setting web-facebook-police-badge-A3-right-sizeup dodgy facebook accounts, because i work in IT! never heard some much shite in my life. For one im far to busy for another why would I. Some people are pathetic. I cant understand the police wanting even take crap like this on. Instead of flapping about crappy facebook accounts they could be arresting real criminals for instance

  • drunken disorderly
  • domestic violence
  • stalking
  • causing damage to vehicles
  • going equipped

could be worse could shag the girlfriends daughter? some right creepy freaks about. Isnt there….

im going to make a complaint to the police not that it will make any difference itll just end up in court one day, if it does bring ya cheque book cause your going to need it.

Any questions please feel free to email me on info@wayneward.co.uk and ill answer all your questions.



ubuntu 13.04 facebook online accounts error

I upgraded my ubuntu install to 13.04 and for some reason when trying to add my facebook account to online accounts i got this:

SECURITY WARNING: Please treat the URL above as you would your password and do not share it with anyone.

here is a quick fix on my ubunto 13.04 64 bit

Edit /usr/share/accounts/providers/facebook.provider

sudo gedit /usr/share/accounts/providers/facebook.provider

Put this under line 13,

<setting name="AllowedSchemes" type="as">['https','http']</setting>

Twitter Dilemma…

bit of a dilemma, people cant re-tweet my tweets because my twitter is closed because of trouble makers and people who take what i write and make it in there little twisted heads its about them 🙁 i really want to open it but I’m worried about the trolls and trouble makers as they don’t have nothing much else to do ….

do i have freedom of speech or so i hide in the protected twitter zone protected from the riff and the raff……..

Screen Shot 2013 01 31 at 15 39 31Screen Shot 2013 01 31 at 15 40 19


linux, life and music

hello hope your all good, no juicy gossip for you.

Ill be appearing live with rubber soul this saturday night 18th novermber

also ill be appearing live from 7.30pm at the jam at the tavern (scale hall)

and ill be live at the tavern scale hall monday night with open mic night from 8pm

im taking a break from my robert johnson obsession and ive been studying howlin wolf yesterday and today lead belly, im rolling into son house.. i need to spend more time on each of these guys but im hungry like a wolf!……

ive just been through the lyrics ive been writing over the past year and ive got sixteen unfinished songs organised together now and its quite a mix of bluesy, rock , beatley type big of goodies im going to start piecing the lyrics and putting the music over december while things are looking like its going to be quite with work.

i decided to stop using facebook and just to tweet its so much easier less complicated and less time consuming, i dont like what some people write on facebook and people dont like what i write, im very opinionated but i think its better to not have a voice on facebook really, i have a twitter your quite welcome to add me although it is closed and i dont really want to many local people on it as im using it to connect with my children and people and friends in spain and in the music business sorry if you try to add and i dont add you but you can find out about my gigs with the bands and stuff through facebook as i will still promote them on that. My twitter account is @waynepaulward  as i say please feel free to add me but dont be offended if i don’t add you i want to make life as easy as possible.

No news on the raspberry pi apart from im waiting for xbian version one still!

Im going to test steam on linux this weekend the public beta is available for ubuntu and other flavours of linux. ill keep you posted.

On a positive the jam on the sunday at the tavern is going amazing im really overwhelmed by the nice people who are turning out to support the band and really massive thanks to the guest artists, we do really appreciate you coming and making the sundays nights into a amazing night.

Sorry about any spelling mistakes but if you cant understand what it means and you want to correct the spelling please go somewhere else and do it because im not in the least interested in grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes lifes to short for something not so serious because its just random shit about whats happening in my life nothing spectacular just life.

keep tuned in im going to hit the sack and absorb some son house

oh here is the first verse of a track i wrote called  the dark

If the dark take me while I sleep
Tell dark leave no receipt
I wanna leave nothing, nothing
Cause them dogs
Had enough ov me
Yer them dogs had enough of me

ikosoft (merlin) support

The ikosoft merlin software is great when its running, but one of my clients machines died so to add it back into the system we had to pay the yearly fee for support , they tapped in upgraded all the system to latest version to add the extra machine but since the update as per usual it doesn’t work right, I’ve been trying to call them for four days and no reply! left messages even posted on there Facebook wall. So good software but probably the lousiest support I’ve ever come across beware.


i tried by email and i got a reply i finally got them to fix the problems but its been hard, i dont agree with companies taking big money for support and then not supporting the company. Shame its not bad software.Screen Shot 2012 10 01 at 12 47 53Screen Shot 2012 10 01 at 12 48 05