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another bad ebay user beware -> heydzas

Im thinking of creating a bad ebay user list! with my bad experience with the con man vandl (see previous blogs)

Fiona was watching a coat as asked by our daughter the price was 19.99 – we won the jacket – nine minutes later the item was re-listed!

So fiona sent a message saying why because we had won and they had re-listed nine minutes after and its not appropriate and she was reporting them to ebay.

They sent a message back simply saying -> chill



We have reported them and added them to our bad ebay user list beware of this user.

Screen Shot 2012 01 25 at 13 25 50




Update ***

I let them know I would be adding them to my blog as a ebay user and i got the reply:-


hahahahahahahahahahahahahha CHILL
Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone

Ive found this persons twitter you can view it here

And more filth here

As I expected a foul mouthed bad parented child BEWARE.


valandmyboys is a facebook stalker aswell

did you read my post about the crazy lass on ebay who ripped me off then started threatening me with the police ?

well the crazy cow started stalking me on facebook now and she has beeen asking questions about my partner – she is a looney luckily enough ive tracked her IP address and reported her to the main admin at facebook – avoid this woman she is a looney and she buys second hand clothes and doesnt pay for them – read the post below..


proper crazy cow she kept posting me the same message on ebay so i reported her to that

watch out for this one she is a right nutter

stalker - crazy bitch




Watch out for this stupid bitch on eBay she stole of me and now is reporting me to the police ?
beware although she has good feedback – she ripped me off with a shirt and then stole more money of
me then she threatened me with the police – dangerous this person.



Telecaster pickup modifications

128I own a thinline squier telecaster – The protone version – Pics are available in my photos like.
Well i had been gigging it for around 6 months and realised its always on the bridge pickup as it sounds crap on the top pickup – So i basically did what they did in the sixties and seventies took out the neck pickup and ripped the chrome cover off and removed the wax on top of the pickup. I put the pickup in and took half an hour adjusting it to mix in with the bridge pickup before putting the scratch plate back on! Anyway it sounds wicked now ….
But im still not happy with the neck pick up so i did some poking around and the answer is some seymour duncans or the best option sounds like some genuine fender texas special telecaster pickups which ive researched and they sound the plums! You can pick a new set up on ebay for around £100 which aint bad.
But don’t stop there! do a search on ebay for telecaster 4 way
And you will see some kits which you can get from the states which adds a extra notch on your standard pickup selector to add another noise to your collection!!and it also has a extra capacitor which stops treble loss when you turn volume down which is a big problem with single coil pickups!
If your feeling brave you could install a 5 way switch which you can also buy from ebay for around a £10!! here is a diagram which looks easy – im going for this option with the texas special pickups !! Ill let you know how it goes… now were is the soldering iron!! 😐
5 tone tele link