ubuntu edition xps running remix os

ubuntu edition xps running remix os

I had to give this a go! Im loving being back on android for my mobile / tablet device after not such a good time with my ubuntu touch which is sad to me. Id thought id give it a whirl on the xps, the install wouldnt work at first and had to change my bios settings to uefi which werent enabled for some reason and then i ended up with a remix os install. Loved it just like a droid with a desktop gui and all the droid features! I was amazed by how all the apps worked and even 3d games such as GTA vice ciry!! The only app that never worked was wunderlist it just crashed!? i asked the guys at wunderlist they say they dont see any support coming off. Any way the laptop run great only problem is it felt restrictive for design. To top it off install it if you want social and general usage, media etc but for coding, cropping pictures, website creation im so used to my ubuntu desktop now. Have to give these guys 9/10 as they have nearly nailed it…..

here she is in all her glory the ubuntu editin dell xps 13 back on the OS it should be running for 2017. With a happy tux!!


a week into my XPS dell ubuntu developer edition – dell xps ubuntu laptop

dell xps ubuntu laptop
well im a week into the XPS dell ubuntu developer edition this new lighweight dell laptop with carbon fi

bre bottom and alaminium top. The machine sports a 256 solid state hard disk and a 13.3 screen that runs at a high resolution 1920×1080 the intel HD 4000 series and sports the new Intel® Ivybridge Mobile , a big 8 gig of ram and a Intel® Core™ i7-3537U CPU @ 2.00GHz × 4 !! and a lovely back lit keyboard and a specially crafted track pad, two usb 3.0 ports and a external vga socket and webcam and a headphone socket. The laptop being a developer laptop doesnt have a cdrom and is missing the sd card slot im used to as i had a mac book pro before. I have to say ive never owned a computer as fast as this before after the post boot dell screen you are ready to log on in less than ten seconds! the machine is noticably fast compared to the mac book pro i was using before but i guess that the solid state drive! The battery is very good aswell and seem to be getting around 4 hours out of it. It doesnt appear to get very hot i heard the fan a couple of times but rarely, i guess the only time it gets warm is when i run second life on it. When i came it had 12.04 lts ubuntu edition, it asked me a few questions when i tuned it on and i was ready to go!! i couldt wait for it to prompt me for a distro upgrade so i forced it to 13.04 which took 30 mins over the internet and then i updated that with all the latest updates and now its running with no faults absolute perfectly! took me a few hours to get all the software i required all installed and setup. Ive been using it a week now and its been great over the wifi and its been sleeping great. Im using the ubuntu one cloud and all my documents are syncing nicely. I have to say the laptop is a great size, the presenation is amazing the build is good its weighted and sits well and is silent! the keyboard and trackpad look and feel amazing. Nice little light on the end of the charging lead as well as a nice long charging cable! I think for dell investing in a new linux laptop is a great move for the comapnay and good for linux. I have been recording music, editing video, running games from steam and native and wine!! this laptop does it all with no strain whats so ever my advice is buy one im really amazed. Check it out here http://www.dell.com/uk/business/p/xps-13-linux/pd