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Raspberry pi

he is the how to for getting xvmc running on debian wheezy

1. add deb ftp://ftp.deb-multimedia.org wheezy main non-free to /etc/apt/sources.list
2. execute apt-get update, you might see some error, ignore them as of now
3. execute apt-get install deb-multimedia-keyring
4. now its time to add GPG key, download the gpg key package from wget http://www.deb-multimedia.org/pool/main … -4_all.deb
5. install the downloaded package dpkg -i debian-multimedia-keyring_2010.12.26-4_all.deb
6. again do the apt-get update
7. now install the xbmc apt-get install xbmc

more raspberry pi tips on the way!..


Google gadgets – baaaaa

Well i installed it I had to compile from source and i made some x86 and 64 bit deb packages with checkinstall while I was at it!! if any one wants a deb version just ask!!

Well for one thing i noticed the gtk version is better than the KDE version!! why?!!

And for linux i wouldnt waste your time its piss poor sorry google!!
But is meant to be cross platform! half the plugins dont work!!!

Id say install kde4 and use the widgets with that + with the widgets you can use mac osx widgets!

I found a couple of widgets that worked ok but it aint worth it! nice idea like???!!?


Ktorrent on lenny / sid

If you are running kde 3.5.9 on top of debian lenny sid you may have noticed all your proggies will be in kde 3.5.9 style and your ktorrent is kde 4 style!!! Well i jut thought apt-get -t stable ktorrent
would have got me the right version down to match kde 3.5.9
Nope its apt-get install ktorrent-2.2
Im not digging kde4 at all sometimes bells and whistles aint were its at!!


Second major debian install this week!!

My laptop has been runing debain since christmas
No problems it sleeps allt eh programs i need wicked
I seen that kde 4.1 was released so i assumed they had fixed kdepim
So i went for it like a fool and barfed my laptop!!!! Damn!!
I pulled down the latest debian eeepc image (the lenny beta)
Copied it across to the sd card and did a install over wireless
No problems added unstable repos and installed kde 3.5.9
Worked a treat no problems !!!
Kde 4.1 is nice but still not ready 4 me im afraid 🙁
Go on say it why didnt you test in a virtual box baaa



I managed to knacker my kolab server (its a kontact server!) so i backed up my server SQL blah blah
Reinstalled my server imported back in my sql logs
But guess what my wordpress sql dump barfed!!! aagggghhhh months of blogging gone!!
A bit of advice do a export from your blog before a reinstall!!!!!!!

Well a nice fresh start sorry to anyone is using my old blog as reference

Peace 🙂