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Its been a while but im back to a monthly blog !!

Ive always been the active blogger in fact since the beginning like before the likes of Facebook, twitter and instagram etc to name a few!!

my blog here states 2008 which is 13 years of blogging but….. I stared blogging around 2001 with the linux and tech stuff and lost it all like a proper IT junkie!! My friend said your a blogger and yes its true! but on a different level I don’t just blog I scrobble to various platforms as well using Emby, trakt and last.fm which is taking blogging to the extreme!! look at some of my past blogs on this for more information! Ive just started GPS trailing which I blog out which handy to look back at if you visit lots of bars and restaurants you can go back if you forget the name of the venue etc!!!!! 

So let´s look at the blogging for me, with the pandemic we haven’t sold any beer with our company craft on the coast so that’s still on hold. Gigseek I closed down due to one rouge artist and his wife here in Spain loosing not only my company thousands but all the artists actively making money through gigseek luckily they are not here now which has stabilised the money with the bars and hopefully they don’t come back!! I still give the occasional shows to the people who was on our books out of the goodness of my heart! https://craftonthecoast.es

My shows have been going great!! I do get a lot of people asking when I start back but I started back straight from lockdown and have been busier than normal to be honest im ready for a holiday! I was asked if I was the man working for nothing but I wasn’t I was the man who used my brain and decided to work with the bars as the bars was struggling so was realistic it was a no brainer better that the man sat at home wanting full wages !! ooops!! Anyway since coming out of lockdown my BeatleOne Show has bloomed and been selling out and down the coast which has been great! Ive just started with with my friend Steve own and we have a up and coming ska – mod and Northern soul show we are sharing together which im very excited to be doing! Ive been working a lot of charity work which has been great and meeting lots of new artists and venue owners up and down the coast! I also recently created a all day charity even for angels of the night in malaga feeding the homeless and we raised just under one thousand which is a great achievement! this week im singing in Mijas to raise money for the donkeys which Im looking forward to! I have shows booked all over and love my work and meeting lots of lovely people. I have lots of new uplifting memorable songs and would love to thank all the people who have supported me and thank you to all the people that tune in and watch my live online sessions and thank you for all the compliments internationally its truly a honour!! Ive recently had some great radio coverage and full newspaper coverage in English and dutch magazines which is great and im just talking to the television crew for a full interview on my music .. watch this space!! Massive shout out to my venues you are all amazing people !!!


Lunch Club is still rolling strong boasting over four years of running strong and well over 100 unique visitors!! we have recently been on the television and been in the newspapers which has been great! I re branded due to small problems with the name and since we did this its been amazing !!!!! we have a shiny new website with live chat, we now have wine tasting events which has been amazing and also we ran our first coach trip which was priceless and we have another in the pipeline which will be going to Nerja!!! We have been running more than smooth for more than 4 years but recently had a slight problem which has smoothed out for now but to avoid this happening to the club again we will be going to a no invite mode for a month to two very soon where we will be meeting in small amounts but not with any external invites im afraid this has to be done instead of being forced to close down the club!! we have fully discussed this with all the current members and they understand and agree that we will go into a type of rest mode very soon. But currently its never been so good specially after the tension of the three months or so we had! We have recommendation for another club for people externally when we go to to the rest mode called the wobbly Wednesday club they would be welcome to this. But currently we are having a great time!!! and now we changed to torremolinos only and no visits to neighbouring Benalmadena they have been chopped totally im afraid! we now have the coast trips to change scenery which is amazing! we have had lots of new members joining us specially on the wine tasting events we hold on a Saturday and recently so new members joining us on the normal day we call lunes which is Monday in English!! If you would like to join the international Lunch Club Crew we are a non profit group and costs nothing to join us and you can be from any country and any age and we do have single people joining us! If your a venue feel free to contact us if you want us to visit you. Wayne & Lisa Ward have been running the lunch club for over four years every week, organising and finding new venues and giving information to new members now that an achievement !!!  https://torremolinoslunchclub.com

Our computer company is running and we are available for websites, social media campaigns, computer and laptop reinstalls and any networking and television advice! this is is a tip on the iceberg Im also RCHT MCSE and available in all aspects linux, micorosft and Apple Mac training form the home computer to your every day cluster credit card server I build. Security expert and available for all aspects of remote work and this is a bespoke 24/7 service available to the right clients!! if your looking for a in-depth geek im your guy! 

During lock down I created to Facebook groups one for international cooking which boasts over 1.4k members which is great and has so great inspiration for cooking!!  Take a look here https://www.facebook.com/groups/2703692896539538

And I also created a Facebook group for artists well musicians to get together and I used to run international weekly all day festival online! which boasts well over 6K users!!! I throttled it down after lockdown to a Sunday to a half day session and recently put it on hold after finding it hard to chase the musicians as well as run all my companies here in Spain! but the ways things are going it might open back up again!! im looking at talking to the artists and running once a month to keep the family together !!!  take a peek here to see some of the artists performances they are all truly amazing! https://www.facebook.com/groups/256129752217467

On a personal level we are better than anything! luckily the pandemic did not affect is any way and we enjoyed the break and the time together and its been fine from the beginning which is great for us and we send thoughts and wishes to people who must have had a hard tome through this! im double jabbed now and notice tourists are back here in Spain and feel like the new normal upon us! Keep the faith! Keep positive! keep the love! 

if you want the best it’s there you just got to go and get get it!!!!!

Ive got some ace things to blog including two mixing desks and some awesome iOS apps and some NAS And qnap blogs!! Plus !!! im going to start blogging some of my sous vide cooking here and some of the techniques I use to create some better than restaurant cooked delights!! stay tuned in for food and gadgets deluxe !!!!!!!!!!! look at this new blue tooth receiver I had delivered this morning its the size of a matchbox!!! watch this space ……


sun love life and tech!

Hola! just a quick check in to keep all you peeps updated on things – I just turned 47 which I had a great birthday thanks to my close family and my close friends here in Spain god bless you all and thank you.

Im fully booked now for the rest of the year and playing some awesome venues in a round malaga. I have been looking for a local drummer and bass player for members of a new band for next year which ill keep you updated on. Ive plenty of new songs which are great and still working on a album which ill finish for the end of the year and it’ll be available as the Wayne Ward album of 2019 collection. My beatle one show goes live over xmas so expect to se some pre shows…

here is some new tech – my new sennheiser mic which when connected ted to my new phonic desk with the tube output and built in vocal compression is sounding like never before. The Levinson blade super Strat comes to life through the tube desk.

We are currently in what we call the Inferno and suffering heat you would never imagine. So we have to keep in the shade and pick safe days for the beach or pool till it levels! So we got freddies hair chopped! …


we are in full drive with craft on the coast and adding new companies to the craft ale locator and adding new bars down the coast. Also we have moved our web server to a new host as we have seen tso host decay over the past year so now we have blazing fast websites and email with proper support! Also gigseek my music agency is rapid growth and we are looking for new acts all the time so feel free to pm me for more information on this.

couple of movie suggestions

we watch more televisions box sets but we just started watching a few films.  My trakt https://trakt.tv/users/wayneward



Id like to thank all my close family and good friends here for being here for us and wish you all the best for the future. Peace love and hope. All our good friends will know we are getting married this year and we thank you for the overwhelming good wishes the decent people we know. You will all get more information on day and night time arrangements. Thank you again to close family and friends we are truly blessed to have good people in our lives.


I noticed my blogs are well spaced out nowadays!

its been a while since I blogged again! its funny I don’t get so much time to sit round in computers and laptops but its nice when I do! I mainly spend my time on my mobile advertising for my shows and beers sales! I tend to keep a way from the stress of computer repairs and websites although I do still dip in my toe occasionally! My season starts now and iv e just finished working with the SilverBeats which wasn’t bad! Im back working for my self now and working on a new project for a new band for next year featuring a Beatles hits that goes through the years I noticed people asking in the band if we do later stuff so my new project will feature hits right through the years very similar to my solo betake show BeatleOne which is a show which is a beatles story featuring music from the start to the end of The Beatles giving the audience the full Beatles experience. I got myself a nice John Lennon Rickenbacker which is great and I got a Vox ac15 which is amazing! plus I got the epiphany casino which is pretty damn crap but I’m going to work on this to make it to professional standard but what you expect for a 500 quid guitar!! Personally for myself im booked out all year and have some awesome venues lined up! Im so busy I created a music agency called GigSeek and have some great acts and events on the books already! As well as this Craft on the coast is going great and we have changed our bear over to Attik brewery which has been awesome as the beers sales have increased and we have great relationship with the brewery! and we like the beer! We are just adjusting the venue for our Monday meetings for our friends Called the Monday Club! we have had great times in the anca sol venue and the florin restaurant but we are looking now at a new venue in Torremolinos central once we are settled ill create a great blog for this! Ive had some great friends visit recently and love to thank them for taking the time to come and see me it means a lot. Ive got a nice review coming up for Granada beer festival this weekend which ill share the link here.. also I’ve got a nice review of iPhone / iPad apps coming up which you might find interesting …. also a lot of people ask me about working out here as a professional musician im working on a blog outlining what will make you successful and give you great tips for what’s good and bad here working as a musician in Spain.

hasta pronto

Id love to thank all my good friends who have been here for me lately and having such great times and keeping life happy and positive.. this past two years has been life changing getting a new start on life and escaping morecambe has been a miracle! peace love and hope to all the awesome people I know.

here is some of our new beers…


a random check in! Hola!


a random check in! Hola!

Just a random check in! just to keep people entertained whats going on in my life! Well im nicely settled in our house in spain now – We have been working hard to get work both in selling beer and playing music. Dont get me wrong its not all easy its taken till now to get all the business and documentation thats required so its been hard and now we are just growing nicely. All the things people told me i could do i basically did! the old one about getting into the health system and the biggest joke > your house might get knocked down and all this is just one big fat joke! listed if you want to move to another country for what ever reason you have just do it, make sure you have a trade and not just wanting to bum of the state and make sure you do your homework and in my case years of ground work! Luckily enough we have good business and met some friends you couldn’t buy in the UK! We have had the good people we love visit us and we have big respect for them coming out of there way to see how we live and enjoy our company. Were lucky we have a nice little car and a lovely scooter for when we do actually need wheels.. Life changes out here and you don’t want to be using transport if you can help it let alone having to watch mountains of rubbish on the old TV because its to cold to do anything! People say do you miss the UK you look like your enjoying yourself!? im like are you kissing its well down the pan and has been for years, nothing going on, scruffy and all that as well as the country has no spine and is being taken right under there nose! I didnt like watching that happen so i said good bye to it all, which is hard being a english man.

Any way we have a new addition to the family… no we never bought a kid! ..meet fredo – out maltese

he is cool and such a lovely dog. but dont be fooled by this fur ball he is also known as the town nutter and wrecks balconies!!! This is him posing after his haircut in benalmadena!

Anyway ive been playing quite a lot of gigs out here and get quite established ive managed to cover from torremolinos right down to marbella so far! its been great added loads of new songs to my setup and ive just been added to a massive gig thats coming of in September in benalmadena auditorium  – look out for me on the coast i go out as GET BACK!! as per usual i do sixties / blues / beatles and rock and roll and getting quite well noticed! like any place they need something fresh and a lot of people like to see musicians loaded with guitars in there hands and also be able to use them!

Ive seen some dribble out here and ive seen some good but thats got to stay in my mind and thoughts you never seen this

I acquired a tc helicon harmony gt-x which i havent had time to use for the harmonies yet! but used the delays and revers and slap back delays which are awesome, ill get to use the harmony stuff soon im sure when i do my next acoustic session that includes using a PA! i also added a behringer 300 watt sub to my system (stage pass 600w) which has added a whole new dimension to the sound giving it that bottom end it requires !! BOOOOM!

Dont seem to do much with the computers much now – i dont see so many people using them out here but were in season so its to hot to be sat around key tapping see how this goes out of season im not that bothered to be honest i cant tell you the amount of idiots ive put up with over the past fifteen / twenty years with computers, real nutters! ha sad really but true.

So are there anythings i dont like about spain?

  • I was going to say it gets to hot but i cant really can i!? 
  • Mosquitos – i hate the bastards!
  • Cockroaches – im getting used to the oversized horrible things
  • People dont move out of the way when you walking down the street
  • People stand in the middle of the pavement blocking it chatting!

I cant complain the weather is stable (hot) the beach is good, the bars and beer and wine are just amazing, the places we travel to are simply amazing, all the people we have met are amazing, the gigs are amazing, the lifestyle is amazing its just amazing!! and its just festival after festival – music and more music !!!!!

Seeing the way the families are out here makes me wish i was born here! the children have great respect for there parents none of this favoritism going on just so laid back its nice to see what others have the privilege of enjoying and growing with there children and families properly like it should be. I give respect for this.

So if any of my UK people ever make malaga just pm me ill come and have that wine and a tapas or two.

Thank you for tuning in and reading about my life, don’t forget if people think you cant do something and they say you are in a bubble – just do it, if you want something bad enough you get it. 

Peace and love xx  Amor Malaga


Craft on the coast

Craft on the coast

Not only do we supply 3 monos craft ale which is a top notch craft ale crafted and brewed in malaga but we also are building a directory of the bars, shops and restaurants that you can buy craft ale along the costa del sol coast. If you are interested in learning more about any of our products please visit the website and contact us.  http://craftonthecoast.es/


malaga craft ale – 2017, craft on the coast starts to breathe…

craft on the coast starts to breathe…

Craft on the coast is a new company for 2017 based on the costa del sol, malaga. We are company thats specialises only in craft ales. The craft ales that we supply currently are craft ales created in malaga.

The website doesnt  contain any product information as we are just adding the first line of 3 monos craft ale. Please watch the website for updates or twitter feed.

Here is the new website!

As well as supplying craft ale ill also be reviewing some of the amazing craft ales available and created in malaga itself. Here are some of the carma range i tested in januray in torremolinos.

the carma range is quite extensive. ill be reviewing all these amazing ales. One of the craft ales that stood out was burro de sancho ill be taking a closer look at this range.

The top images are from the left a malaga px, the special edition this is one of the good ones, premium quality craft, well hopped and strong character. The middle ale la cuevena  is a different kettle of fish im not sure but i was told this was made from carrots? it wasnt transparent in the glass and to be honest id sat tasteless, weird tasting, reminded me some what of knettle wine i used to buy when i was a lad!. Far right, well what can i say monkey business made by the 3 monos brewing company in malaga. This is the one at 5.8% and bursting with caramel and fruit!