If your computer is running slow I offer a system clean up service or a full reinstall back to factory defaults. I also can back up all your important documents and photos etc and put them back in place after the reinstall so you can carry on were you left off. I can also upgrade the operating system as part as the system restore.

I offer a same day service and also offer and pick up and deliver back service. I also am fully time served and experienced in the following operating systems

  • linux
  • microsoft
  • apple macintosh

I can also recommend programs you may require for your productivity, security and backup.

If your computer or laptop requires more memory or hardisk space when your computer is in for the clean up or reinstall this can be carried out for you.

I offer the best prices in town for reinstalls and clean ups, your probably looking at half the price of some of the companies and not the shoddy work done by the cheaper ones. The best price and the best setup for the money in the area.

I am a multi platform expert and get the job done fast so you can be back up and running straight away.