top dog demo, my small review …

just listening to top dog demo again trying to find any changes for the final mix down, a great mixture of blues and rock, a nice slow blues with a big sounding kit, big boss man flows in amazingly to a hard hitting canned heat rock tune world in a jug which i compared with the original and its paced perfect,  evil is just one real old blues song brought to life love my slide solo plenty of space and gibson growl here, greatly paced laid back Look on Yonder Wall,  this is bordering over onto a 70’s faces style rock tune, this take makes me happy with the ronnie lane sounding guitar track i fired down! really happy with all the stuff put down nice one lads. Jimmy guitars solos thunder through nicely and the bass is nice and flowing and whole sounding and just flows right through. Dereks vocals are very defined and his howling wolf additions just add more texture to the songs, astounding harmonica solos. Pip mailing really shines through you can tell this guy has been here before with a nice fat stadium hard hitting sound. Everybody who listened to the demo so far, there first words have been god thats tight then followed can i buy one please!!!  Great variation of blues, rock and laid back great quality music. Watch this space for a release and some external reviews. Have to thank mick massively but also the lads as-well for putting in the hard work in to get it 100%. Yes the release is very soon….   check out the preview here ->

top dog


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