Stratocaster affinity squier


I tried a stratocaster affinity in promenade music and was amazed with "the real" strat sound
Its badged squier and its made by fender – lets says its the bottom line
I can actually say it sounds better than an american one I tried last week!!!!!
I have one problem with tuning going out a little bit so i called gary at promenade music
And he suggested we try a product called nut sauce! so we are going to file down the notches in the nut and then apply nut sauce!!!!
Lovely build though large 70’s style headstock – one ply scratch plate – the alder body is finished in a lovely sunburst. I have had it fairly cranked up and not had much noise from the single coil pickups. No noise from the pots or 5 way switch. One thing i did notice is there is no tone control on the bridge pickup?? What the hell for around the £200 quid mark they are a very good buy!!
All i can say is try a few don’t buy a lemon!! Its like a USA stratocaster try it before you buy it – try acoustically and also through a similiar amp to what you use.
Ive been using a telecaster pro tone squier for months now and had no bother and it sounds wicked so thought sod it get a stratocaster squier to match!!