Squier strat standard tuning problem


Well a week into owning a strat affinity yes ive have the tuning problems!!
I could hear the ping in the nut which means the string isnt moving properly in the nut! So i rang promenade music and they said fetch it in – they had a little go at filing the placky holes down a bit and put some nut sauce in!! yes nut sauce is for tight nuts!!! ha
Anyway it didnt work – So i looked on the internet to see what strings it came with stock and it comes out of the factory with .9 gauge strings on. Luckily enough i found a brand new set of strings in my box of musical goodies! .9’s!! Bashed them on and give them a stretch and hey presto its been in tune for two days and its had some serious hendrix style abuse!
I must admit these are a bit thin sounding ill try some .10 gauge as im hoping they were .11’s i took off which were to fat for the nut which was causing the slipping and gripping.
If you still have tuning problems after trying the factory gauge take the plastic back cover off and tighten the screws right in which will pull your wangy bar right into the body – you may have to adjust your action after this like but its works!!
Two other things that may help a pre slotted graptech nut and some locking tuners set you back about fifty quid but if you got one of the good one like me and not a lemon its probably worth the fifty quid!! Either that and get a mexican?? I picked one up the other day and it was a sack of shit!! the squier felt better!! honestly!!!