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So we roll into 2022! Happy new year!!

It’s been a crazy old year with this Corona virus pandemic although I’ve still been pretty busy! We have had lots go on with businesses and music and the lunch club!
We have new business for 2022 and also be making a appearance on British television which you we see unravel in the next couple of months!!
We are teaming up TorreTech with a refurb company and offering the new Tech Refurbs business to bars, restaurants, hotels and houses. Getting all your tech in place as well as a full refurbishing. Also torre tech can now offer great deals on mobile and internet connections. As well as our normal computer repairs and reinstall we have great deals on websites.
Craft on the coast has been distributing beer all over the coast for around four years and decided it was time to brew some of our own so we created rubber soul a beer inspired by the Beatles so it was created with four different malts! This is available in most good bars across the coast! If you would like more information feel free to contact us. I’m also working on a new business for the new year called sous vide to go where can supply food all cooked using the sous vide method we can reverse sear for instance a steak or a pork loin before we sous vide and also sous vide mash potatoes and carrots and deliver these to parties or pubs in the bag warm, cut the bag and serve! Not only is it great for bars with no cooking licence but you get that top quality flavor packed sous vide food! Watch for more details!
We have had a fantastic year with the lunch club branching out to the Coach trips which have been fantastic! We have a great month of new venues lined up and a up and coming coach trip which will be fantastic!! We had a couple of problems one with a member that we had to stop coming because the group members refused to come if she was going!! But we had one lady tell Lisa to shove her camera up her f’in arse because she called her by a cut down name for instance it’s like calling me wazza you would not act in this disgusting manner so I told her to F off! She is not welcome and does not fit in the lunch club! Another group member who wasn’t there on the day and fell out with loads of people was fed a fake story from the crazy angry woman messaged us saying we should apologize or she would not come to lunch so told her so we told her to do one as well!! We have good decent civilised people in the lunch club and we can always spot the potential troublemakers so it’s good we have a fresh start to 2022 with out these idiots!!
I’ve been in overdrive with the shows and been adding lots of new songs. The BeatleOne show is now streamlined and working great! I’ve been working with other people but going to cut down on this in the new year as we all work differently I have my own way and I’m very successful and can’t stand other peoples ideas! Me and Lisa have a certain way of working to achieve what we have and stress at shows just isn’t my style! I’ve managed to find a drummer so im going to focus on getting a good band running for 2022 I’ll either play bass or guitar we will see what drops into place but it will be amazing anyway !!!
We have some new tech for the shows for 2022 for photography and going live
We got Lisa kitted with a canon eos 1300d for taking more fantastic shots at the shows and we added a vlogger kit to the Ho pro with a led back light and a cardioid mic for the top so we can go live to Facebook this is going to be great!
I would like to send peace and love to my close family and friends and a massive shout out to all our customers and venues we work with your all amazing!
Ive some new plans for some blog posts in the new year! Keep tuned in!!


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