busy times for the wardster – the real wardster

dont you just love this pic? i do – i love my fender stat – my one and only guitar which does whats required – ive grown into this guitar in no time and can express myself on this guitar so well! ive been playing lead for about over a year now and im just flowing out naturally what i need to – infact im better than a lot of guitarists that have been playing for years!! the natural gift makes me flow…… anyway… im busy as hell – rehearsing with new bands new duos – getting new songs ready its awsome!! went to see my bezzi mate simon and melinda over the weekend play – awsome time its just nice to get away from around this shit hole and mingle with like minded decent people instead of depressed riff raff! the band played well nice to see the blues played well – plus for a band that had just recently got started they were very tight and i must say simon has that fretless sounding spot on – you cant beat a trace elliot its the rolls royce if you use anything else they you are simply not a bass player!! then we seshed out all night and decided to go for a hour when the birds emerged!!
we recently started painting the office so we come back to do a bit of work on that which is looking very nice for the clients – ive removed all the guitars and ive removed the crappy who pictures which im selling on ebay as they bore me and making it look really great for my clients, im getting jake prepared as he comes on board full time in around to months – he is already working here ad there and is really good at his job – he is very clever and im proud to have him working with me – its not everyday you get a son that for one isnt a chav for another running round being a frickin idiot causing crap with a load of like minded idiots! he just likes computers his girlfreind and general nice easy going life ๐Ÿ™‚
ive been getting down to some home cooking after spending a few years just eating take away which is great – i cooked up home made meat balls with a rich sauce – spaggetti and home made garlic bread for the whole family tonight with a fine wine. It was exceptional and all the family enjoyed it – its nice to see all five us being able to sit there and enjoy a family meal so we enjoy it while we can as it wont be long to till the birds start to leave the nest but we have managed to keep our jodie still here and she is 19!!! so were doing pretty darn good id say! they do lead a sheltered life but they are great kids.
Great rehearsal with my dad this weekend – we sounded awsome its great working with him as we are both great singers and harmony singers – so i know when i sing a song my dad will back me up 100% – we just sounded amazing! i just love my dads voice he is truly a real musician and im so glad i learnt from the best – being brought up on music from being born gave me so much power than many of the people ive worked with who learnt late in life or even may have had it forced upon them. Im so looking forward to doing the next gig with my dad he just goes out for a great time and just gets on with it no trouble – god bless him – a genuine good person who you can trust.
Ive been looking round at new cars – i looked at jeeps and bmw convertaibles/estates but hey done the jeep its nothing but a juice supper and not good to look at the old lump! + after i get rid of the BMW i wont get another they are to common – ill probably go estate for the business and im thinking maybe a audi?…. not to chav / not to common – good quality – ill take my time on this one..
Work – work is great – a lot of my old clients are back – a lot of new clients – its all great – websites deluxe – again i can live up to what people say about me when im doing websites – i sit on my asssss all day!! ha ha – yer how else do you make a website – oh yer im so intelligent i can do it stood on my head !!!!! it pays my wage and bills and more than the little trolls lol! – but yer its all real good – its all about brain power and dedication to my work.
Some site stats are through the ceiling and some are just bombing out but some I just cant help im afraid its a google drop out ๐Ÿ™

a day in the life…

of the wardster a real true musician ๐Ÿ™‚



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