another bad ebay user beware -> heydzas

Im thinking of creating a bad ebay user list! with my bad experience with the con man vandl (see previous blogs)

Fiona was watching a coat as asked by our daughter the price was 19.99 – we won the jacket – nine minutes later the item was re-listed!

So fiona sent a message saying why because we had won and they had re-listed nine minutes after and its not appropriate and she was reporting them to ebay.

They sent a message back simply saying -> chill

We have reported them and added them to our bad ebay user list beware of this user.

Screen Shot 2012 01 25 at 13 25 50




Update ***

I let them know I would be adding them to my blog as a ebay user and i got the reply:-


hahahahahahahahahahahahahha CHILL
Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone

Ive found this persons twitter you can view it here

And more filth here

As I expected a foul mouthed bad parented child BEWARE.


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