on a serious note…

well im just in the middle of a massive network roll out – its going real well
apart from the workstations that were acer loaded up with evry app and game under the sun which took half hour to remove from each station! hell!! aswell as a couple of sites and a few email addresses to setup and a few laptops chucked in to test me!! aswell as decorating the dining room and getting the gardner to sort the garden! and fitting the new kitchen furkin el !! were so busy im looking for a cleaner !! cheap reates…. send your CV into blog@wayneward.co.uk
so busy the minted lamb i bought had to go on hold for 2night and ordered a phoular from my favorite indian restaunt the moghuls – simple the finest food washed down with a fine red I picked up myself from marks and sparks – getting ready for the gigs i just got dealt for my duo revival 🙂
some nice out of town for a change – but hey its better than playing the same old gig all the time ey?..

please note if you dont like what you read in my blogs do your self a favour go and read the paper? the sun ? the sport ? the daily mail?? even viz is good reading – what i write here is what ive been writing for years and will always write – its the truth – and If you are offened please simply send a email to blog@wayneward.co.uk – with your full name and address and reason for offence – we will review your reason and email you with the outcome of the matter. This could take from a week to two weeks for our board to look into this and come up with a decision on the outcome again.
Or simply find something to do ? i do computers i do it all day evry day sitting on my rear end – this will never change as this is my occupation and what i plan on doing always – which also ties into any other internet / computer based activities i carry out – im payed to think and do what i do – so please think carefully before submitting your applications or i might dig old jeremy up and get you on the old you’ve been framed (for nothing!)

the wardster 🙂


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