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ubuntu touch pebble app, rockwork

ubuntu touch pebble app, rockwork is the way to connect you watch to you device.

I did a previous blog on connecting ubuntu touch to your pebble watch but a few things changed since then.

The name was changed from uPebble to rockwork so nobody got sued! and the app was added to the open store, which to me is Aladdins cave of apps and makes it easier to upgrade the app. Plus the other apps inside open store are unconfined versions on great apps such as dekko,  owncloud client.

To get open store you download the ipk from here

and then open the terminal

cd Downoads

and then

pkcon install-local --allow-untrusted

if you go to applications you will get open store app. Inside there select rocrockwork-openstorekwork and install. Once installed open the app and this will ask you to open system devices and pair.

Pair the device and go back to rockwork and you will see the phone is connected and see options to manage watch , install watch faces and install applications. You will also see options to install new firmware upgrades which is handy for keeping up with the latest updates on the phone. Here is some images i took inside the application.

* Currently supported features
– Incoming notifications
– Voice call control
– Music control
– Sync calendar to timeline
– App management
– Watchface management
– Pebble app store integration
– Taking screenshots of the watch
– Watch firmware upgrades
– Configuring health and distance units
– Sideloading watchapps/watchfaces

lease join our telegram group to get in touch if you have some feedback or want to help out:


Ubuntu M10 Printer Setup

Looking at getting your Ubuntu M10 Printer Setup?

well before i start then i have to warn you that to do so you have to make your device RW now i wont tell you how to do that as if you dont then im sure you wont be able to do the rest !

Now there is printing support on the way ive been told and also its working for me but not fully, i have installed a sharp printer which can use generic driver and printed perfect but with the brother mfc7400n this requires a cupswrapper which is only available for 32/64 bit systems and the ubuntu tablet is arm, although ive taken a look at the source code which brother supply will look at rolling some debs for my tablet.

So once you have made the tablet RW you open the terminal and use the command sudo apt-get install cupsd      this installs the main cups server in the tablet and should automatically start the service if it doesnt then sudo service cupsd start  this should get the service up  and running. The next part i installed the gnome print manager in a libertine container as there is no front end yet for printers on UT, so i run this command: libertine-container-manager install-package -i vivid -p system-config-printer-gnome
now this is only assuming you have setup a extra container called vivid if the container is called something else just change the word vivid in the command to your container, if you havent setup a container then do this:

cd ~/.local/share/libertine
rm ContainersConfig.json
cp /custom/click/.click/users/@all/com.ubuntu.puritine/libertine-config/libertine/ContainersConfig.json .
libertine-container-manager create -i vivid -n “vivid” -t chroot -d vivid –force

once you have the cups server and the client in the libertine container setup you should see thisubuntu m10 cups

I then went to add printer and selected network printer were it search and found the sharp printer and selected generic driver and printer a test page !!

Im looking at these next:

  • DVD Writing support
  • MAME Game Emulator

HelioGraph – Social photo app for ubuntu touch

HelioGraph – photo sharing app with filters on ubuntu touch? look no further HelioGraph.

This is a brand new app for ubuntu touch and to be honest thank god somebody has made it, we have lacked the filter function on pictures since the word go!! The app currently has around five filters but with discussions with Benjamin Flanagin (the developer) he tells me he will be adding more amongst another load of features which sound great. Here are some highlights
Standard Camera functions work,
Syncing from server to device and back again work,
Social Stream (20 pictures at a time)
Captions can now be added to the pictures
Rating system now works,
Set Pictures to private to keep them synced but out of public view.
Add comments to images on the “back” of the image.
Search comments and Usernames to find pictures in your collection.

here are some screen shots on the phone (BQHDE5)

Here are some screenies on the ubuntu m10 tablet

lots of other additions coming like social sharing etc. I think this app has tons of potential. And have to say nice work.

this is the main website for more info

this is the app on uApp explorer

this is the patreon to help fund the app


unity 8, convergence and things to come..

Ive been following unity 8 for a while but now i can say its nearly ready…

i would blog more but i think micheal hall got it all covered here!

im just looking into not using libertine and just running apps like so from a terminal

  • ubuntu-app-launch firefox

I found it quite fast, quite solid and just a tad rough round the edges, bit cant see no reason why unity 8 wont be available soon on the desktop. I find this great bearing in mind ive been using the phone for around 2 years and now the tablet, I can use the same OS im familiar with on my laptop as well! Check out a quick update video.


Owncloud-Sync For ubuntu touch devices

Finally its ready for landing, the app ive been waiting for! Since i got my first ubuntu BQ device, the ubuntu 4.5 of the first flash sale ive been having to hack my phone into RW mode just to get syncing, but now Dan Wood has brought us this great bit of kit!owncloud ubuntu touch

its not released yet and still in beta, but ive been fortunate enought to test on the phone and the tablet. There is still some testing going on but i have to say the owncloud syncers are gonna love this! The app will log you in and let you add folders to sync locally and show remote folders, so no fidgeting about with config files, which was always a pain, plus having to be RW mode was always dodgy. In application you can remove folders you add by simply swiping across and trashing, you can also set to only sync on wifi or enable sync on data connections plus you can set how often you want to sync to save battery etc. You can stop the sync and start the sync and just run manual syncs if you want to say add something quickly down or up from the cloud which is handy!

I talked to Dan about adding the SD card and he explained this was on purpose to stop people accidentally adding the wrong folder and screwing up there phones! which to me was pretty right, but all the stuff i sync are on the 64 gig sd card and in the hidden local share directory.

So i did this:

ln -s .local/share/ Apps
ln -s /media/phablet/sdcardnumber Sdcard

This adds the SD card into the home directory and also the apps settings so you can say sync your mywebsite bookmarks or recording from recorder or better still your tasks from the canonical task app! (something you should be able to do out of the box!)

Ive talked to Dan about adding the calendar and contacts, which can still be done by a simple script and the device doesnt need to be RW and this may be a feature worth adding which we will know about soon! Ive been running this app for a week and its been 100% so look out soon because its ready for a launch id say…..

Project page

We use telegram for all our communications if your wanting more information use that or drop me or dan a email 🙂

join us here on telegram


ubuntu tool collection for guitar players.

Finally the tool collection for guitar and bass players!
Guitar tools is a mobile application containing tools for guitar players:
– Guitar tuner
– Guitar player
– Metronome
– Recorder
– Chord library
– Drum loops


Rockwork On Ubuntu Phone

You looking at connecting your ubuntu phone or tablet to a smart watch? then look at the pebble line as they are currently the only smart watches that will connect with pebble and you gain some nice features.

  • notifications of calls
  • notifications of messages
  • drop calls
  • music control
  • sync calendar to timeline
  • update firmware
  • install apps
  • take screen shots
  • configure health

If you want to get it installed easy then get openstore installed and install from inside that.

follow the instructions.

rock work on ubuntu phone

the main site is here –


Ubuntu M10 has arrived

Well the ubuntu m10 has arrived and im happy with it, apart from I ordered the hd one not the fhd which was a tad cheaper but wasnt knowing it was in white! so now i need a white logitech slim mouse to match instead of the black one i bought! oh well!! .. anyway ill be doing a video blog on the tablet and the hardware i got got – if you bought one and have the scope rotation bug here is a quick fix to get you going !!

ubuntu m10 docked

workaround for rotate on the ubuntu m10 tablet
As a workaround you can comment out the line
then you will have a rotating dash. You have to make the device writeable first.

as you can see i have remmina working on the ubuntu m10, her e is a cut down tutorial to adding more native apps to the ubuntu m10

cd ~/.local/share/libertine
rm ContainersConfig.json
cp /custom/click/.click/users/@all/com.ubuntu.puritine/libertine-config/libertine/ContainersConfig.json .
libertine-container-manager create -i puritine2 -n “Puritine 2” -t chroot -d vivid –force
libertine-container-manager install-package -i puritine2 -p inkscape
cd ~/.local/share/applications/
cp /usr/share/applications/puritine_gimp_0.0.desktop puritine2_inkscape_0.0.desktop

Now edit the file and change the “Name=” field to say inkscape and the “Icon=” field to point to an icon you want. Don’t edit any other fields.




prey on ubuntu touch

Please note the phone has to be RW mode to install prey. Also the device in RW could risk your phone loosing OTA updates so youve been warned if your phone starts to smoke its not my fault!!!prey
Go here and make a free prey account
First enanable developer mode in settings / about this phone
Connect phone and make sure screen isnt lock and run this command on the laptop connected to the phone
phablet-config writable-image
The phone will reboot and now be in RW mode
Unlock the screen and open a terminal on the laptop and type
adb shell

in the phone terminal

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install curl git
curl -sL | sudo -E bash –
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs
sudo apt-get install -y build-essential

this is all the packages required now we install prey with npm

sudo npm install -g prey

it will get the package and build, when it finishes type command below

sudo prey config hooks post_install
this will configure the setup and then type
sudo prey config account setup
and enter in the account details you signed up with at the prey project


cd /usr/lib/node_modules/prey/lib/agent/providers/network/

and sudo rm linux.js

then wget

chmod +x linux.js

(if you get no command type sudo apt-get install wget)

the above is a fix we add to make it work on ubuntu touch.

now try this command to get location

sudo prey -r “get location”

this should show on the online prey map with current location. I do a reboot here and it works properly 🙂

get the prey app from the ubuntu touch app store! here