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HelioGraph – Social photo app for ubuntu touch

HelioGraph – photo sharing app with filters on ubuntu touch? look no further HelioGraph.

This is a brand new app for ubuntu touch and to be honest thank god somebody has made it, we have lacked the filter function on pictures since the word go!! The app currently has around five filters but with discussions with Benjamin Flanagin (the developer) he tells me he will be adding more amongst another load of features which sound great. Here are some highlights
Standard Camera functions work,
Syncing from server to device and back again work,
Social Stream (20 pictures at a time)
Captions can now be added to the pictures
Rating system now works,
Set Pictures to private to keep them synced but out of public view.
Add comments to images on the “back” of the image.
Search comments and Usernames to find pictures in your collection.

here are some screen shots on the phone (BQHDE5)

Here are some screenies on the ubuntu m10 tablet

lots of other additions coming like social sharing etc. I think this app has tons of potential. And have to say nice work.

this is the main website for more info

this is the app on uApp explorer

this is the patreon to help fund the app


The Ubuntu SDK Emulator Runs Again!

quick up date for getting the ubuntu phone emulator running currently on 10.1 is here – there hasnt been a update since novermber apparently and ive being struggling like hell to get this running . So now you can write apps and test all on your computer or laptop again. To be honest be nice to see the SDK running on the ubuntu m10, there was a click package on the list which was a test SDK but i never got it to load. I can see it working soon though.

But if your running xenial 16.04 run these commands after installing the SDK in a terminal.

sudo ubuntu-emulator create –channel ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu stable-test
ubuntu-emulator run stable-test

Workspace 1_003

i finish of by adding a armhf kit instructions i got from here


    1. Open Tools > Options.
    2. Select Ubuntu in the vertical panel on the left of the Options dialog.
    3. Select the Click tab.
      • Click Create Click Target to create a new target.
      • In the popup dialog, select your target framework and armhf as the architecture.
    4. Enter password and select ok

oh and a sneak preview of the health update..