21st 2021 Sunday Session – fund raiser

Sunday Session came together nicely thank you to all the admins this week some real team work going on here !!

Don’t forget we are fund raising this weekend 🙏

11.30pm Wayne Ward

12.00pm Alex Rajkowski

13.00pm Mike Surman

14.00pm Joe Beer

15.00 Dan Baxter

16.00 Rus Edgar

17.00 Nick Cornall

18.00 Michael Collinson

19.00 Malcolm Sargent

20.00 Isaac Sutherland



New iOS photo compression app

I’ve been looking for a good photo compression for my iPhone for a while now and the free one I was using was just covered in ads! I don’t like spending a fortune on apps so every now and then I swap out a free app for a good paid app and I always like to find a fair price!
So check out Kompressor photo compressor!
Really handy for optimizing your images for your blog or website and it’s so easy!
Pick the image pick the compression level then just select if you want to overwrite, share or make a new copy!
I found I can compress to less than half the size with no image quality loss !! The app costs 2gbp and weighs in at 2.2meg so takes no space and comes with iPad version!
Here are some images:

Check it out you won’t be disappointed