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13th festival line up

11.30pm Wayne Ward

12.00pm Chris Ben

12.30pm Chris Ben

13.00pm Melissa BeeZee

13.30pm Raymond Victor Paul

14.00pm Liam Compo Compson

14.30pm Rus Edgar

15.00pm Isaac Sutherland

15.30pm Micheal Collinson

16.00pm Alex Rajkowski

16.30pm Tony Caggiano

17.00pm Mohd Remyzan Ismail (Brain Damage)


sending love ❤️

Just thought I’d check in and send peace and love ❤️ I’ve been snowed under but I can’t complaining
We don’t do Xmas but to the people that do I hope your prepped and ready for the special days with your silly hats and turkey 😁 no I’m joking do enjoy 😉