Ubuntu M10 has arrived

Well the ubuntu m10 has arrived and im happy with it, apart from I ordered the hd one not the fhd which was a tad cheaper but wasnt knowing it was in white! so now i need a white logitech slim mouse to match instead of the black one i bought! oh well!! .. anyway ill be doing a video blog on the tablet and the hardware i got got – if you bought one and have the scope rotation bug here is a quick fix to get you going !!

ubuntu m10 docked

workaround for rotate on the ubuntu m10 tablet
As a workaround you can comment out the line
then you will have a rotating dash. You have to make the device writeable first.

as you can see i have remmina working on the ubuntu m10, her e is a cut down tutorial to adding more native apps to the ubuntu m10

cd ~/.local/share/libertine
rm ContainersConfig.json
cp /custom/click/.click/users/@all/com.ubuntu.puritine/libertine-config/libertine/ContainersConfig.json .
libertine-container-manager create -i puritine2 -n “Puritine 2” -t chroot -d vivid –force
libertine-container-manager install-package -i puritine2 -p inkscape
cd ~/.local/share/applications/
cp /usr/share/applications/puritine_gimp_0.0.desktop puritine2_inkscape_0.0.desktop

Now edit the file and change the “Name=” field to say inkscape and the “Icon=” field to point to an icon you want. Don’t edit any other fields.