vistamar hotel benelmadena review


The Vistamar Hotel Benalmadena. This is probably one of the best hotels on the coast, its top notch of standard and well kept. What i liked was it was none intrusive. On arrival we was checked in fast and found our apartment with the best views and so much room.

our Star Hotel Selection_083Lovely balcony with massive bedroom and lovely bathroom / shower – lots of room in bathroom. All cooking essentials and fridge and microwave and even a table to eat it on! Nice chill out area with two setees and a tv with multilingual channels which was great when chilling. Air con was spot and worked as a heater on the colder xmas nights!. When we arrived we noticed our balcony door was broke and this was fixed straight away.

Plenty of towels and soaps/toiletries. Ive seen reviews of bad location and entry is hard as its steep. These are wrong the location is great and very close to lots of pubs and restaurants and 10 mins to the main drag with bars all the way! disabled access is no problem as you can access the building at the bottom of the hill with not having to walk up any hill just pop our card in which opens the gate and you get a lift to the floor you want! The bar has happy hour from 5 – 6 which is great as the pints are only 2.50 which is very fair priced! had some karaoke on but as a entertainer didnt rate, didnt really ask people to get up and he just sang all night! slot machines, swimming pool – pool tables – cracking.

Free secure underground parking with secure gates.

bah humbugs!!
bah humbugs!!

Have to finish of with one negative feedback – the wireless access points are all over the hotel but the uplink is broke, if you ask for wifi then i was told you can get this in the lobby? i connected to the others around the hotel and they are available and connect but not internet access. As a IT engineer this is evident the uplink to the access points is broke which isnt hard to fix. For such a amazing hotel to be let down by not fixing and supplying internet to all the building is such ashame – when the wifi is working ill 100% return – or give me a room and ill come back and fix them for you and ill sing in the hotel and give the customers some decent entertainment – this is 99% the best hotel for sure just these little niggles .


Just testing the new wordpress writer

Just testing the new app on ubuntu, I installed the package on kde but couldnt find the launcher but i took a look at the deb package and located the launcher in /usr/local/ and just ran ./ which ran the app – Im pretty certain it will show up in the menus on the next login! Nice and easy to use and full of features – plus works and windows and mac as well – Really handy for people with self hosted websites! You can see stats with the jet pack plugin etc. See screen shot running on KDE.  You can download the packages here >




Really like vimeo as well as having no stupid advertisements like youtube its clean cut and i get a nice ubuntu touch scope 🙂


i could just do with a bit more upload in a week, not enough to pay the annual fee, so ill get my main uploads done and trim down the videos using handbrake on ubuntu then ill do a couple of video blogs a week on it 🙂

here is my vimeo

and here is one of my videos on the ubuntu scope!



just testing some kde apps

dragon1_bigi like the was kde is so intergrated and has lots of nice features , im just testing some of the apps created for kde, noticeable apps are bullet pointed below 🙂

  • choqok – twitter app
  • blogilo – blogging app
  • amarok – amazing music app
  • kontact – amazing for mail, calendars and journaling
  • muon – for installing software
  • digikam – photo organiser on steroids!
Going to tst some more ill post some more in depth apps for kde 🙂

ubuntu touch and pebble watch – upebble


I spotted a small video alan pope shared a couple of weeks ago of a smart watch pairing and giving notifications to the watch.. This was a ubuntu phone and a pebble time. I had a similar setup with the hc-pebble-wh_1
nexus 5 and the LG G watch which was pretty good apart from the voice recognition wasnt always perfect and batter life was poor, usually lasted a day. Also the LG R isnt water proof, it wasnt even safe wearing in the shower! anyway i thought id go for the classic which is the cheapest to test this out before i invest in the best!  (since that ive bought another!) The watch life is up to seven days and is 50m water proof! – Nicely sized and lightweight in the wrist – easy interface and built in alarm and capability to change watch faces and install apps.

So i joined the ubupebble group and got the instructions how to install. The phone out of the box needs a package installing to push notifications and see the phone which was pretty straight forward. Ive been told the watch wont need this package as its being released in the new ubuntu OTA9 update so as from around next month you probably can install the upebble package from the store on the phone. Plus ive been told the push isnt required now in proposed 🙂 I had to install this manually and the push deb which your phone has to be RW so if you dont like your phone in RW then i would wait a month – also the phone has to be on proposed channel which was straight forward to allow this all to work. Below is a few tips to get some of the items above if your going to jump in now.

  • call notifications
  • message notifications
  • telegram notifications
  • calendar notifications
  • call control
  • calendar notifications
  • evernote task notifications

upebble on ubuntu touch


Make phone RW – connect phone with developer mode enable and run this on your computer terminal – phablet-config writable-image

To switch to proposed on a BQ phone again as above have developer enabled and phone connected and with a computer terminal type – ubuntu-device-flash –channel ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en

To install a click package from the phone console on the phone terminal or remotely logged in to the phone using the command adb shell type – pkcon install-local –allow-untrusted package name

I would then install telegram if not already installed and join the upebble group on there were you can get any help required. I would put the packages here but they are in frequent updates as its getting new features every other day!

This is the main development site here



Location tracking on ubuntu computers and phones

Location tracking on computers, laptops and phones is something
hard to find, i seen prey which looks good but only has a i386 package? were i have a 64 bit system on my computers and armfh on my ubuntu phone so no coverage here! so i stumbled across location magic –>>


now this will install straight on your ubuntu computer but on the ubuntu phone or tablet you will need RW enabled as you will need to to a apt-get install curl. So as long as you are in RW mode you can track your ubuntu phone tablet device.

One thing to do before starting is to do a sudo -s which will switch you to a root user then do a crontab -e and use nano – make a small change like a space or something then ctrl and x to save, this will give you a crontab for root otherwise the whole thing doesnt work.

Then to the location magic site click get started – put in your email address and device name and select generate token, then move down and select linux and select copy to clipboard, then move to the device IE the laptop or phone and copy and paste the line from the clipboard as the user root and thats it!

Now this will update every hour by cron – i need to test on the phone if it does this or i will just add the cron job as a dbus cron job as normal crons  dont work usually when screen is closed etc…

its not to hard to set up the dbus cron which is available on my blog but ill test that and update this in due course, also the cron can be changed to every 15 minutes if thats better tracking but not sure on the consumption on the battery thats another thing ill be testing 🙂

Enjoy tracking your devices, very handy if they get stolen or you dont trust your wife!!