latest ubuntu upgrades – desktop and mobile

with the recent release of wily werewolf in fact today! i thought id take the plunge. A couple of days ago OTA 7 was made available for the ubuntu touch phone which id been waiting for as id been having a bad experience in regards to phone locking and when selecting a text waiting for the names to show and then waiting for the message to load which was getting pretty annoying and just randoms locks and the phone slowing so thought the OTA 7 would fix this which it did in a way but had to install the OTA 7 update then factory reset the phone, ever since then batter life has been tons better, no white ubuntu-iconscreens on facebook and also gained auth on web pages and copy and paste so i basically can now log on to a remote transmission with the username and password and then copy and paste a remote torrent file which wasnt possible before. The only problem is that auth doesnt remember the user pass so everytime you want to go in you have to input the user pass everytime unless you put the whole user and password in the url getting rid of the browser doing the auth in the first place? but the ability to copy and paste the url makes all the difference ūüôā ¬†So far the phones great experienced problems when adding accounts on dekko mail client after upgrade were it crashes adding the smtp account but once added asks for password and just works so not so bad. Just waiting for vpn and a vnc or remote desktop client. File manager gained SMB so it goes to browse my network and finds computers but cant access them as it says no file type, but i just put in smb:// and that shows the file shares available on my server and let me copy files across my network to the phone. The upgrade before i did factory reset also told that i had no music on my phone from the music player but there was music there. After the wipe and reinstall the music appeared and works fine. The OTA makes the phone slicker and is heading in the right direction now. ¬†Roll On OTA 8

Wily Werewolf on the desktop

Because the laptop was all hooked as needed it i tried a dist upgrade which killed my laptop! I booted of a fresh 15.10 wily werewolf DVD and managed to rescue my files to a usb key and the rest was on the ubuntu-1510cloud – nice fresh install and copied across files required and re-setup my cloud which is all great. No noticeable differences apart from my fans are not going crazy on my laptop (dell xps 13) like they was and its defiantly a lot slicker. Own cloud is missing the icon on the top bar like last time but usually fixes when i install everpad but thats not availble yet and never usually is for a week or so, so means i have to use evernote through a browser until somebody rolls the deb files for 15.10 on the PPA…. Installed all my usual programs and used all the preinstalled drivers, tested steam and it goes like the clappers with killing floor so dont see no need in installing the graphics driver using the intel installer as it wont be available yet anyway! If your looking at upgrading take a back up! But i prefer a fresh install anyway. Roll on 16.10 and convergence……………..


ubuntu spotify client

i used to use tomahawk as a client for spotify but now like every other clients it wants premium membership to spotify, ace player though plugins to grooveshark and and loads of other sources. Selection_002

the website is here or just add the PPA to your apt sources. The different PPA are here select your distro apt get update and apt-get upgrade and then install,  apt-get install tomahawk

to install the spotify client that will play without premium do this from a terminal.

Workspace 1_001






sudo apt-add-repository -y "deb stable non-free" && sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 94558F59 && sudo apt-get update -qq && sudo apt-get install spotify-client

then the libcrypt fix as it doesnt just install straight out of the box on ubuntu 15.04


sudo dpkg -i libgcrypt11_1.5.0-5+deb7u3_amd64.deb

morecambe hotel

Ive been waiting a while for the morecambe hotel to re-open after its mass upgrade. For one its on my doorstep and another i knew it was going serve p some food and most important for me “cask ales”

Well its finally happened and i have to say what a amazing job. The place, the staff, the kids play area and most of the ale is spot. I have to say i haven’t had time to test the food yet but will do a full review of that soon. I have had the opportunity to take a look around the hotel side and the rooms are truly amazing, i particularly liked the special room with the lovely free standing bath and amazing views.

Big thanks to rod for the tour and as well dan and amy for the hospitality.

watch videos of old morecambe on the big screen and the open log fire adds to the great atmosphere….

morecambe hotel

this is one of the fine offerings offered up by this great bar guy – a triple cask taster! i loved the sunset, smooth and creamy head. The cask is kept at perfect temperature and best of all they have the variety. My rating is 10 out of ten ill blog the food soon.

its very busy so call for reservations 01524 415239

Visit the facebook page here

And the main website here