a month into ubuntu touch

its been a month now since i switched to ubuntu touch for my mobile devices and its great to see my favourite platform not just on my desktops, laptops and servers but also on the mobile devices. I started with a install on my nexus 5 which has been great, bit of a battery sucker but useable. I also then got the setup working on the nexus 7 which is great.  I found the 7 buggier and more prone for lock ups but seems to have settled down now i have the latest image on it same as for the 5, that settled after the first OTA update. I liked it so much i ordered the official ubuntu nexus phone from the flash sale and the fancy case to match it. Ok it took nearly a month to come but the price was amazing for the hardware i got and have to say the operating system is perfect on this phone. Its a BQ Aquarius e45. Dual sim which i have a english and spanish sim running and ive also put in a 32 micro sd card which it formatted but havent worked out what that does yet!…. im sure its for dual booting to android or other operating systems which will be handy… the screen is great and the speakers are very loud as well is the ear piece, infact all better than the nexus 5! here is some pictures of it and then ill fill you in with the pros and the cons ..

 the best apps ive found and that are actively being worked on is reminder which is evernote client, telegram which is a messaging client which works on all devices including my laptop so a great replacement for hangouts and last but not least still deep in beta but dekko email client does what it says on the tin! i got a couple of interesting games on the real phone which show how good the games can be and i have full sync with google calendars and contacts and access to facebook and twitter linked in etc! i dont get notifications yet for facebook which isnt a bad thing but i do for twitter… linked in and quadrum(four square client) work great as well. The upside of course is the simplicity to write your own apps which i have and of course scopes! scopes are a amazing concept, the middle bottom pictures illustrates a today scope.. which there are more for music and other media and news.. plus the top middle one shows me sporting two mobile networks something ive wanted for a while. The down points -bluetooth is a bit buggy. no vpn connections. no wireless hot spot., no file syncing IE google , drop box or own cloud although there are stand alone clients and syncing can be done if you make the device RW which stops any OTA updates though 🙁 im missing apps like kvm manager and apps that will scan the network when im working on computer networks, i really like instagram. Yes its early days and all this to come, but im happy to be in at the beginning and watch this grow.


Eltax Atomic A-6.2 Powered Subwoofer

recently needed another sub for my smaller 5. 1 rig up, i had a poke around ebay for a sb woofer that was close, now preston come up with a eltax sub for cheap and i outbid somebody at £25! now ive looked they go from 20 – 50 quid for this model. Now don’t be of put eltax subby the 60watt out put and the small cabinet. This has a phase frequency sweep control and plenty of ooompphff! i have one single output to this small unit and tucked it away neatly in a corner. The sound frequency blends so well into the rest of the system not making the sub evident and directional. If your looking for a cost effective sub for a secondary movie room etc.. give one of these a go you wasnt be disappointed, i wasnt i was shocked!!



acer c270 wont switch on black screen

for some reason i left the chrome book for ages and when i switched it on it tried to see what version i was running and it powered of while trying to do it, after that i got nothing just a black screen this fixes it… tried removing the battery and did nothing

To trigger recovery mode,

  1. Turn on your ChromeBook
  2. Sign on to your WiFi (if you have not previously signed in)- but do not log in to Chrome Desktop
  3. Press the <esc> <F3> & <power> buttons at the same time.
  4. Release the power button when the device goes black – but continue to hold the other buttons until the chrome error screen (“Chrome OS is missing or damaged”) appears and then release them also. This is the “Recovery Mode” screen. 
  5. download this http://wayneward.co.uk/downloads/linux_recovery.sh
  6. sudo chmod 755 linux_recovery.sh
  7. sudo bash linux_recovery.sh
  8. follow the prompts enter the model in capitals as seen on the screen
  9. select sd card (wipes data)
  10. insert card into chromebook and reinstall

a week into ubuntu touch

ubuntu touchIm a week in to using ubuntu touch on my nexus 5, which wasnt very hard to get dual booted. At first i found it a bit strange getting used to it coming from android although quiet similar its not. The big problem i have is that yes it does chew the nexus battery a bit but luckily enough i managed to grab one of these aquarius e45.

The Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Phone

Dual Sim

SD Card Slot

now ive found a few things like scopes are cool i guess a and niche but i still think more core apps are required like proper sync for google contacts, calendar etc. The phone does bring in google contacts when you first power on but doesnt sync them, the calendar has google calendar in the list but doesnt write to it. No ive tested the twitter , linked in and facebook apps – i added them in settings as accounts but get no notifications.. hopefully will on the real phone or soon on a update.. i tried basic things but couldnt upload pictures on facebook but if you take a picture or have images in your gallery this will share to facebook or text message but no twitter or google or other services in there yet.. I installed ebay and amazon but they are tied to .com so ive asked for .UK versions.. somebody asked me to make them so ive installed the SDK and im looking at writing some scope apps. Ive installed dekko mail client which is very promising works fine just had to change my smtp to port 25 because thats all it currently supports. Document viewer / file manager gallery music / system settings and terminal / forum browser are all great apps. The user interface is good with the ubuntu side bar on left which you can pin apps to that hideDSCN2715s then on the top a slide down notifications bar then to the right you can flick through scopes which you can modify to show you content from different places IE ebay, soundcloud , local attractions about anything really! you add them by sliding up a bar at the bottom. now the idea is scopes just look like apps but just front end to running the app on the webserver which is pretty good for somethings for sure, and you can install apps aswell but not a lot of base apps available as yet.. id say about 7/8 apps and scopes are being added a day of different qualities.. like yesterday i got booking.com and skyscanner so all is good.. i use the unofficial app store which shows you latest add added so you can see them as they come! there is currently 840 and 114 games. Im just waiting for apps for transmission, zoneminder , lifeograph and the usual techie apps like nmap etc but im sure they are being worked on as we speak. Ive setup the SDK and i am looking at building click packages and creating scopes, ive also had ubuntu touch machines running in emulators and ive installed packages which breaks the OTA but im trying to get xmir running so i can run x apps in side the phone. I think it would be great if they would offer us the solid bass with a chroot to install all your wanted apps you use using xmir but keeping the main line base system. You can ssh in to the phone if you setup a ssh key which you have to scp back into the phone, if you change your image to Read write to change ssh settings you loose updates 🙁

So its not clean sailing.. but i remember getting the first android phone – now this is worlds apart 100% better as long as the apps come fast as i dont fancy running my ubuntu phone in read write and loosing OTA im sure there will be ways around this soon > CHROOT 🙂

im just so lucky i got one from the second flash sale so i got one of the real ubuntu phones coming with the fancy casmeizu-350x200e – but if you have a nexus 4 or 5 give this a go what have you got to loose  or get one of these ….

this is the sdk in action on my ubuntu box

Workspace 1_139


Wayne Paul Ward, My Music

Ive taken 6 /7 months out from the band to get all my own stuff down so please take some time to follow me and listen to my work.

wayne ward

my own material that ive been writing for a few years now just come to light and im writing now better than before, i play all the instruments on my tracks, including acoustic, guitar, bass, vocals, cajon and backing vocals. and its a mixed bag of goods and like to keep my vocal transparent.








here is my sound cloud…


ubuntu touch

yes its finally here, this is ubuntu touch that im testing while waiting for my new ubuntu phone that boasts dual sim and sd card socket 🙂

if your interested installing on your nexus 5 please feel free to comment ill post full instructions, i basically opened boot loader and rooted with cf autoroot then installed multirom which then installed ubuntu which i am using the release version, which works fine. ill blog some more…