Choqok on ubuntu 14.10

dead simple get a terminal and type the following:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:adilson/experimental
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install choqok

After installation has completed launch Choqok (look for a little green bird icon) from your app launcher and follow the account sign-in prompt that appears to get things set up.

works a treat the problems i have

  • be better if you could choose gtk version
  • image missing of tray icon
  • only mobypicture picture plugin would work
  • could do with direct quick tweet on taskbar

cant grumble notifications show up and it works well 🙂


lifeograph 1.2.1 ubuntu install from source

here is a quick demo of how i get lifeograph 1.2.1 installed on ubuntu 14.10

here is the android app

and the app for android to sync

here is the app i use on ubuntu to sync with google

its available for android id use it but cant get my head round it but hey its still in beta !! so i  can wait till it makes sense 🙂



clef plugin

clefdo you own a blog or looking for a password manager ? take a look at clef, i plugged the clef worpress plugin into my blog as i was sick of people trying to access it, the clef plugin removes password authentication and you just login holding your mobile phone onto your laptop screen which matches a pattern which then you can assign the length of time you will be logged in or hit a log out button which logs all your pages out which is handy if you go for lunch and leave you facebook logged in!

you have to have a plugin on cherome called waltz to make it work on your web browser available here

clef for android is available here clef


also be available for mac, windows, iphone etc 🙂


darktable linux photo editor

I remember on the mac when i found aperture i loved it so now im back on linux, well ubuntu 14.10 i thought id see if i could find something similar..Selection_032

well darktable  is the one – full editing of pictures and exports to flickr /facebook etc or local files.

add this to your apt sources

deb utopic main 
deb-src utopic main


update and apt-get install darktable and your away amazing bit of kit. 1_031