the smugglers den pub morecambe


The Smugglers Den is the oldest pub in Morecambe, the original building dating from the early 1600s. There is an open fire in the colder months. There are 6 real ale pumps and the Smugglers Den appears in The Good Beer Guide. Very atmospheric pub with low ceilings in plaes. Currently serving 2 local real ales, 3 guest ales and 2 real ciders with bottled real ale and cider also available. No food offer at present, though lots of bar snacks, and for functions a catering offer is provided. The pub is Casque Marque accredited. The pub has regular live music events and is also the only pub in Morecambe that offers folk music on a regular basis. Parking is available and there is a beer garden. Cyclists welcome with cycle rails outside the pub so your cycle can be secured. Well behaved dogs are welcome with their owners. During the football season both home and away fans are welcome at this venue for both pre and post match discussions.

  • monday poker night
  • tuesday quiz night
  • wednesday ukulele night
  • thursday open mic night
  • friday karaoke night
  • saturday live music

How To install Everpad on Ubuntu 14.04.

How To install Everpad (Evernote Client) on Ubuntu 14.04. Everpad is a client for Evernote. Everpad comes with a Unity lens that supports previews, Ubuntu AppIndicator for quickly accessing your notes, supports Evernote notebooks, resources, tags, places and more.

simply run these commands from your terminal

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nvbn-rm/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install everpad

wayne ward, evernote on ubuntu
wayne ward, evernote on ubuntu

Open Everpad via dash and setting with your Evernote account

also take a look at nix note available from the ubuntu software centre



with the new release of ubuntu just days away …

with the new release of ubuntu days away i thought id treat my laptop to a new install this time with spme of the new features that are available this time. My laptop has been through 4 upgrades and still running a dream but this time im going clean with this version having a 3 year LTS version.Workspace 1_102

here is my application list which ive made for all the handy apps i use hope this comes of use …

chrome – great web browser with plugin suport and multi device sync

thunderbird – great email appliaction with plugin features

team viewer – hany tool for administering remote computers or taking control of your computer

shotwell – slick photo storage application

gnucash – organise your accounts, great for personal or business

rhythmnbox – easy to use music player with miagration

virtualbox – run virtual machines in with in your ubuntu install

transmission – nice easy slick torrent application

terminal – get total control with your terminal, great for remote management of computers

diodon – very straightforward clipboard tool

shutter – the best screen shot tool available for ubuntu

filezilla – slick multi platform ftp client supports secure connections

steam – here is one for the linux gamers, more title being added daily

everpad / nixnote – two great apps for evernote. Everpad intergrates into the task bar

gimp – the alternate to photoshop for linux – lits of tuts and plugins available

dropbox – external storage available on all platforms and devices

remmina RDP – great remote desktop app for controling windows computers or vnc connections

openshot – great application for movie / audio editing

kazam – want to record your desktop and voice for giving desktop tutorials?.. kazam is the one

brasero – all in one cd / dvd burning application

handbrake – rip your dvd’s to different formats for devices or to make film smaller

ubuntu software centre – find and install applications you need from here

gparted – great tool for making partitions and formatting hardisks or usb keys

audacity – audio editors tool box supports multi track and has effects

ardour – musicians multi tracking tool

unetbootin – make bootleable usb keys supports many distros

indicator sticknotes – nice little sticky note app with colured notes and lock to desktop

libre office – word processor and spread sheets with microsoft compatability

wine – great app for running windows applications and games

easytag audio file tag viewer/editor – tag your albums and songs easily

vlc – plays any movie you throw at it!


facebook police

mad i get a call of morecambe police station saying ive been setting web-facebook-police-badge-A3-right-sizeup dodgy facebook accounts, because i work in IT! never heard some much shite in my life. For one im far to busy for another why would I. Some people are pathetic. I cant understand the police wanting even take crap like this on. Instead of flapping about crappy facebook accounts they could be arresting real criminals for instance

  • drunken disorderly
  • domestic violence
  • stalking
  • causing damage to vehicles
  • going equipped

could be worse could shag the girlfriends daughter? some right creepy freaks about. Isnt there….

im going to make a complaint to the police not that it will make any difference itll just end up in court one day, if it does bring ya cheque book cause your going to need it.

Any questions please feel free to email me on and ill answer all your questions.



ubuntu sticky notes indicator

Looking for a sticky note app for ubuntu ?indicator-stickynotes

try this – you can add note colours and make notes sticky to dektops!

also its attaches to the top task bar to create new notes, simple to install just run these from the terminal then look for indicator sticky notes in your launcher to start the app up.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:umang/indicator-stickynotes

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install indicator-stickynotes