task management on ubuntu and android

ive always used gtask but need a bit more power so i installed nitro on the ubuntu app store and told the software to use ubuntu one for sync support, i could have used drop box if i didnt use ubuntu one.

I installed nitrodroid on the nexus from the google play installer. I again told it use my ubuntu account.

Created a task list on my droid and click sync and added a task on the ubuntu box and got full two way sync

I tried the auto sync on ubuntu but this wasnt good, if i was adding a new task and it started to autosync it closed the current task i was adding !! so i just manually sync. But works great..

Also available for mac – give it a go its great !!


stats dropped a bit

i haven’t blogged for a while been so busy, ill have to get actively blogging because my stats have dropped!

I’ve been doing showcases and playing a lot with the band and it takes up so much time!

We have done showcases in blackpool and wigan and are getting lots of interest for gigs, ive never worked in a band that’s been so much demand than rubber soul, i think its the choice of music personally.

But if anybody is looking for a band for there xmas do or pub club or event please feel free to use my contact form and ill come back to you.

Please keep watching for some new blogs coming your way…..

and to all my good friends and family i hope you are well and having a good day, wardster 😉