ubuntu 13.04 facebook online accounts error

I upgraded my ubuntu install to 13.04 and for some reason when trying to add my facebook account to online accounts i got this:

SECURITY WARNING: Please treat the URL above as you would your password and do not share it with anyone.

here is a quick fix on my ubunto 13.04 64 bit

Edit /usr/share/accounts/providers/facebook.provider

sudo gedit /usr/share/accounts/providers/facebook.provider

Put this under line 13,

<setting name="AllowedSchemes" type="as">['https','http']</setting>

ubuntu cdripper

its been a while a wanted to rip a cd for music in ubuntu or just in general, i got a cd of a pal i though i would just pop it in nowadays with ubuntu being like it is, it asked me what to do so i thought id try rhytmnbox as standard but i tried all sorts just kept coming up with that it need plugings and went of for them but nothing worked so i treied the general search for cd rippers in app store. now i used to use grip and that worked ace but that ain in the app store so i tried audex and asunder – now audex could see my drives and dive me the device names for them being . dev/srp and sr1 which for some reason doesnt how nowadays when you do and mount command ? so audex nice scans the drives right but didnt work, so asunder couldnt see the drives and scans /dev/cdrom which dont work on my box – i tried /dev/dr0 and got nothing and then the /dev/sr1 and the tracks appeared and it did a cddb lookup and then i was ripping the cd which worked perfectly 🙂 so asunder is the one! nice and light, unity app apart from the cd scanning is lousy but does what it says on the tin when you have the device letters….




here is some work in progress

yup still working through the songs im just giving the songs identity i guess, everybody has there own way of writing, now ive been co-writing with matt for around 18 years, when it comes to writing yourself its a different kettle of fish! im plodding through and getting better all the time, ive a nice hendrix fueled tune on the horizon that kicks pure ass.. so keep a watch on the blog for updates, ive started self teaching the drums thats going well so i should be putting drum tracks down soon!! its all quiet exciting stuff! also im planning on testing out two of my own a the open mic night when i get song two finished ill go and give them a go! any way here is a couple i wrote, the first one i brought back to life from 1992 and im just re-jigging and the second one i wrote in 2013 which i prefer to be honest all though its only one verse as it stands ….soundcloud_fluid




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lancaster music festival

On the 27th of july at the vale of lune club scale hall lancaster the lancaster music festival will commence. Rubber soul with be appearing live around 2.30 during the day with special guest artist steve king featuring his amazing harmonica playing, we will be playing a mixture of great songs you all know and love, 60’s, blues, beatles and rock and roll! thats how we roll dont miss rubber soul.lancaster music festival

Other great bands and acts to look out for:

  • blackheart afterglow > ace band, ace original material 
  • jay blackburn > amazing original material


im looking forward to watching the fighting keegans for the first time. natural thing is on th eposter but are not available im afraid they will miss out on this great event!! rubber soul will be there though so dont miss lancasters number one!! great music and stage presence not to be missed……..