ubuntu download facebook albums

ive been working on my photo album and thought it would be nice to add my facebook albums to my shotwell collection because i know i have pictures on facebook i havent added into my photo collection yet. had a poke around and found a plugin for firefox called facepaste, installed the plugin and logged into facebook, then i went to photos and albums and scrolled down the page so i could see all the albums, then i right clicked and selected download facebook albums, i waited 30 seconds and the album names appeared which i selected and then selected the destination on the output side and then selected start and away it went!! ill just drop this into my shotwell collection then run find duplicates to get rid of dupes, great bit of kit worked a treat!


problems with network printer sharing on ubuntu

nowadays linux in general is pretty good for adding printers without having to install drivers and then pretty much shares your printers on the network and pop up automatically on the clients. usually my ubunto boxes just show the printer but the other day for some reason it never, anyway a quick fix is at hand

on the computer with the printer attached to it in a broswer input
which is local host administraton screen for the cups printing system 

now we want administration and section which is the second tab at the top
then just check the boxes on the right as shown on picture 

Or as required of course!
this will restart the printing system and if you have a ubunti client by the time you get back in to the system settings and preferences the printer will probably already be showing ready and installed without having to do a thing! if not just click and browse and select the network printer to install
the username and password it will ask for will have to be a user name with admin privileges to add printers.

ardour 3 on ubuntu 13.04

For my multi track recording Ive always used ardour on linux, which ever flavour of linux ive used from the begining in fact! its nice to see version 3 released. Very polished and has facilty to be controlled from mobile devices such as my nexus 7! anyway if you have ubuntu 13.04 and want it follow these instructions from a terminal

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kxstudio-team/ppa
sudo apt-get update 

sudo apt-get upgrade 
sudo apt-get install ardour3

Worked for me a treat! enjoy 🙂

looking for a window cleaner in morecambe or lancaster?

looking for a window cleaner in lancaster or morecambe for commercial or domestic purposes?

give paul waterhouse a call or drop him a email on his website for great job and prices
paul is very effecient and just comes in and does whats required.
visit his website here for more information > http://pw-cleaning.co.uk

spotify on ubuntu 13.04

ive just installed spotify on my ubuntu 13.04 laptop, spotify isnt in the ubuntu software centre but its simple to install it.

First get a terminal and type the following commands.
sudo apt-key adv –keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com –recv-keys 94558F59
sudo sh -c ‘echo “deb http://repository.spotify.com stable non-free” >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/spotify.list’
apt-get update 
apt-get install spotify-client
and the spotify icon will be ready in your launcher 
Enjoy, i am 😉

2013 may LLUG, lancaster linux user group meeting

its been a while since a good old LLUG meeting so i deceided to organise a meet in lancaster on the 16th of may on a thursday night at the yorkshire house which i thiught would be good for a change for scenery for the LLUG. have to say a great turn out nice to seek rik boland again and finally to meet ken walker and my good friend liam hughes, so not bad for a off the cuff meeting. We had a quick chat about linux and what we use etc and then got fired into a android demo.
I installed android from a iso on my virtual box under ubuntu and created a emulated SD card so we could try and install some apk files as recent tests showed the market place not to be working. I then uploaded a apk file to my server and downloaded it to the android VM using wget in a terminal when then had to change shell to get the apk to install and we got a program installed and loading. We talked about different distros including red hat, ubuntu, gentto, bsd, mac osx and ubuntu touch and suse. We also talked about different package formats including rpm, deb and portage. I also showed of the new dell xps dell ubuntu developer edition for the group to enjoy and showed off the boot up and sleep speeds with SSD drive.
we will return to the meeting next month and we are looking at the 1st thursday of the month from 8pm at the yorkshire house agin which is very good position for meetings and we got free wifi so ideal!
darren poulson has mentioned a rapberry pi demo which sounds interesting ill drag one of my raspberrys aslong!
please watch the mailing list for more details on meetings, if you have joined yet please join here 
we are looking for new members to make our meetings more interesting also please can you let us know about any demos you might be interested in showing or seeing.
Many thanks 
may 2013 LLUG meeting.